“Making the BCS the best it can be…”

At least we see how Mike Slive intends to pay for Texas A&M’s entry into the SEC.


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3 responses to ““Making the BCS the best it can be…”

  1. Dog in Fla

    The BCS Executive Director* has many admirers



    *Bill “Won’t somebody, other than me, think about the children?” Hancock:

    “How would band members, cheerleaders, and other students make holiday plans knowing their team might play one, two, or three games on campus during the time they are normally home with their families?” BCS executive director Bill Hancock asked.


  2. Darrren Rovelll

    If and when the Big 12 goes kaput, the BCS will have to accept three teams from one of the remmaining conferences. No one thinks that is going to left open for a non-AQ team right?


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Money grab. But at least it is a money grab FOR us.