View from the 35: Old friend, you’ve been missed.

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment for you, but at some time during the second quarter, I noticed the return of a curious sensation.  I found myself anticipating the defense getting back on the field.  It’s been a long time since I felt that way.  Damn, have I missed that.

I’m not giving in to any illusions of greatness, but I will admit that the element of hope has crept its way back into my withered heart.  After what we’ve suffered through in the previous two seasons, that’s as good a place as any to start.

On to the game observations:

  • That first Cornelius Washington sack was positively Pollack-esque – efficient, yet powerfully brutal.
  • Even better, Washington showed signs of playing the option properly.  He did a good job on several occasions of not overplaying the quarterback and holding contain on the read option.
  • Not to be outdone on the highlight tape was John Jenkins.  If you’ve been hoping that the defensive tackles would do more to make their presence known, then yesterday was your day.
  • Blair Walsh has the shanks.  If the root of the problem is the same one that troubled Kevin Costner’s character in Tin Cup, then there’s a young lady out there who needs to step up and do the right thing by her man.
  • Brandon Boykin’s catch and take off on his first punt return was one of the most electrifying things I’ve seen this season.
  • Even without 344-Fullback, Bruce Figgins had a fabulous day.  He’s a devastating blocker.
  • Given that, if you’re going to sit on a second-half lead, Mike Bobo, why not just play out of the I-formation the whole time?
  • Richard Samuel has mastered the art of turning a big hole in the defensive line into a two-yard gain.
  • My favorite play call of the day was the decision to give Carlton Thomas the ball for his touchdown run after he threw himself into a pass block the play before.  You’ve got to throw a good Dawg a bone now and then.
  • I could be wrong about this, but Todd Grantham seems to be enjoying his job.  A lot.
  • All three of those Murray picks were awful, but the third one was especially so.
  • That being said, there were a few occasions when Murray’s receivers weren’t doing him any favors, either.
  • You could see what was coming on the first TD pass to Charles simply based on pre-snap alignment.  For once, I was happy that Bobo was predictable.
  • Justin Anderson may look bad when he gets beat on the pass rush, but at least he’s polite enough to help Aaron Murray to his feet after he gets knocked down.
  • The secondary continues to improve noticeably week-to-week.  Chad Bumphis is one of the better wideouts in the conference and he was a non-factor.  Next step:  hold on to the ball for the pick.
  • Though the third time was the charm for Sanders Commings, as that pick was a huge momentum turner.  It was set up by the MSU wideout sensing Rambo coming in to apply a kill shot.
  • Say what you will about his passing skills, but Chris Relf is one tough son of a gun.  He took some painful shots, but shook them off and kept on playing.  He’s pretty good with the read option, too.  He just doesn’t have the offensive line to make that pay off.
  • I know I sound like a broken record about Amarlo Herrera, but he continued his solid play yesterday.  He sure doesn’t look like a true freshman out there.
  • I couldn’t tell whether Crowell stayed in bounds on the touchdown run that wasn’t, but, man, can he make some cuts.  He may not be where he needs to in terms of stamina, but that’s three straight 100-yard performances he’s notched against SEC opponents.
  • And a little love for the officiating crew:  guys, you sucked out there.  If it wasn’t painfully obvious, you didn’t see it.  Perhaps a visit to the optometrist  is in order.


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  1. Red Blackman

    If I were a blogger, my headline might read…..

    View from my own ass: Old Friend, you’ve been missed.

  2. JaxDawg

    Any word on John Brantley? Driscoll is getting the start vs LSU.

    Although I’m sure Brantley will miraculously heal in time for GA.

    • Derek

      Brantley will either heal or driskel will become the second coming of the gpooe over the next 27 days. Take your pick.

    • So far, the only thing I’ve seen that he’s sustained a leg injury, but it doesn’t involve an ACL.

      • Cojones

        Gilliard is at it every game, yet he wasn’t mentioned in your observations. Cornelius couldn’t stand the great play accolades. He had to reward himself with a speeding DUI in celebration. Can minders get some of our players through the first two hours after emerging from the locker room?

        While we revel in the D’s great game, the O line also made a better statement yesterday. Not a great leap forward, but progress in my eyes at least. I didn’t follow Bean closely, but think of him from the “Top Gun” movie as mysteriously not engaging. Did anyone notice whether he had a good day?

        Might agree about staying in the power I, but glad we didn’t run 344-Fullback and instead save it for the team it was originated for that we play next week. I’ll bet that Bobo and Richt have these guys antsie to show off new surprise plays that they think have been perfected, but not run yet.

        • Cojones

          I’m sure the lack of faith in 4th and inches at the 5yd line colors the O line for the day in many minds, it shouldn’t. While still inconsistent, they had a better game than previous games.

        • Bean had a typical day: serviceable in run blocking, not so hot in pass protection. On one play, he let pass rushers go by on both his inside and outside.

  3. Chuck

    Everything you said, and this: it’s impossible to tell in the stadium if Crowell’s foot was in, but on the replay, I thought it was in. Still, it was close, and it wasn’t going to be reversed even if it was reviewable. Officiating has always been bad, and compared with some other games around the country we have not suffered from it much, yet. given the choice between refs that call every possible foul and refs that only call the obvious, I’ll take the latter every time.

    • gastr1

      I don’t understand why they are not told to let the play finish in such a case and use the replay to determine in or out. The consequences of stopping a play that close are obviously very significant if the ruling is incorrect.

      I thought it was pretty obvious on the replay that he was still in. If we had lost this game there would be a public tar and feathering of that official.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        If the UGA faithful did not tar and feather Marc Curles and his crew after the bogus celebration call cost UGA the LSU game in 2009 then there will never be a football official tarred and feathered in Athens.

  4. Macallanlover

    We all, especially me, have to admit the defense is where we had hoped they would be, not LSU/Bama good, but damned solid against the run, and decent enough in the secondary. Still a little too much cush on short routes, so anyone that is patient can drive it down the field like BSU did, and MSu did on their first quarter drive. All in all, I really like the front 7 I see, and the DBs are ball hawking better than they have had for years. They have dropped 5-6 sure Pick 6s, but at least they are in the camera frame these days.

    The issues continue to be a terrible OL and too many mistakes by Murray, and Special Teams. AM is definitely having a sophomore slump, that last INT was pathetic, and he is his own worst enemy about pre-selected a receiver and tipping the defense. (And that decision on 3rd and 9 to throw a three yard, incomplete pass, to Charles shows that he hasn’t grasped as much as he should have for a pre-season All SEC quarterback. As you said, Walsh’s issues are mental and similar to a golfer who has begun missing 3-4 putts. Hard to do but you have to resist making changes to a stroke that has worked for you over the years and trust it enough to stick with what you have always done. Don’t tinker. I think he gets it back on track, kid is a competitior.

    I see no one on the schedule we cannot, or should not beat if this lineup stays healthy. But given this team’s propensity to make some unexpected, unforced errors I feel we will lose 1-2 more. They just don’t seem to understand what they can accomplish, and be proud of for life….yet. A couple of conference wins over the next two weeks just might get them there, let’s hope so. I was troubled by the lack of intensity in the second half, and that is on the kids. They have to care more than that or another SC loss is on the horizon. When you got them on the ropes, finish them off. Florida is a great example of a team that didn’t get their backups enough reps when they could have. (Boom MFer was/is a dummy, we just haven’t had that many chances.)

    • Kevin

      I disagree with your statement about lack of intensity in the 2nd half is on the players. Richt has zero “killer intensity”. The players don’t have anything to draw on from past experience to destroy the opponent because they never have the opportunity and the head coach doesn’t promote that fire. He plays not to lose instead of playing to intimidate and playing with an attitude that makes the opponent give up because we are manhandling them. Just my opinion

      • Macallanlover

        Sorry Kevin, you seem to fall into the trap of many UGA fans who think he has to jump up and down, pop a vein, and curse at the top of his lungs to show intensity. Have you ever met anyone, who knows Mark Richt, that think he isn’t competitive and intense? I haven’t, and I didn’t sleep at a Holiday Inn Express in the recent past, but the ONLY people I hear saying this are fans who have never met the man, yet parrot the words of others. Many fans never understood tht Tom Landry and john Wooden were every bit as deadly as the Mike Ditkas and the Steve Spurriers.

        What makes you think it is Richt? What is it you think he says to them to cause them to dial it back? Obviously nothing, nothing like that at all. Why do you defend a 20 year old athlete, talented enough to earn a scholarship to a premiere program, who works 300 plus days a year just to play in part of 13-14 live games, and decides to take a couple of quarters off…knowing it might affect any hopes they have of making a living at this game? Even if asked me to lie down and take a fall, the competitor in me would not let me back off. So yeah, I get how some fans don’t know how to read intensity in some athletes/coaches, but tell me how the players don’t have the final say?

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Actually Mac I thought CMR had the chance to turn the game into a rout and certainly break MSU’s back when the Dawgs O had 4th and inches at the 10 in the third quarter. CMR chose to kick the FG (which kick failed) instead of going for it. Once again CMR showed the lack of killer instinct not only Kevin but many posters in this blog have lamented in the past. Later, when Murray threw the pick-six we ended up being in a football game we could have lost again. CMR is good for at least one bonehead decision per game. That’s specifically what I have against the guy. Having him on the UGA sideline is equivalent to giving the other team (or taking away from the Dawgs, as the case may be) at least 7 points a game. In the early 2000s the team was so good it could overcome that but not anymore. That specifically is why the Dawgs lost about 4 of the 7 games they lost last season.

          • Macallanlover

            I might have made the decision to go for the first down myself, but that is hardly a criticism for whether or not CMR has enough intensity to be a coach. Many, many coaches would have chosen to take a sure three to get the number of scores up for MSU to comeback…especially when your OL has been abysmal in picking up short yardage situations. There is no one specific reason why we lost 4 of 7 last year, you would never get a panel of observers to agree with that. Appreciate your right to that opinion, but it is just not that simple, black/white.

          • Puffdawg

            So let me get this straight…

            CMR was not aggressive enough when he opted for a FG on 4th and short, but was TOO aggressive/boneheaded by letting Murray pass late in the game?

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              No. The not going for it on 4th and inches inside MSU’s 10 when a TD would have given UGA a 28-3 with only about 6 minutes to go in the third quarter was a bonehead call, especially since the MSU O had not been able to move the ball on the UGA D. If you don’t get the first own MSU still has the ball deep in their own territory, probably will have to punt and the UGA offense gets the ball back at midfield for another try at the TD. Kicking the field goal, which I normally think is appropriate most of the time, simply wasn’t the right choice given the game circumstances. As for the INT getting run back for a TD, that was as a direct result of getting no points on the above discussed drive. The UGA O had to still run its regular offense because the game wasn’t put away. At that point I actually felt better with the D on the field than the O–the likelihood of MSU scoring a TD was greater when the UGA O was on the field.

              • Puffdawg

                So, based on your response, I take it you see the hypocrisy. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

                While we’re at it, I’d like to know your take on this comment from 1/2/2011 GTP post “Happy New Year, or, 2010 couldn’t end fast enough” :

                Mayor of Dawgtown

                January 2, 2011 at 3:17 PM

                I say get rid of Richt, pay the $1.2 Mil buyout for Mullen and sign him to a 5 year $3 Mil/yr contract ASAP.

                Here’s the link:

                Would you still advocate firing Richt and replacing him with Mullen?

                I’ll hang up and listen for your answers.

              • Puffdawg

                I also enjoyed this comment from the same post:
                Scott W.

                January 1, 2011 at 2:21 PM

                Stay at a program on the rise and make comparable money or jump to a floundering program?

                On the rise to an 0-3 SEC record as of today. Thank God La Tech’s best defensive player got hurt or they’d probably be looking at 1-4 on the season. On the rise indeed. UAB on the road looks daunting but maybe they can get back to .500 this week. And his players, they of the 2-2 record were taunting our team (who was favored by a TD) before the game and pissing in our bushes during. That sounds like a man who has a handle on the team. Let’s see how many games #5 misses.

                • In all fairness, Mullen doesn’t have the horses. You saw what he did at Florida when he had the athletes, and you saw what Meyer did at Florida with the athletes, but without Mullen. I’m not sure it is fair to take one month’s worth of games this season to make a definitive declaration as to Mullen’s coaching acumen… particularly given his offensive line woes. He’s still only three years in at a school that does not have the advantages that the upper echelon of the SEC have.

    • Cojones

      Agree with your feelings about the team and while understanding that I’m in a minority, feel that the second half “fallback” was primarily a combination of coaching and MSU player intensity to reverse the game flow and our staff intentionally not pushing all our prepared plays into the game. I felt confident that if MSU had scored again, we were prepared to take it to them again. How much of the second half did Crowell play?

      • Macallanlover

        I agree MSU came out and played like a team with their backs to the wall, because they were desperate. Starting 0-3 in the SEC and facing the schedule they have remaining insured they had to do that, or put up the white flag on the season. As for IC, I felt he was either dinged up, or needed to keep his legs fresh with the number of rushes he had last week and the first 2 quarters yesterday. The game wss prety much in hand and getting Thomas and Samuel some reps didn’t bother me at all. I don’t mind that, but coaches should run the offense, and players should block just as sharply as they did earlier, run just as hard, and dive for thrown balls. I think the players knew that MSU team wasn’t going to overcome that first half so many starting talking about going to Commerce later in the afternoon..

  5. baltimore dawg

    i really don’t think the second half offensive performance was about sitting on a lead so much as it was about a tired running back and a group that lost focus. richt said as much in his post-game comments.

    but, yeah, lots of positives to dwell on (at least for a while) on the defense. seems like mullen got spooked away from those swing passes and outside screens that were very effective against us early on because our safeties and corners started diving on those routes–it’s really nice to see that kind of route recognition in our secondary because even when our d was dominant that was a weakness.

  6. Keese

    I’m waiting to catch on DVR, but was there not a run at the end of the game that Isaiah ran out of bounds and the clock kept running?

    • TCD

      I think the rule is that if it’s not under two minutes, then the clock starts once the ball is set after a player runs out of bounds.

    • Matt

      Clock stops running if it’s inside the 2 min mark of either half. If you run out any other time it stops to respot the ball then begins again.

  7. Jim

    So once again, here we are. Not in control of our own destiny quite yet, but in a position that if we take care of business the rest of the way odds are we will be in atlanta in december

    Question is, can we avoid another mind numbing melt down in jacksonville or against some middling sec opponent we should run out of the stadium? The answer to that question may well decide richt’s fate

    I too have felt that feeling of hope, ever since the SC game and seeing the extraordinary amount of talent we have on the field could be convinced today that richt deserves a shot to develop all this talent. And i have been calling for his head since early in the 2009 season.

    But, the question still remains – will we squander another opportunity or will we grab the opportnity and exploit it? That is where i start to lose confidence and need to be convinced by what i see on the field

  8. Keese

    – I have very few complaints about our defense. They are gaining confidence and fun to watch

    -Gillard was all over the field. So was Herrera. Went from questionable depth at that position to a team strength w/depth once Ogletree gets back. Don’t see how you can keep them off the field

    Blair Walsh is kicking the living hell outta the ball this year on kickoffs/touchbacks. But where has the accuracy gone. In a key situation I’m ready for Bogotay. Take no chances. Fragile psych with kickers.

  9. Red Blackman

    In 2002, Georgia finished the season ranked 49th in total offense. They finished 15th in total defense.

    In 2003, Georgia finished the season ranked 58th in total offense. They finished 4th in total defense.

    In 2004, Georgia finished the season ranked 31st in total offense. They finished 8th in total defense.

    In 2005, Georgia finished the season ranked 49th in total offense. They finished 18th in total defense.

    In 2006, Georgia finished the season ranked 90th in total offense. They finished 8th in total defense.

    In 2007, Georgia finished the season ranked 74th in total offense. They finsihed 14th in total defense.

    In 2008, Georgia finished the season ranked 22nd in total offense. They finsihed 22nd in total defense.

    In 2009, Georgia finished the season ranked 75th in total offense. They finished 38th in total defense.

    In 2010, Georgia finished the season ranked 56th in total offense. They ranked 23rd in total defense.

    Currently Georgia ranks 52nd in total offense…which is typical of Georgia offensive production under Mark Richt. However, Georgia currently ranks 8th in total defense…which takes me back to the good ole days when we won with defense and competed for SEC Championships regularly.

    Just sayin…….

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Are those yardage or scoring figures Red?

      • Red Blackman

        Yards per game.

        I might add that Georgia is currently ranked 4th in the nation in pass defense. We are also ranked 2nd in defensive third down efficiency and 4th in passes intercepted.

    • Total defense is a relatively pointless stat. Our crappy offenses ( especially since 2006 ) made it so the other team didn’t NEED to churn up much yards to get the win.

      Total scoring defense is a far more useful stat.

      • Red Blackman

        All stats except final score are relatively pointless. That does not mean that stats do not have a place in determining progress or regression in certain areas of performance.

        If we take away offensive and special teams gifts, we would be ranked 11th nationally in scoring defense right now. We finished 36th last year in scoring defense. In 2009 we finished 64th in scoring defense.

        I would say the defense, under Grantham, is definitely trending up.

  10. Chadwick

    I attribute Herrara and Gilliard directly to Grantham and Olivadotti. They are NFL level coaches and evaluators. Pat the kids on the back, too. They’re obviously paying attention to the coaches. I wish it hadn’t taken so long to sweep Willie and the Poorboys out the door.

    • WF Dawg

      Maybe this is the reason the coaches didn’t move Samuel back to LB, i.e. they knew what they had in Herrera and Gilliard.

  11. Keese

    -Grantham has apparently got the guys thirsty for blood now

    -Can you imagine the trainwreck of a team if Granthams D was mediocre and we didnt have Isaiah at RB (although I will admit Oline on run support looks better at times)

  12. shane#1

    There are a few nits to pick from the MSU game. My Mom would say “if you keep picking at that it will never heal.” But I am picking anyway. On one int Murray started looking at the receiver before the ball was snapped and never looked away. He might have read single coverage but double coverage was there when he threw the pass. Those safeties read your eyes son! Too many penalties in this one, concentrate out there! The D looked good and I am love’n me some D line. Those guys seem to get betterer and betterer. A little more depth and they become a dominating D line. Nobody can drive the ball on this team by just pinning their ears back and running between the tackles.Their play makes the LBs and DBs look good.

    • Keese

      Big John played like a big John should play yesterday

      Murray made several comments in the preseason (and Bobo) that hes developed very well since last year going through his reads faster. From what I’ve seen this year he’s been the opposite. If he’s preparing during the week as much as he and the coaches say I’d really hate to see what he’d look like if he wasn’t. IMO I believe he’s putting too much pressure on himself

    • Cojones

      Yes, Murray did. In his 1st or 2nd interception, he looked at a spot and threw it directly at the MSU player on line with that spot. The Dawg player was cutting from the right sideline and headed for the ball, but didn’t quite make it. The ball was thrown before the cut was made. The receiver reached out, but couldn’t get there in time. Murray was looking dead at the spot when he stepped back and delivered. Felt it was more a timing route than him staring at the player. Shit happens, but three shits yesterday consigns you to the toilet.

      • shane#1

        Don’t know about three shits, could have been three “oh shits”. I have had a lot more than three “oh shit” moments, but I didn’t have 92,000 people looking at me when they happened. Anyway, if AM is gazing at the direction of his throw he is not only tipping the DBs, he isn’t seeing the field. Could that locking on one man be why he sometimes misses open receivers, or are those guys open because the whole D backfield knows where the ball is going? It seems to me that if DBs are locking on his eves he could look them off and hit some big plays. Just thinking.

        • shane#1

          Should be eyes, not eves. That was one of those moments, time for some hair of the dog, or dawg, as it were. Later, Shane has left the building.

  13. flukebucket

    I missed the entire first half but kept getting texts from friends about how awesome we were looking. Got home just in time for the second half kick off. Watched us get beat in the 2nd half 7-3 and wondered what all of the hoopla was about. But the defense did look awesome as hell!

  14. SouthGa Dawg

    Still waiting on Crowell to get that defining 60 yard breakaway run. When that happens (hopefully this week vs Tenn), then it’s on!

  15. Hasbeen

    Sorry, our fullback had his second straight poor performance. Watch how many times he runs/leads the play and hits nobody. Perhaps its not expected, given the mirrored effort of our OL when it is “pulling”. He has all the talent to really blow some people up but lacks consistantcy…or coaching. He is not grading out well, but just think how well Crowell will run when he does!

  16. Will Trane

    Will Friend you need to get your line coming off the ball in the second half. Anderson stands up a tad too much. Where is there pad level and push in the second half of the past two games? And your long snapper is right their with your kicking specialist. Timing, focus, and getting this play down as somewhat routine is now becoming like the offense in the second half. A box of chocolate for a coed to open up. Nobody, even her, has any idea now…including the players. More so when your QB who says he aspires to be like Kellen Moore, but plays and throws the ball like Stepen Garcia. Here is a stat for you coach…your QB has given up 3 TD in 5 games. Even in peewee ball that is cause for further review. Even the college prof / pres has used that oft used quote [from coaches] for your QB, “if you keep making the same mistake, guess what? you get the same mistake.”
    Coach it is one thing to hold a lead, but it is another, a bad habit to get into, in not being aggressive on offense. You are limited on the offensive line re depth, but somewhere about now in the season you need to start letting some non starters need to be playing like a SEC lineman. Also, coach when your star running back works that hard on a break-out down the line, lelt’s give him a shot. I’m not sure he was out of bounds and I would like to have seen an off the field official take a look at it. Carlton Thomas, you may not start, but keep up this play. It is being noticed. Your coaches need some running plays to get you out along the line edge. Can IC find gaps / running lanes in zone blocking outside? Do you have some TEs who can not set that edge?
    I understand 82 plays in Oxford, the strong line play in the first half against Mullen and Co., going on the road for awhile, saving and protecting your line, but you need a few plays to gain downs and distance to burn clock and plays. I would help if your QB did not burn it down for you. Your QB is skilled, but he playing like a HS sophomore rather than a D1 QB in the second halfs. Bobo needs to put him in better position on some those plays.

  17. Castleberry

    Is anyone else as down on the new pre game show as me? The redcoats don’t play march medley all the way through and the Georgia ……………….. Bulldogs thing is way to slow. It is broken.

    Also, the Georgia bulldogs cheer between the north and south stands only got going once yesterday – during a commercial. There is no more mic man in front of the students. They are noticeably quieter.

    Our crowd noise is weak enough already. Lets get this fixed.

  18. Cojones

    On to Tenn. Hope Rambo is ok since his favorite person, Da’Rick needs some comeuppance. He did well for Tenn yesterday. Rambo got dinged and you know how the concussion treatment is, no matter to what extent. He may be kept out of practice part of this week. Damn, right when he had broken out of the cautionary approach and was going wide open. Hope it doesn’t affect him vs Tenn.

  19. Samuel IV reminds me of Kregg Lumpkin, but without any natural vision. He’s fast and big, but doesn’t seem to do anything but run directly into contact. Plus, he trips up 5 yards past the LOS every time. Lumpkin turned into a competent back. I think Samuel could as well, they just need to work with him on hitting the hole in a timely manner.

  20. Spence

    I was hoping this year we’d see the whole team improve. Instead, we’ve seen the defense has vastly improved, and the running game has improved when Crowell is in and not tired or sore or being a prima donna.

    I just hope the defense is enough to get us through. Guess it used to be back in the day.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Absolutely the most accurate evaluation I’ve read. Hate to be negative after a win, but it’s the same lackluster effort our offensive coaches have been delivering for over 10 seasons.

  21. I believe that the Richt, Bobo, Thomas, & Anderson Bashers will continue on, but, they are finding less things to hang their hats on. I hope they all are able to continue to show their Coaching Prowess in their daily lives. More power to them. Meanwhile, I will continue to disagree with them.

    • Every week I find MORE things to hate about Bobo, not less.

      Every game he continues to demonstrate he is not a top quality OC, and now his QB coaching is suffering as well.

      • Cojones

        Yeah, ain’t that something when he coaches him well for a year and he decides to not coach him anymore. The problem is in Murray’s bailiwick, not Bobo’s.

  22. OldDawg55

    I won’t join the Bobo roast at this time…Hell, we’re winning! But my one main gripe..maybe it’s CMR or Bobo…when we get to 4th and inches or even a yard and we’re well inside the red zone, show some confidence in your team being able to get it. Instead, you just give up on them and try the standard chip shot with Walsh…and that’s another gripe but we won’t go there for now. Dammit Richt/Bobo, show some killer instinct for a change!! Go Dawg, GATA!!!!

  23. (1) Cornelius Washington needs to be in jail – period. He could have killed my family, or yours, on that road last night. He needs to sit out a minimum of one year and tested for A&D weekly (2) Coach Richt is THE MAN! (3) It is stupefying why Mason didn’t play the entire 4th quarter yesterday – baffling!!!

    • gastr1

      Thom? Thom Brennaman? Are you still stewing over how we brutalized poor Hawaii in that game and ruined your cinderella shtick? Is that what this is all about?

  24. Spike

    What is the deal with Marlon Brown?

  25. JBJ

    Senator you complete me. I was sitting there after the game telling anyone and everyone around me how good our defense was playing. It’s like someone took away your favorite toy and then they say you can have it back, but you don’t quite trust them that they aren’t going to take it away again.

    I agree we are no LSU or Bama, but we have given up one TD on a trick play in the last three weeks. I recall I wasn’t impressed after the Coastal Carolina game. After Ole Miss I was happy but realized they were kinda crappy. However, after this display I must say that was solid. You can see guys starting to gel out there.

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