Random morning etiquette question

If Florida and Notre Dame faced off in a bowl game this season, what would be the over/under on the number of f-bombs thrown by the head coaches during the game?

Bonus question:  what would it be if Penn Wagers’ crew were officiating?


UPDATE:  Here’s what calm, cool and collected looks like (h/t The Wiz of Odds).


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55 responses to “Random morning etiquette question

  1. Spike

    I’m going to avoid the rush and start hating Muschamp early. He really shows a lot of class on the sidelines during games. It would serve him right if one of those refs would flag him, them meet him in the parking lot after the game.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I agree but if the parking lot situation occurs my money is on Muschamp. P.S. I would pay real money to see the forgoing if it was Muschamp and Penn Wagers.

  2. baltimore dawg

    muschamp is zook 2.0. i thought foley learned that intensity is not a substitute for brains.

  3. vincent

    Don’t know but a full 60 minutes of muschamp cussing Oct 29th would make me happy

  4. Griff

    There is a fine line between intense and idiotic. Muschamp leans heavily towards the latter. Yes, I wish Richt would show more intensity at times but nowhere near the level of Muschamp. I thought for sure he would drop some f-bombs during the CBS halftime interview but I guess his other personality had taken back over by then.

    • Ben

      His intensity seemed good for a coordinator, not having to manage an entire game. I wonder if he’ll change any as he matures as a head coach.

      At his current level I’m expected him to have a cardiac event or an aneurysm on the sidelines at any moment.

      • Cojones

        Those maladies and others have been known to occur at night following a game with Bama. Made one coach retire.

  5. And to think some UGA fans like him to come for the DC job. What now??

  6. Skeeter

    Muschamp starts with a base of Goff/Dabo goofiness, layered with Saban spiteful rudeness and Spurrier snark — then dipped in a coating of Meyer’s contempt.

  7. Macallanlover

    I seriously wish we could erase any prrof he was ever affiliated with UGA…and I felt that way when he began acting like a 12 year-old at Auburn so you can’t blame it on hatred of Florida. I could never believe our fans wanted him on our sideline, or representing UGA. He is a much better fit with the Florida fanbase, definitely has the NJ/NYC vocabulary down pat.

  8. Mike

    Well, in fairness, Muchamp has not quite reached the level of pointing to an opposing player and telling him he is going to (f bomb) choke, but even with that admonishment he probably could tone it down a bit.

    And as far as the similarities to Zook go, it is instructive to keep in mind that the fighting Zookers were 2-1 against Marck Richt’s Mighty Bulldogs, not to mention his demeanor. And the one loss was one week after he got fired.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Oh, well that trumps everything Mike. If you’re going to rely on Ron Zook, let’s go back to Vince and Erk.

      • Mike

        Not “relying” on Ron Zook, Hogbody. As you know, if a Florida fan wants to be snarky, the Ron Zook years do not provide much grist for that particular mill. My comment was in response to the comments from Baltimore Dawg.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Please note that Ron Zook is 5-0 this season with the Fighting Illini. Maybe the Zooker isn’t so bad as a HC after all. History shows that HCs tend to leave for a new job/retire when they can see the cupboard is going to be bare or some other problem is on the horizon. The Old Ball Sack certainly didn’t quit because he thought the Gators were going to go undefeated the next year. Zook was not a bad coach at Florida and he has proved since he was fired by Florida that he is actually a very good coach. And might I point out that the first BCSNC won by Irvin Meyers was won with Zook’s players and arguably the second, as well.

          • Mike

            Maybe Zook was not so bad after all indeed. After all, he was 2-1 against Georgia. That said, I am not clamoring for him to be back. Not even after Meyer quit twice

            And on that note, if Richt goes 0 for Tennessee, Florida, Auburn and Ga Tech, UGA will be looking for a new coach. Would be be interested in Zook?

    • Well, in fairness, Muchamp has not quite reached the level of pointing to an opposing player and telling him he is going to (f bomb) choke…

      Shoot, if you factor quantity into the equation, he’s surpassed it.😉

    • Anon

      Oh good, it’s Mike. GTP’s answer to a question no one asked.

  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    On a less sarcastic tone: Muschamp is your asshole now. Learn to live with him.

    • Mike

      Indeed. After strong initial reservations about the man, due mostly to his inexperience and penchant for talking with run on sentences, he now looks like he could be a good one.

      His teams seems to know what they are doing, the Alabama game not-with-standing. The players respond to him well, play hard for him and so far he is proving to be a great recruiter. Now, if he can just continue the domination over our rivals, then what is not to like?

      • JaxDawg

        Jury is still out, and will be for some time since this year appears to be rough going with Brantley out. The young Driscoll will get great experience earlier than anticipated which will bode well for him next year, although the two scatbacks will be gone leaving a hole in terms of production.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          JD Fla is the most recruit rich state in the east and the Gators will certainly find backs to play next year. Plus, after the LSU game Demps and Rainey may be gone this year. Demps wasn’t the same after a hit he took in the Bama game.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            P.S. I thought Bama was one of Florida’s biggest rivals. That’s all we heard from ESPN in the run-up to the Bama-Florida game. I hardly would call what the Gators did Saturday “domination” of Bama–the other way around was more like it.

            • Nate Dawg

              It’s just a rivalry by chance, or rather by being good enough to meet in the dome a bunch since ’92…it’s espn spinning it like a Colts/Pats rivalry, cuz they love them some NFL and think they can get more eyeballs if they treat it as such.
              By the way, I’m not sure that’s such a good strategy, since there’s no longer a such thing as a rivalry in the NFL.

          • Bryant Denny

            Tackled by a kicker, btw.

            • Cojones

              Yall lay off Muschamp. After all, he did kick his best D player off the team. I think he gave us a wink after he did that. And he has “guaranteed” the UGA game to their fanbase to give us the best bulletin board material thus far. After all, “he is who we think he is”.

  10. Spike

    The Alabama game notwithstanding? You have arrived at this conclusion based on the FAU or Kentucky game?

    • Mike

      No. I am basing it compared to Meyer’s first and last year. The latter admittedly not being a very high bar.

  11. Go Dawgs!

    Muschamp’s a clown, but I have to say, I did enjoy watching him unload on the Gator idiot who took a swing at the Alabama lineman down at the goal line and got flagged for a personal foul. When a kid’s an idiot, he deserves to get yelled at.

  12. Spike

    When will he start talking in the third person?

  13. BulldogBen

    Guys, it’s the coach at UF.

    The faces change but the hate stays the same.

  14. Jermaine'sDye

    If he was coaching at UGA, we’d be makIng parallels to Erk. Remember last year when Grantham went INTENSE during his first game and we all responded with Hallelujahs?

    Or Grantham’s choke hold motion last year in JAX?

    If Will was in Athens, we’d love it.

    • Mike

      Ahhh..my kingdom for an honest Georgia fan. THANKS!

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Now Mike. You don’t want an honest Georgia fan. You want a Georgia fan who will admit we’re piling on because Muschamp coaches Florida. Okay we admit it. Hell, that’s what we’re here for, and if you’re looking for objective analysis, fuggedaboutit.

        Nonetheless. Muschamp is over the top, not to mention he’s gonna pop a vein if he keeps it up.

        • Mike

          The objective analysis comes mostly from the good Senator. But even he is not above the occasional snark.

          I do have a good time trading barbs with you folks.Maybe a drink at the WLOCP might be in order.

    • PhillyDawgsmen

      In all fairness, I would have loved him a few years ago to be our D-Coordinator, but never as a head coach. That fire is needed in the Coordinator position, but makes a program look ridiculous at the head coaching spot.

    • Zdawg

      This is true Mr. Dye. I’m not going to let any self righteousness slip into my hatred of all things Gator. I couldn’t care two squats about the sanctimonious criticism from Gator fans and commentators toward Grantham’s choke hold motion. It made me laugh that I was supposed to be outraged at this. After taking crap from Gator fans and coaches the past 20 years (you know Gators, when football started in the 90’s), I’m supposed to be upset that Grantham does this? Give me an freakin’ break.

      Hell, I’m not even that pissed at mr pissypants over at Miss State. Just win Georgia. Just win.

    • HamDawg11

      But he’s not, so we don’t….

    • I can’t speak for every Georgia fan, but I don’t make parallels to Erk based on how loud a particular coach/coordinator screams on the sidelines. I base those comparisons on how well his defense performs on the field. Based on how well Muschamp’s defenses performed the last three times they faced Georgia, his INTENSITY doesn’t impress me much just yet.

  15. Will Trane

    Hey coach you look like you are about to have a heart attack there…let me help you out…take a break…while we refs walk off a 15 yarder for unsportsmanlike conduct on the bench. And if you still feel faint and uncomfortable we will oblige you to the dressing room. Relax and enjoy the game. Thanks coach. [And he gets paid to act like that…motivation? trying to change my mind? maybe just immature and dumb as hell?]

  16. Turd Ferguson

    Pretty sure we can distinguish between (a) coaches that are intense, and (b) coaches that would cuss out 18-year-old kids on national television for simply making a mistake. I love intensity. Especially from defensive coaches. But it is possible to be intense without being an absolute dickhead. I’m willing to admit that, in the heat of that one moment last season against Florida, Grantham slipped from intensity to dickheadishness. But let us not lose sight of what is “par” for a coach. Grantham’s par is intense. Brian Kelly and WIll Muschamp are mostly just dicks. And I, for one, would NOT dig it if Muschamp were doing it as Georgia’s head coach.

  17. Lrgk9

    I hope does he pull that on Penn Wagers. Want to see the results.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Penn will lower his gaze four inches, see the Gator head on his polo shirt and realize that he’s not looking at a member of the Georgia football team or coaching staff, turn around, and do nothing.

  18. Dog in Fla

    “Here’s what calm, cool and collected looks like” and here’s another shot in which he’s about to get steamed

  19. Can a coach be thrown out of the game in the NCAA? If so, Muschamp’s headed that way. A warning, a penalty and a ejection…three steps away from making Gator history. Hope it happens in Jax.! Oh, what a day that would be!
    How can he criticize a player for losing control?
    Too bad UF doesn’t play Clempson this year. Muschamp could make ’em forget all about Woody Hayes.

  20. Lars Taint

    He looks like The Waterboy’s daddy!