“When they call it, my eyes get really big.”

344-Fullback is the tits, man.

… Georgia coach Mark Richt said the fullback is the primary receiver on the play, while the tight end runs a deeper route and a receiver clears out if there is a receiver on that side. The play often results in the fullback and tight end being open.

“What happens is that people are in man coverage, and you might be in I-formation and your tight end is being covered man-to-man, and usually an inside linebacker is covering your fullback,” Richt said. “When you come downhill, as we’ll do running the power play where Bruce takes an angle to block the defensive end, that linebacker isn’t 100 percent sure if it’s a run or pass right away by the track of the fullback. When he ends up splitting out into the flats, that guy is a little bit behind normally.”

This is a modest assessment:  “It’s a pretty effective play,” Richt said, “and it’s one that is so simple sometimes that you don’t call it enough.”  Georgia’s defensive backs can testify to its effectiveness.

… Sanders Commings, who plays safety and cornerback, tackled Figgins on that play in the spring and sustained a concussion that caused him to miss G-Day.

Every time I’ve seen that play work, I think it’s stealing.  Richt’s right; they ought to go to it at least three times a game.  Sometimes the simple things really are the best.



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  1. baltimore dawg

    three times, hell: call it till they cover it. that goes for any effective offensive play.

    the fb in the flat is as beautiful as it is simple.


    • Stoopnagle

      Especially when your “fullback” is a tight end.


    • That would mean they would have to stay in the I-formation more than they like. That’s a feature for me, but a bug for Bobo.


      • Again, if it works, use it and make them stop it. When they do, usually there’s a counter to burn them with that will be wide open. It’s not rocket surgery, it’s football. You can tell them your plays, and if you execute properly, it’ll work. I’ve never really bought that saying, but it has been around football forever for a reason. Offenses are all about execution, if it works, keep working it, and if you execute properly, you’ll execute the opponents chance of winning.


    • Big Bill


      Auburn lived of that kid Lutzenkerkensmirkenjerkin running that last year. It was gold Jerry! every time.

      PS Love Baltimore!


  2. ScoutDawg

    “344-Fullback is the tits”, what a wordsmith you are sir.


  3. ScoutDawg

    Yeah that play should be called until it gets stopped. Just think of what else it can help open.


    • dean

      I would call the play 3 or 4 times in the first half and throw it to the fullback every time then, if needed, I’d call it late in the 4th quarter and hit the TE deep. But that just me. I haven’t been in the arena since high school (’92).


      • Bob

        Isn’t that what we did on the 4th down to Charles in the 4th against Boise? At least the TE deep part?


        • Newt

          On the 4th down play against Boise, Orson was split out to the inside of another receiver. I was sitting up high in the opposite end zone. Pre-snap, they were obviously in man, with no safety to the middle. During the dummy cadence, the DB shaded inside opening up the route Orson ran. Looked to me like it was a sight adjustment by Orson and Murray, pre-snap it was a post that changed to a corner route.


  4. James Stephenson

    The problem with calling it until it is stopped, several people have said to do that, is that if that pass is jumped when it stops working is a TD the other way.


  5. James Stephenson

    Oh, but I will say this. In my xbox game, if I have 3rd and less than 4 yards I call the PA pass to the FB in the flats like 70% of the time. Even better when that TE is also on that side giving me two options.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Maybe CMR should ask Bobo: ‘why aren’t we running that play more often?’ Or more forcefully say: ‘I want to see that play run more often!’. It would probably help the team more than speculating in public.

    Many fans question our playcalling already. You’d think the head coach would avoid adding fuel to the fire.


  7. Darrren Rovelll

    We should be running more 2 TE sets with the fullback out of the I-formation too. it is apparent that the TE/FB/RB core is much more consistent at creating positive yards in the passing game than available core of healthy WR (sans Mitchell.)


    • I’d just be happy with more two TE sets. The balance you could get having White on one side and Charles on the other. You’ve got even strength for the running game, especially if the D goes nickel to cover your two TEs. If they don’t that means White and Charles are on a LB or S, both of them, and they can win that matchup all day against most LBs and Ss in the pass. It’s a pick your poison formation in my opinion with the blocking and receiving threats our deep group of TEs bring. It’s why I wanted FSU’s O’Leary bad so he and Rome could be that some 2 TE pick your poison group over the next 3 years.


  8. Sick but Still Faithful

    I would use it to help get us down field on a long sustained drive, but switch to something else when we got into the Red Zone.


  9. Will Trane

    Two TEs. Favorite formation. But what about the QB? Shotgun or under center? And the WR? Set wide? Single RB? Lot of looks for a D. Depends on the FS, corners, zone, man. Two TE generally are for seams and you can create the gaps. Deep ball. But can your 5 down linemen protect your QB and get the ball off.

    Dawgs supposedly have several good TEs. Now explain to me why CMR and Bobo have not used a 3 TE package. I mentioned the other day a “jumbo package ” in close. 5 offensive linemen, QB u/c or s/g, RB set back behind or to either side, WR set to the weak side,…then your 3 TEs, twins to the strong side, and the 3rd set slightly behind the line with a slightly wider split between the RG and RT. Now tell me why Bobo can not use that package with his current personnel. Or put two of the TEs in a full house T formation.
    Bobo is a vertical seams guy. And he has to be careful with his QB in long developing seams with his current line.
    Not fixed on a 2 TE, power I.


  10. Zdawg

    Anybody post a video of that play?


  11. Chopdawg

    We just gotta get “Bruuuuuce” to squint! LB’s can read those big bug-eyes.