Upon further review, MSU edition

One observation and one dumb question after watching the replay:

  • I’m almost embarrassed that I didn’t mention Jarvis Jones in yesterday’s post.  Mea culpa.  My excuse is that it really takes watching the broadcast to appreciate fully what he’s brought to that side of the ball this year.  He’s the Swiss Army Knife of Georgia’s defense:  run support, pass coverage, rushing the quarterback are all things he’s asked to do.  He’s the best player Grantham has at his disposal and if he’s not seriously in the mix for all-SEC at the end of the season, it’s either because he’s gotten hurt or because there are a bunch of folks who aren’t paying attention.
  • Could one explanation for Georgia’s sudden second-half offensive malaise be staying in the no-huddle while in clock-burning mode?  It’s got to take something out of the linemen in particular having to stay in their stances while everyone looks to the sideline for what seems like an interminable amount of time.  (On the other hand, it’s only fair to mention that the Dawgs did grind out a five-and-a-half-minute drive in the fourth quarter which chewed up a lot of clock at a key time even if it didn’t result in a score.)  I don’t sense that the players feel comfortable with that combination, but maybe that’s just me.


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  1. simpl_matter

    It is the biggest line in all of college (or pros, right?). You may be on to something there.

  2. vincent

    I like that jarvis doesn’t have a dui, fingers crossed. Guys is definitely one of my favorite players on d though

  3. BeerMoney

    We discussed this on Saturday too. Why run a clock milking “no-huddle?” If you are not going to snap it until 5 seconds or less on the play clock, then why not huddle up and make sure everybody’s on the same page (and as the Sen said, give the lineman a bit of a breather)?

    • Hackerdog

      A clock-milking no-huddle makes sense if you’re using the time to change plays in response to the defense that you’re facing. That’s what Auburn does. But that wasn’t the case in the second half of Saturday’s game. MSU stacked the box to stop the run, we got to the line and waited, and then ran the ball into the teeth of the defense.

      I’m not really upset with that. It would have been fun to put 20 more points up in the second half, but MSU was never in the game. Trading punts in the second half was obviously a winning strategy. But, since our primary goal was to run the clock, why not huddle up and run out of the I with Figgins blocking?

  4. Irishdawg

    I don’t think the offense was gassed, because they still marched the ball all over the place. The problem was poor execution and conservative playcalling in the red zone.

    • Anon

      In what year did you write this?

    • Boz

      The offense as a whole may not have been gassed, but Crowell certainly looked tired after halftime. I know that he wasn’t asked to play the 2nd half of most of his high school games because they were so far ahead, but this isn’t Carver. I love what I see out of him otherwise.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      It’s awfully hard to stay in a three point stance that long.

  5. fuelk2

    It appears that our offense is a rhythm offense this year. Relying heavily on the run and burning the clock down prevents us from establishing that rhythm. The best drives we have are those that mix in some short to intermediate passes with some runs. I think we’re just going to look bad grinding out wins, but I’ll take it.

  6. James Stephenson

    One of the reasons is to make it harder for the defense to substitute. You never know when they might go ahead and quick hike it. And I have this feeling that they are setting something up down the line. Where they are going to quick hike it out of this set up when they need some easy yards. At least I hope so.

    The other coaches are getting this film and are seeing them take their time in this set up. If one game, maybe the Florida game, they start quick hiking in that set up, it may give them the edge for a quarter or two. I would wait until the 2nd half when it would be harder to make adjustments, but that is my 2 cents.

    • BeerMoney

      I don’t give Bobo that much credit to be so creative. The fact that we cannot get a half a yard when we have to have it with a road grader fullback, a QB with good wheels, and a huge OL really speaks volumes.

      • Go Dawgs!

        I’d believe in the idea of the quick hike if we’d taken even just one of the opportunities to do so when we had receivers uncovered against Ole Miss and instead of just snapping it and having them go deep instead of just standing there staring at the sideline and letting the Rebels get everyone covered.

        • James Stephenson

          But if we take one against a team we really do not need it, it is not setting up for farther down the road.

          I am telling you, second half UF game, they need to do the same thing, but hike it right off and just run the ball. The other team will be coached to not even move on AMs first Hike call. And then line right back up, and do it again.

          Now yes, that takes a lot of foresight, so if the coaches are able and willing to think 4 games from now. It would be a nice touch.

          • W Cobb Dawg

            Sorry JS, but you’re dreaming. CMB doesn’t plan for the 2nd half of a game. Forget about a few weeks into the future. And if something does work well, like a pass to FB Figgins, you can be damn sure we won’t see that play very often or used very effectively in a big game.

            • Dawgwalker07

              You sure do seem bitter today.

              • W Cobb Dawg

                You’re right. The recent wins are bittersweet. The 2nd half conservatism and int for a TD reminded me of how we ‘achieved’ the 14 losses we’ve racked up in ’09, ’10 & ’11. Hate to see the old bad habits pop back up just when we seem to be turning the season around. But you’re right. I’l try to look on the bright side. If the D has to drag the rest of the team to the SEC championship, so be it.

  7. Spike

    Any news on Ogleetree?

  8. I hope the DAWGS defense do not allow any UT player Heisman wannabe use them as a platform to showcase their talent. Instead some DAWG make a show similar to that freshman Herschel.

  9. William

    I honestly think it was Richt saying, we don’t need to do too much more to win here, so lets just keep with what the players are familiar with (although the I-formation is the most familiar I would assume) to minimize mistakes and grind out a win. Maybe he felt they didn’t need to do too much more to win and why not hold back some to give UT something to think about? That second half was beyonf boring, predictable, and half hearted. I was calling the plays out before they happened (although in some cases that didn’t even matter as MSU couldn’t stop some of them).

  10. Will Trane

    A field goal in the first quarter and that was it. May not have scored, but the Dawgs offense owned the ball in the second half and controlled the tempo, but you kept waiting for AM to give them a TD or 2. 82 and 74 plays tell me these guys on the O line are the “studs” on this team. May not protect like they should every play, but there OC needs to put in a play or two in the play book change the tempo in second half play. Looks like a team not even close to its potential on offense. Bobo has a lot of tools in his tool box. I just want him to take out the framing hammer against UF and UA this year.

  11. Darrren Rovelll

    Right now, I think our 2 best players our Boykin and Jones. They both go non-stop for the entire time they are in the game.

    If you look of the definition of the made up word “efforting”, pictures of #2 & #29 would be the illustrations.

  12. RICHT and BOBO should learn from their previous protege Stafford’s Detroit Lions HC and OC — FIGHT TILL THE END OF THE GAME — That is what is frustrating about the Richt era, he seems just content to coast by when winning but this is not a good practice when crunch time does happen. If Stafford can do it in Detroit, why can’t Richt and Bobo do it at UGA.

  13. AusDawg85

    I love this…Might it be they also learn from Romo and Dallas? Keep pushing loosely and things can turn around in a flash.

    Why won’t anyone take CMR at his word after the game? Those plays were called and intended to be successful. The team lost spark and fight in the second half. It was not time to start throwing bombs/picks (see Murray, A and Romo, T examples). And going for a “chip shot” FG would have put us up by 3 TD’s….something Missy St. clearly was not going to be able to overcome. Figure he wants Blair to make one (oops!) and a message that the team has 3 downs designed to make a 1st, not 4.

    If there were a consistent rushing game, more depth on the O-line and not worried so much about protecting a fragile QB prone to throwing bad INT’s a critical times…..wait, who I am talking about? Oh, yeah…if DALLAS had all of that they win last night. The DAWGS have CMR who managed the last two victories with what he has to work with. Pretty damn good job in my opinion.

  14. Keese

    Can’t figure out why in the hell the Laner/USC would’ve used the medical DQ persuasion to get rid of Jarvis. I know he wanted to leave anyways but why give a guy like Jarvis the push out?

  15. Daniel Simpson Day

    In other news…That moniker of Swiss Army Knife of the Defense for Jarvis Jones obliterated any need for a Mea Culpa. And it was dead on balls accurate too. Nice call Sir.

  16. Fans would still be complaining but if Walsh is hitting his field goals like he normally does and pushing the lead out each time down the field while bleeding the clock both wins look more dominant. I also wonder if some of Bobo’s play calling with the lead is not affected by what happened with the pick 6. I would like to see the team keep its foot on the pedal a bit longer but the way the offense has been giving up points to other teams at some point as a coach you say, three safe plays, a punt and let the defense handle their business is the best option when protecting a lead.

    As for Murray this year he seems to be feast and famine. He is on pace for the UGA record for TD’s in a season (36 for him, old record 28) but is also on pace to throw around 13-14 int’s which would be more about 50% more than last season.