Don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards.

Saw this mentioned in yesterday’s comments and finally found video confirmation:

That is so not cool, bro.

#5 for MSU is one Nickoe Whitley, identified on the Mississippi State official website as the son of Mr. and Mrs. Nickoe Whitley.  No word yet on whether they’re appalled.


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30 responses to “Don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards.

  1. At least the Wartiggers had the decency to bring along a Porta Potty.


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    For all you golfers!


  3. Weird.......

    Damn, I guess we did beat the piss out of them.


  4. Nbswagjr

    He’s the punk who contributed to the pre-game fracas by shoving one of our players from behind…this just confirms he’s a turd


  5. Hayduke

    Meh. Take a look at this:

    Pay particular attention to one Mr. Eugene Hickman.


  6. HVL Dawg

    I’ve noticed that the hedge has spider mites in a few spots. Not too bad but they are there.

    I hope he washed his goober with some insecticidal soap last night.


  7. Bulldog Bry

    “That’s naaaaaaaasty”
    -Cleveland Brown


  8. Spike

    He is just shaking hands with the unemployed.


  9. This seems like the kind of thing McGarity should contact the MSU AD about and make sure there is an apology and promise this won’t happen again.

    That’s totally inappropriate.


  10. Normaltown Mike


    O Lineman piss themselves all the time.


    • Which is fine, but this is pissing in OUR hedges.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        If you gotta go you gotta go and I don’t really think it hurt the hedges. The bigger issue is that apparently it was done in front of thousands of people even if it was somewhat obscured. Can you spell indecent exposure? A misdemeanor I believe–with photographic evidence to boot. This is obviously a statement of some type. This kid has a real problem. Maybe he ought to have to visit the Athens jail and face a jury of his peers in the State Court of Athens-Clarke County.


  11. Cojones

    Maybe he’s the one Ben clipped. Someone should check and see if Ben’s letter of apology is in there. When he finished he probably made it a point to shake hands with all UGA coaches and players using the unwashed hand. Put this blog on our bulletin board for next year.

    Weren’t we recruiting a highschool player who pissed on his jersey before every game? I’ve heard of some smelly jock strap superstition stories (it would be unlucky to wash it), but imagine grabbing a guy close up that smelled of a sewage treatment plant. Next year let’s outfit our players with tubed whizzinators so that they may leave a present anywhere they want to.


  12. Roy

    The thing is it wasn’t like it was late in fourth and the guy was going to have to go back in the game. He did this at the very begining of the 3rd quarter…. Maybe people from Missisipee just arent used to indoor plumbing.


  13. heyberto

    If the players got mad over them dancing at midfield, imagine how they would’ve reacted to this? Too bad we don’t face them again for a few more years and take this guys head off.


  14. Lucky for him RUSS was not there to take a bite out of that branch. It would have been a classic moment, better than that Uga’s jump on an Auburn player. LOL


  15. This player can actually deny he is doing something unless you have a DNA proof. LOL


  16. Darrren Rovelll

    Meh … I have not seen or heard about it at Sanford before, but it is a fairly common occurrence on the sidelines. I believe DeMarcus Beasley was videotaped relieving himself on the sidelines of a World Cup game back in 2002/2006. Just right there next to the fence and signboards about 2 feet from the fans.


    • Russ

      Well, that’s Europe. I’ve taken a wizz in a restaurant next to the public telephones, because that’s where they had the urinals. There was an old lady there handing out towels. They do things a little differently than we do.


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