TCU did not have scheduling relations with that conference.

Assuming that Baylor voted with the majority,

that’s some warp speed hypocrisy there, Mr. Starr.  A lesser man could get whiplash.



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24 responses to “TCU did not have scheduling relations with that conference.

  1. Carnac the Magnificent

    I have been predicting this.


  2. Well played, sir.


  3. Keese

    To think of all the power and money these guys get from kids simply playing a game! (save the academia fu-fu)


    • Zdawg

      Think of all that great study time they are going to get on the plane to Fort Worth Texas!! All those non football sports kids are gonna love the cross country travel! And if they get upset about long trips on the road, they should just reassure themselves that mega conferences are making money for the good of all Athletic Directors and four letter networks everywhere.


  4. David

    UConn and Pitt should be jumping to the ACC any day now. Big East is on it’s last legs. Could Louisville be the team from the east to join the SEC?


  5. Brandon

    If I’m the President of Baylor, my job is to look out for Baylor, not to be the Dali Lama, I don’t think even Bill Clinton would disagree.


  6. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    “TCU did not have scheduling relations with that conference.”

    I don’t care who you are … that right there is funny.


  7. TennesseeDawg

    So long Big East, we hardly knew ye.


  8. JasonC

    Do you think we could give the ACC Vandy and get VaTech and UVA in return? Then, the ACC grabs Rutgers or WV to replace the missing spot.


  9. AmpedDawg

    Apparently the Big 12ers didn’t get the memo that in the near future there will be four sixteen team conferences. Rage, rage against the dying of the light!!


  10. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Senator, please see my post re: TCU and the Big 12 of September 13, 2011 under “Kenneth Starr Must Not Be A morning Person.” The 3 most important things about being in an athletic conference: Location, Location, Location.


  11. Matt

    Given the inevitable collapse of the Big East, what about USF as a 14th SEC team? It’s geographically sensible, even if it would pit schools of my undergraduate and graduate degree in the same league, but it’s program on the rise and would give us more access to recruiting in FL.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I actually like USF. It’s a 40,000 student university with a medical school. But that directional school name–uugh! Change that name to something–anything–else.


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