“The speed of the game, it’s kind of like lightning struck the outhouse and we were in it.”

Kentucky Wildcats DC Rick Minter may not be killing it on the playing field, but he’s winning the post-game presser with quotes like the header and this one:

“We’ve been, the last two games, haunted by x-plays and not stopping the running game, and those are two cardinal sins. Well, they’re not cardinal sins, I guess. They’re Wildcat sins.”

Is it just me, or does it seem like with the glaring-like-the-brightness-of-a-thousand-suns exception of Les Miles, it’s the losing coaches in the SEC who tend to be much more fun to listen to than the winning ones?



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6 responses to ““The speed of the game, it’s kind of like lightning struck the outhouse and we were in it.”

  1. BFR

    Spurrier usually has something interesting to say, win or lose. Though, to listen to him, one would think he had always lost. It’s one thing to never be satisfied; but to never be satisfied in Columbia? That’s a tough disposition to maintain.


  2. Outside of the SEC, there is the Uh!-Gi!-Oh! Southern-Draw Shaman. Some know him as Dabo Swinney. His on field rants these past two weeks have been beyond interesting (or audible). I heard the FSU one was out of control.

    – Inspector G


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Off topic but the Temple Owls beat Maryland Saturday and are 3-1 on the season. Maybe Addazio, Temple’s new HC, isn’t as bad as all the Gator fans have been saying and the problems with Florida last season were an out to lunch Urban Meyer and players who didn’t give a damn.


    • I was thinking the same thing, Mayor as I watched Sportscenter this weekend. It was very clear Corch was ready to leave and I think ALL of the team and staff knew that and played accordingly.

      -Inspector G


  4. Steve M.

    Win or lose, Bobby Petrino has never said one “fun” thing in his entire life.