Somewhere, Penn Wagers sighs in relief.

Sorry, Toledo, no refunds for home cooking.

And, yeah, it was a bad call that the replay official inexplicably upheld.


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12 responses to “Somewhere, Penn Wagers sighs in relief.

  1. D.N. Nation

    I’m sorry, but the replay official was either looking at the play through a transistor TV or he’s bullsh*tting that he even bothered looking at the play at all. No excuse for that.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    I’m no conspiracy theorist, but the fact that the replay official upheld the blown call on that XP is nothing short of blatant home cooking. I saw the replay on a TV in a crappy motel in Tupelo, Mississippi, and I could clearly see the football between me and the upright. There’s no way that play should have been upheld. These things happen, there are blown calls, you can’t let the officials beat you, blah blah blah. That’s all fine and good. But if I’m Toledo, I know that I just beat Syracuse. And I know that I don’t get the win because either an official is the most incompetent official in the country, or because he willfully gave the boost to the team from his own league. Either way, that guy must be fired.


    • Nate Dawg

      The Days Inn in Oxford is not exactly crappy, for future reference. I’m here to help – just sayin’…
      And I pretty much totally agree with you, or maybe suspend him for the rest of the season…


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The President of the University of Toledo shouldn’t take this laying down. First, approach the Commissioner of the MAC to get him on your side. Second, announce that Toledo won the game, that the win will be reflected on all official MAC standings and in Toledo’s record as published by the MAC and by the University of Toledo. Request that the NCAA treat this as a Toledo win and for bowl purposes be allowed to count it as a win. If they won’t do it–sue ’em. File a declaratory judgment action as there is a lot of money in possible bowl revenue at stake. Get a judge to rule on it. BTW, that is the best way to get the incompetent/homer refs/TV ref in trouble. Make a serious stink about it. We didn’t after the 2009 LSU-UGA game and Marc Curles is still making cheating calls in the SEC–not to mention Penn Wagers.


  3. JBJ

    I imagine some guy sitting up in the booth drinking brown liquor and smoking a cigar. He has two screens, one for replay and the other for his porn. He doesn’t have time for your stupid reviews of extra point kicks.


  4. Wagers had a similar (though not nearly as glaring) replay gaffe on Saturday in LSU-WVU. His employment remains an mystery.

    And getting a replay correction wrong means you’ve officially screwed up twice. The difference is the Big East has a freaking NFL referee in charge. The SEC has some slapdick they promoted from within. That’s embarrassing.


    • 69Dawg

      Steve Shaw the new Head of SEC Officials was the best on the field guy we had. I’m betting that if Penn keeps screwing up as he has in the past (Holding on an eligible receiver in UT game called but not penalized right) Ole Penn will be retiring soon.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    As far as home cooking goes, just wait ’til Syracuse plays basketball on tobacco road every year.

    Amateurs vs. Professionals.


  6. orlandodawg

    I can’t get over the irony that the BE went to such great lengths to take care of a school that just told them to take a hike.