ESPN: what is this “Longhorn Network” you speak of?

So this is what corporate amnesia sounds like.


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7 responses to “ESPN: what is this “Longhorn Network” you speak of?

  1. JBJ

    I doubt many people realize the true conflict of interest going on here. You have a huge market in college football that is being manipulated by ESPN to their own benefit. The disheartening part is that they own the SEC too.

    TAMU can stand on their self-righteous soap box about how ESPN and Texas excluded them. At the end of the day, TAMU wants what every other college team wants and that is money from WWL which they get by joining one of the most marketable conferences.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Oklahoma and Okie State need to work a deal with the SEC. The SEC lets them in, brings in another team (FSU or Clemson from the east or Missouri from the west), does a realignment of the East and West subdivisions of the SEC and then trucks onward and upward. With a lineup like that there may never be another BCS National Champion who isn’t from the SEC. I am not really in favor of the “superconference” concept but if it is clearly impending get on the right side of the power curve on this Slive. Now.