SEC Power Poll, Week 5

Two hard questions this week:  Which school is the SEC’s third best? And does anybody care?

  1. LSU (5-0, 2-0).  I don’t think this week’s Tyrann Mathieu/Jeff Driskel match up is going to work out too well for Florida.
  2. Alabama (5-0, 2-0).  C’mon, Tide fans.  You know this is just an academic exercise until November 5, anyway.
  3. Arkansas (4-1, 0-1).  Once again, the Hogs are looking like a very, very good Conference USA team.
  4. Auburn (4-1, 2-0).  The Tigers have raised winning ugly to an art form this season.
  5. South Carolina (4-1, 2-1).  You’ve made your bed, Steve Spurrier, and now you get to lie in it.
  6. Florida (4-1, 2-1).  Florida’s Bataan Death March of an October gets off to a painful start.
  7. Georgia (3-2, 2-1).  Rulers of the state of Mississippi.  Now it’s on to Tennessee.
  8. Tennessee (4-1, 0-1).  Cupcake time is over.
  9. Mississippi State (2-3, 0-3).  Can you say overrated?  I thought you could.
  10. Vanderbilt (3-1, 1-1).  No bye-week bounce for the Commodores.
  11. Mississippi (2-3, 0-2).  A win as a road underdog to a WAC school may not sound like much, but it’s still a better week than Kentucky had.
  12. Kentucky (2-3, 0-2).  Has it reached the point yet when a win over Vandy would be considered an upset?


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11 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 5

  1. Griff

    Hard to argue with the current rankings but I am anticipating a continual drop from the chickens. Offensively they have been brutal all year (except the East Carolina game). It still sickens me that we gave them the game. They are fortunate, as are we, that their SEC West draw is what it is.

    I really hope LSU and Bama stay healthy because that is shaping up to be an absolute war. The equipment manager may be the MVP of that game.


  2. Mike

    Tyrann Mathieu is a beast. Not the physical presence of Upshaw, but he is a turnover causing machine.

    Looking forward to the Tennessee/Georgia match-up. One team will be out of the SEC East after the weekend. And we get to see if Grantham’s defense has really improved since the Boise game. Tennessee does not have much of a running game, but the passing game is solid. And their defense has enough depth play solid for 3.5 quarter


  3. JayBird

    So…just how hard was it for you Dawgs to pull for the Auburn Tigers last weekend? Didn’t the Beach Boys sing, ” Be True To Your School.?”

    Here’s a War Eagle for you. Thanks for the help.


  4. Nate Dawg

    Man, we’ve looked better than sakerlina every week since we gave them those 28pts but still can’t jump’em…thems the breaks I suppose. Here’s to hoping the trend continues…


  5. JBJ

    Florida will have a steady decline on this poll the next two weeks.


    • Will (The Other One)

      Eh, if Brantley comes back, I think they can handle the Aubbies. Charlie Weiss with a non-true-frosh QB against a young Ted Roof D? I don’t see the Gators going 0-3 in October before us, but I still hope they lose at least 3 this month.