But he’s heard good things about them, I’m sure.

Apparently Nick Saban doesn’t have time for this shit, either.

… After teaching Will Muschamp a lesson Saturday night in the Swamp, Saban was asked in a creative way if he thought Alabama was the best team in America. Lenn Robbins of the New York Post asked that question by saying he wasn’t going to ask that question.

“I can’t make comparisons of our team to anybody else,” Saban said. “I haven’t seen all these people play. I’ve seen LSU play a couple of times because they are in our league, and I think they have a fantastic team. … I haven’t even seen Oklahoma play so I can’t make any comparisons to what our team is.”

There are only two problems with that honest assessment.

Saban is one of the 59 coaches with a vote in this season’s USA Today poll – as are Gene Chizik, James Franklin, Les Miles, Mark Richt and Steve Spurrier from the SEC – and the USA Today poll is one component of the BCS rankings that will decide which two teams play for the national championship.

This seems like an appropriate moment to remind you to register for the Mumme Poll.


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5 responses to “But he’s heard good things about them, I’m sure.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    LSUfreek summed up the meeting quite well:


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Speaking as a former member of the media, I’d be completely OK with Saban just cancelling all of his media obligations. I honestly think that the Alabama media would be able to do a better job covering that team if that asshole would just stop holding media availability and have an assistant do it. Of course, it would hurt Saban in the long run because the media are his conduit to fans and money, but I think he’d be OK with shutting it off for a while. And, the reporters would love it… no more being browbeaten by a Napoleonic tyrant who just happens to be really great at coaching football, and no more having to beg him for quotes which are mostly outright lies. Saban has seen Oklahoma. He thinks his team is the best in the country. He can’t be bothered with the discussion. So just stop having the discussion, Nick.


  3. Coaches should coach. The beauty pageant of polls and votes should be irrelevant and would be more so if college football had a legitimate championship format.