Concentrated derp

I’m not sure if watching this is one of those cases of three-and-a-half minutes of my life I’ll never get back, or an entertaining window into the soul of Gamecock idiocy.

(h/t Losers With Socks)



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20 responses to “Concentrated derp

  1. Doug Wolford

    The ball broke the plane of the goal line before he fumbled. End of story.


  2. Hogbody Pyle

    Hey Goober, the ball’s loose and his foot ain’t touched the ground yet!


  3. KornDawg

    It tells me the video is private, even when I go to Losers With Socks’ page. Any suggestions on how I can see it?


  4. Reptillicide

    lol, they’ve made the video private.


  5. aristoggle

    Not sure if this is the video clip posted earlier, but this is the awesome!


  6. shane#1

    Senator, have you committed sabotage? It seems like someone has been putting Concentrated Derp in this country’s water supply. As far as the call, if the pass was complete it looked like a re3covered fumble to me. Of course, SEC Refs are the chiefs of Derpisstan.


  7. shane#1

    See the 3? DERP


  8. dean

    Yea it wat that play that cost Carolina the game. Not the 4 int’s by Garcia or Lattimore running the ball less than 20 times against one of the worst rushing defenses in the country. Gimme a break.