Some early, random thoughts about the next must-win game

No doubt to Russ Mitchell’s surprise, Mark Richt goes for his 100th career win as a Georgia head coach this Saturday night in Knoxville.  Here are some Tuesday tidbits to get you started thinking about it:

  • There’s some definite potential for a special teams train wreck.  We’re well aware of Georgia’s struggles in that department.  It turns out the Vols are struggling there, too.
  • The last six games between the two teams have all been decided by double-digit point margins.  The teams have split those games.
  • I don’t know how a Georgia team shows up “like dead” for a game in Knoxville, but Sanders Commings says that was the case the last time the Dawgs traveled there to play beyond Crompton.
  • Tennessee 30, Georgia 29.  (Not sure how much I’m buying this projection, as it’s got Justin Hunter making a miraculous physical recovery to snag four catches.)


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20 responses to “Some early, random thoughts about the next must-win game

  1. Ginny

    The last time we went to Knoxville was the weekend after we lost that LSU game where A.J. got jobbed on the celebration penalty. To say the team was hungover from that is an understatement. Not an excuse but I get it. I actually remember thinking after the LSU game that we would be lucky to win in Knoxville after that.


  2. Vindexdawg

    Given the last two trips to Knoxville….heads should indeed roll in Athens if the result is even remotely similar to 2007 or 2009. How our team juked themselves out of a shot at the National Title with the most spineless performance of any Georgia team in the noughts decade remains in particular a complete mystery to me.


  3. PatinDC

    A good place to notch win #100. Hope the team is jacked for that at least.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    You could feel it in the stadium the last time that we were in Knoxville. Georgia just wasn’t there to play. It’s weird how you can feel the energy or lack thereof when you’re in the building with the team. Whatever sixth sense it is that picks it up, you could just feel right before kickoff that something was wrong. It’s bizarre that it can happen to you in such a big game and big-time arena, but I think that Georgia was infected with the attitude that Kiffin’s boys couldn’t hurt them. Boy, they were wrong. I hope that it’s better this time around. Richt needs to photoshop some shots of Bray and the rest of the Vols stomping on the “G”. That seems to work well. Just tell the guys that UT snuck in on a Wednesday night and did it.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Also, if we’re talking trends in visits to Neyland, Georgia has had a lot of really big kick and punt returns there since Richt has been head coach, even in the games we’ve lost. I hope Boykin’s healed up and ready to go Saturday. I think he can have a huge game.


  6. RandallPinkFloyd

    Have you read anything about the problems between the center-Bray exchange that seemed to plague them in the Swamp? Clay Travis was about to lose it on Twitter that day between that and the decision to go for 2 when it did not make mathematical sense.


  7. Big-G

    Didn’t Donnan notch his 100th career win against UT?


  8. Darrren Rovelll

    CFBTN does not have time to keep up with news on the injury front … he is just one man. Of course, Hunter was considered their best offensive player at the beginning of the year (& one of the best WR in the conference.) But really who cares about details when you are making predictions?

    He does think that you can dock TN 1 or 2 pts from their final score due to the loss of value over the replacement player. So a UGA 29-28 victory!

    If it were only that easy.


    • AusDawg85

      Interesting the projections have UGA leading in just about every statistical category except completion %. Even the computer thinks AM will toss a couple of INT’s again.


  9. Cojones

    CFBTN isn’t worth spit.


  10. JasonC

    It’ll be interesting to see how we do against a better passing attack than we have faced in a the past 3-4 weeks. Wish we had Washington to plant Bray on the ground a few times.


  11. ScoutDawg

    Lets hope Drew can pick up the slack.


    • Keese

      Overall, Vasser has filled in nicely when Cornelius was out. Not the same pass rush tho. Really looking forward to seeing what Ray Drew can do


  12. I don’t think it will be real close. UGA should win. In the TN/UF game you could see that TN just isn’t on a real high level. UF penalties (esp pass inter) pretty much kept it close…
    I don’t see the big orange scoreing the way BSU did against this Defense.
    I think and hope that the Dawg O is begining to surge out of the clumsiness and listlessness of the near past…Please let our defense wear hobnailed boots.


    • Will (The Other One)

      Tennessee has neither the experience nor the depth Boise had on D, but they didn’t have great Ds on paper the last two trips we took there either…


  13. W Cobb Dawg

    I like the idea of CMR going for (and getting) # 100 against ut. They rank high on our hated enemy list, and CMR has had some great games and some really lousy games against them. This is one of the games a UGA coach has to win to keep a job. I hope CMR understands that, and Dawgs give our best on Saturday. Wouldn’t be right if CMR got # 100 against a doormat like Vandy.