Kiffin watch: the gift that keeps on giving

Just when you thought it was safe to close the doors for good on the Laner, Vol fans, Yahoo’s Charles Robinson shows up.

An assistant coach during Lane Kiffin’s tenure at the University of Tennessee wired $1,500 to a talent scout in July 2009, funding the airfare for an unofficial recruiting trip by then five-star prospect Lache Seastrunk and his mother, Yahoo! Sports has learned.

In an apparent NCAA violation, then-Volunteers secondary coach Willie Mack Garza sent the money to one-time scout Will Lyles, who had paid for plane tickets for Seastrunk and his mother Evelyn. Garza, who joined Kiffin’s staff at USC in 2010, stepped down from his position with the Trojans in September citing “some personal issues unrelated to USC that I need to address.” His resignation came shortly after Lyles informed NCAA investigators in August of the transaction. Lyles said NCAA investigators were conducting a wide-ranging look into Tennessee recruiting practices.

Prepare to hear Junior say this was not part of the plan.  Although it sounds like Seastrunk’s mom begs to differ.

“Whatever undercover dirty stuff that they’re doing, I’m pretty sure that Willie Lyles is not the only person. He’s just the only one that’s been caught. This is something that they’ve been doing forever.”


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18 responses to “Kiffin watch: the gift that keeps on giving

  1. JasonC

    Of course, Evelyn was more than happy to enable them to do that “dirty stuff that they’re doing”.


  2. Dawg Vent

    If Republicans had a brain, they would immediately hire Charles Robinson to head up the Solyndra and “Fast and Furious” investigations. This dude can uncover corruption at a church bake sale.

    Oh yeah, and Fire Mark Richt!!!1!


  3. TennesseeDawg

    Laner says it’s all a misunderstanding. The $1500 did NOT go to a talent scout for tickets. The talent scouts job was to find strippers for the recruits. See that clears everything up.


  4. I say “Show,” you say “Cause”! SHOW! (CAUSE!) SHOW! (CAUSE!)


  5. Dog in Fla

    All the noise in the system is making Lane think about other career options


  6. Macallanlover

    Forevah I tell you, TN has been getting away with this long before Junior took over. Foolmer was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, overlooked only because he came across as a gooberm and of course because of the deals he made in secret meetings with the NCAA. Forevah.


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  8. Always Someone Else's Fault

    If you want some truly entertaining reading, go back and read the USC blog archives after Kiffin was hired. If he could turn Crompton into a serviceable QB, he was going to turn Barkley into a Montana-Marino combo. If he could give Florida and Alabama a tussle with UT’s talent, he was going to take USC to multiple MNC’s.

    Then fast forward to now. Kiffin’s never stayed anywhere long enough for his coaching ability to overtake the spin. Now he’s stuck at USC with an average team, even after back-loading the scholarship hits. I have to be honest — games like ASU-USC are actually fun to watch, now, if only to see the look on his face.


    • Macallanlover

      I did enjoy that monumental 4th quarter collapse Saturday night, especially since they had rallied and dominated the 3rd quarter. Great late night TV.


  9. AusDawg85

    (Doorbell rings)
    UT (regular orange): Hello?
    NCAA: We’re here because some journalist intertube nerd caught you cheating, and we have to follow-up. Did you cheat?
    UT: Nope…don’t know nothing about it. And if Mama did something, I didn’t know about that either.
    NCAA: Oh, OK. Carry-on. Oh, wait!…got anything on Georgia??!