Was he or wasn’t he?

Unfortunately, the video evidence isn’t convincing one way or the other on that Crowell touchdown run that wasn’t about whether he stepped out-of-bounds:

Two impressive cuts to get into the end zone, though… especially that first one, where he undresses Nickoe Whitley.  No wonder #5 needed to relieve himself afterwards.


UPDATE:  Richt thinks the run was legit.  Not that there’s much he could have done about it at the time.

“If I had to do it again, I would have challenged it or at least asked permission to challenge it but the answer might have been the whistle blew,” Richt said

Richt said he will talk to SEC coordinator of officials Steve Shaw today.


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37 responses to “Was he or wasn’t he?

  1. Adam

    Wow. When they showed the replay on TV, it looked like he *just* went out, but here he looks pretty convincingly in on each step.

  2. Zdawg

    He wasn’t. Bad call.

  3. James Stephenson

    Well I think the shade made it tough to see imo. The official is right on the field and had the best angle. Which is not always the case.

  4. I can still see the possibility that his right ankle was out of bounds (his foot is angled slightly, so his toes are clearly in bounds, giving a bit of an optical illusion). The official was right there and had a perfectly clean view of it, I gotta say the odds are that the call was correct. (I know, I know, these are SEC officials we’re talking about, but still).

    • Reverend Whitewash

      So you think we should all give the ref who was “right there and had a perfectly clean view of it” looking directly at Crowell’s feet the benefit of the doubt–after all the flagrant bad calls that the SEC refs collectively have made against UGA in the last 3 years, i.e. post WLOCP endzone celebration? Trust the refs who gave AJ Green the phantom celebration call. Trust the SEC refs who consistently give UGA bad spots and then on TV review uphold the bad spot even though millions on TV can see it is a bad spot.Trust the SEC refs who consistently kept their flags in their pockets while South Carolina’s offensive linemen held on almost every play in the South Carolina-Georgia game. Yeah, trust that ref when you have a video of Crowell staying in bounds. After all, who are you going to believe? That ref or your own lyin’ eyes?

      • Cojones

        A lot of holding was called when they played Auburn and we know how that affected that game. While it cuts me wrong to see refs blamed, I agree with everything you wrote. In Crowell’s case, there was no hue and cry from the players, staff or fans when it occurred. So, I won’t waste any angst over it, but there were many judgement calls (Green celebration, etc.) you didn’t mention that don’t make the Crowell call right. Rant on, brother.

  5. Mike

    He looked in bounds the whole time, from my looking at it

  6. Whether he was in or not… why was it not reviewed? They take a closer look at calls muuuuuuuuch more obvious than this. And, yet, not a second glance by the guy upstairs? Was he out for a pee break?

  7. The General

    Helluva run, regardless if in or out. The D really stood up on the ensuing series, and the old “ball don’t lie” adage held true when the MSU punter blasted his 11-yarder. Keep tap dancing, Isaiah.

  8. Reptillicide

    I still can’t believe they didn’t review the play. Baffled.

  9. Mike

    Can’t Richt ask for a challenge?

  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    Well, since Whitley’s jock was already down, it was easy to take a whizz.

  11. stoopnagle

    You know, I don’t care if he was in or out. The fact that he caught the corner and made it to the end zone while everyone was still trying to stop him is all I need given the ultimate outcome of the game. He is going to break the 50-60 yarder that counts at some point. (Hopefully this w/e in Knoxville).

  12. HVL Dawg

    Nice blocking by the WRs.

    #7, not so much.

  13. Will Trane

    Like I said yesterday, he was in all the way down the line. The ref is on line, did he blow the play dead when he went out. If he did, no player stops. And again why did the Dawgs staff not question it.
    It is history now, just like Washington’s suspension.
    Good to hear CMR understand we do not need to feed IC the ball 30 times a game even though some bloggers think that is what should happen.
    Third and fourth quarters were owned by the Dawgs offense re time of possession. It is damn hard to score if you are the other team and do not have the ball. Defense played lights out, but the offense changed MSU’s game plan. Hard for a team like MSU to come back from that kind of deficit, but it can happen. Controlling the ball and adding to your lead makes it hell on the opposing team. Now if they can get AM to stop giving up the ball and add some depth in the O line from this point forward in the season.
    Anxious to see how TG attacks UT’s passing game.

  14. Go Dawgs!

    I think the beautiful weather worked against Georgia on this play. That shadow really obscures the sideline and makes it harder to see the green grass in between Isaiah’s foot and the sideline. Either way, it’s a great run.

  15. Always Someone Else's Fault

    It’s still stunning to me to see so many guys stepping straight out of high school into starting line-ups at such a physical position in this league. Richardson, Dyer, Lattimore, Crowell. You would think the speed and size of the D would be more of an adjustment for them. I guess that shows how much earlier kids are maturing these days, as well as their coaching/conditioning in high school.

    Small gripe — can one team in college football embrace the notion of keeping the football tightly tucked until you’ve actually crossed the goal line, laughing at all the others who wave it around and try to time flipping the ball out of their hand 0.2 seconds after crossing the plane? Please?

    • I thought I was the only one that noticed that. Every time I turn on the TV someone’s doing that. Remember when Mikey Henderson did it – but then ran another punt return back anyway?

    • Biggus Rickus

      Running back is the easiest position to play if you have the athletic ability. Followed by wide receiver. I don’t find it surprising at all.

  16. Loran Smith

    what was interesting about all the bad calls was that this was Ritter’s crew who is usually the SEC’s best since Steve Shaw left

  17. When I played it slow-mo replay on the 55″ HD it appeared his right heel was just barely out. If the play was blown dead you can’t review it. Plus if the ruling on the field was out then it would have to be indisputable to overturn. He may have stayed in but I haven’t seen a replay to show for sure he was in so hard to blame the refs on that one.

    • gastr1

      I agree about his heel barely, barely appearing to graze the sideline.
      However, I still blame the refs: They need to let play that close go to the end and sort it out on replay. Obviously a play that finishes can be called back if a knee was done, the ball hit before the catch, etc., but a play that is called dead cannot be fixed.

  18. Crap call. Didn’t see it until now, did not appear to be out.

  19. W Cobb Dawg

    Doesn’t matter. I’m more concerned with the nose dive the O took in the 2nd half. And pussies around the world are complaining that our FG call was beyond-pussy, and they don’t want to be confused with, or associated with, our offensive coaches.

    • shane#1

      I don’t even care about the FG. I can understand the value of being up another score. What bothered me was the off-setting personal foul call. Do NOT strike back, take the first down and the fifteen yds. It was a freshman mistake, but I have seen too many cases where UGA players do something stupid and cost the team points. Bad calls happen, and I am not sure it was a bad call, but nobody has to commit a personal foul. Nor does one have to throw into double coverage when you have a lead and the D is playing lights out. Eat the ball or throw it away! These guys can shut UT down, but they can’t win in Knoxvegas if they do dumb shit. New motto for CMR right by the energy vampire, DON’T DO DUMB SHIT!

    • Biggus Rickus

      Wow. Throwing the pussy card? I can only shake my head at this bullshit.