“I got their names.”

You get the impression that this hasn’t been a fun season so far for TCU’s Gary Patterson.  Either that, or his undies are bunching up.

On the other hand, this is a pretty clever comeback.


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    That’s enough butthurt by Patterson he should get an endorsement deal from Boudreaux’s

  2. Red Blackman

    “That wasn’t right. It was a bad deal. And it will forever be in the mind of Gary Patterson and in the mind of our football team. . . . So we’ll handle it. And it’s going to be a big deal.”

    There you go, Gators. If the maniac doesn’t work out another crybaby is available.

    • Go Dawgs!

      He’s already referring to himself in the third person. He wears a visor. I can already hear the speeches about Corch Pattersons on the floor of Congress now…

    • Charles

      I feel you, but… in retrospect, they sure did handle it. 2008 and 2009 was ugly for us.

  3. AthensHomerDawg

    As far as HC replacements, a group that has always had more buzz than ability, can we take Mullen and Patterson off the list ?
    Mullen has mailed it in against the West and suffered a convincing butt whipping at the hands of Coach Richt who used just the first half to half to get it done.
    Patty’s failure to live up to expectations as the great Defensive Minded Sausage Making head coach, has for now- placed him in the “egg salad making HC list”. This must have some Richtophobes singing the
    “12-bar blues”, but of course “talent is harder to replace” in the mighty CUSA, but that story has already been covered .
    just sayin’

    • ScoutDawg

      Damn, now you’ve gone and done it!

    • Puffdawg

      Didn’t you hear? They were just kidding.

    • JBJ

      Funny how people want to give CMR several years to turn a program around, but Patterson and Mullen are judged on five games. Hypocrisy.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        I was only kidding?????

      • Puffdawg

        Gary Patterson’s career record is 4 percentage points better the Richt’s, and we can all agree that’s against a vastly inferior schedule of teams. And as for the “playing with less talent” argument I see coming down the pike (that your boys at S&G like to throw out there), Patterson picked up 44 of his 101 career wins with a QB who is now starting in the National Football League as a rookie.

      • DawgPhan

        CMR earned that time. Mullen has not. He is still building his program. If CMR had shit the bed in year 2 or 3 in Athens you think he would even be the coach now?

      • Go Dawgs!

        Well, with the exception of Gene Chizik, coaches tend to move up when they’re red hot, not after they’ve tripped over themselves and turned in a sub-par year.

  4. stoopnagle

    Coaches are so funny. Patterson has unquestionable success as a HC. TCU just won the Rose Bowl. There aren’t many coaches out there who could do that. While this display isn’t a-typical for him, my guess is that it’s calculated to get the most out of his team at some point this season or next.

    I find it really hard to believe that he suffers so much emotional trauma from June Jones’s straight-shooting (another guy who really is doing things not many others could pull off).

    • Puffdawg

      re: June Jones

      Would that thing many others could not pull off be whipping up on crap teams with a gimmicky offense?

  5. BCDawg97

    Is it easy enough to just take names? If so, why does Penn Wagers ever get to call another UGA game?

  6. DawgPhan

    I guess the “we can do better with…” crowd is now taking applications with the TCU and MSU coaches walking around with shit dripping down their legs…

    Though someone called in to the Durham and Barnhart show today to suggest that if we dont get Smart this season we are “going to miss our chance”…getting Kirby Smart isnt like seeing the dead in 94.

  7. BCDawg97

    I’m not saying that we need to get rid of Richt, but to crap all over Patterson or Mullen on the sole basis of the start of this season is a bit short sighted of their what they’ve proven they can do, Patterson in particular.

  8. BCDawg97

    Compared to someone like Kirby, he has at least been a head coach and has lead a mid to low tier program to a 9 win season. Certainly you’d say that he got a lot of out a roster for a 9 win season in Starkville. Or say the dropoff in offensive production at Florida in Mullen vs Addazio.

    I’m not saying I would trade Richt for Mullen, but I’m also not in charge. I’m saying that if the powers that be pull the plug on Richt, Mullen wouldn’t be the worst we could end up with.

    • Sure, he’s not the worst we could possibly end up with. However, all things equal – I’d rather stick with the guy that has actually beaten every team in the SEC West versus the guy that has only beaten Ole Miss.

      • BCDawg97

        I’m not advocating Richt to go or the hypothetical trade of coaches. I personally don’t want Richt gone. My point is that to just summarily dismiss Mullen or Patterson as good coaches is incorrect.

        • Puffdawg

          While I appreciate your defense of these two coach’s abilities, Mullen hasn’t really PROVEN squat, and Patterson, while I appreciate his accomplishments, has racked up almost half of his career wins with a starting NFL QB against Conference USA teams.

          • BCDawg97

            What did Meyer prove at Utah?

            • I’m really not trying to antagonize you, believe me. But to say that 2004 Utah team that he took to the Fiesta Bowl (i.e. the first non-AQ BCS participant) that obliterated Pitt (I know that Pitt was not exactly a world-beater that year) wasn’t proving something, then I got nothing for ya.

              I understand that you don’t want Richt gone, just like me. All I (and Puffdawg) are trying to say is that based on his current resume, Mullen hasn’t proven a thing other than he can run a decent offense when he has Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin.

              • BCDawg97

                I know you aren’t antagonizing, nor Puff. Promise, no panties in a wad. I do agree that Mullen isn’t the MOST proven, just that say over Kirby he’s a better choice. I think Patterson (or Peterson) are better than Mullen.

                My what did Urban prove point was more related to Patterson – mid majors with success.

                I’m just geniunely interested in the hypothetical – if not Patterson or Mullen – then who?

                • BCDawg97

                  My what did Urban prove point was more related to Patterson – that he has proven something with TCU just as Meyer did with Utah.

                • Puffdawg

                  Well, obviously we are in agreement Richt is our guy. And actually that’s kind of what I’m getting at in disparaging these other “candidates.”

          • BCDawg97

            I’m not contending we should fire Richt for the sake of rushing out to hire Mullen or Patterson. My point in all this is the hypothetical.

            Say RIcht was fired, obviously Patterson and Mullen are off your list. Who would you hire?

  9. Go Dawgs!

    Getting back to the Patterson issue for a moment, I just went back and re-read the quotes from his tirade. I’m kinda stricken by how he called out the opposing coaches by name. “I’d never been beaten by Art Briles and I’d never been beaten by June Jones, and now I’ve been beaten by both in the same season.” Even with some of the bigger jackasses in the sport, you don’t usually see that kind of quote in the media. I can’t imagine it will go over well among any coaches who read it. Even the coaches who seem to genuinely not care of each other do a better job of showing respect when they’re speaking to the media. This is an excellent way to make sure that you get every team’s best shot, and it’s a damn fine way to make sure prospective future employers think twice about bringing you to their school. Patterson’s a good coach, but dang… he’s apparently a jerk, too.

    • shane#1

      Some Coaches seem to forget that the are also educators. Calling out another coach by name is sending the wrong message to the young men on your team. They will think that is okay to be disrespectful to the other team and it’s coach and that is not what college football is about. Leave the whining and trashtalking to the NFL.