“They do not miss many tackles out in the open field.”

Aside from this being fun to watch all the way through, listen to what Todd Blackledge says about the tackle that led to the punt that led to the return.

In 2005, that wasn’t a comment that made you roll your eyes.  I’d like to think they’re headed back that way again.

And, yeah, the return ain’t half-bad, either.


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  1. JaxDawg


    I love the way Lunquist says that.

    A solid Defensive performance in Knoxville would really get this group’s confidence up. I had my doubts this season, but stated on here several times that our D would be one of the best (knock on wood).

    • Keese

      Jax are you back on the bus or skateboarding holding on to the fender?

      • JaxDawg

        Back in June, I stated that our D would be the best in the conf (we’ll see) but that it wouldn’t certainly be the most improved unit. My doubts lie squarely with Richt and I’m still not convinced that he can return to his glory days – the rest of the season will tell. But it all starts with a good D and perhaps their enthusiasm will spread to the rest of the team. But to answer your question…No, I do not believe that Richt can get it done but I am will always be on the UGA football bus.

  2. Matt b

    Neyland looks like a Six Flags ride from outside the gates, and looks and smells like a country fair inside.

  3. heyberto

    It’s hard to believe that blackledge said that about a Martinez lead defense, but this was thevfirstbyear after BVG left, and most of his influence was still felt on the field. It wasn’t until the bowl game that we saw the big breakdown type game under WM.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      I peg the start as the Auburn game. Their big 4th down play late. Defenders were saying “I didn’t know what coverage we were in.”

      • heyberto

        I just don’t recall that game, and Auburn didn’t get up on us as bad as those other signature high scoring by the opponent losses that Martinez seemed to have at least once a year. but I can buy into what you’re selling here.

      • The Auburn game gets a bit of a pass from me b/c the DB was concussed and should not have been on the field, period. He said he was completely confused, and didn’t even remember the play happening afterwards. Also, a fumble return got them 7 of their 31 points, so this was not exactly an epic Martinez explosion by the other team’s O.

        Even the Sugar Bowl was largely about really good adjustments after the disastrous first quarter, as UGA almost came all the way back and outscored the Neers 35-10 after getting down 28-0.

        In retrospect, of course, it’s easy to still throw those games on the pile and say that those things wouldn’t have happend under van Gorder. And that might be true. But to me the real first unambiguously fugly game by a martinez D was UT in 06. They hung 50 on us between the hedges, and they just dinked and dunked us all. night. long. With no adjustment from our D, ever. Yeah, that’s more like it.

        • Ugh, what an ugly game. Cutcliffe went to a three-wideout formation in the second quarter and Martinez never had an answer for it the rest of the game.

          • SCDawg

            And Fulmer told ESPN on the way to the locker room that GA wouldn’t be able to stop his offense in the 2nd half.

            • Go Dawgs!

              Tennessee made a pretty big mistake by not giving Cutcliffe whatever he wanted to come be their head coach. The man is winning games at Duke. And Tennessee was a dangerous team whenever he was in the booth. I can’t tell you how many Ole Miss people lamented their stupidity in running him off when we were in Oxford a couple of weeks ago.

              • Dawgfan Will

                If I remember correctly, Cutcliffe didn’t want the UT job because he didn’t need the stress after his heart attack. I imagine the expectations at Duke are quite a bit lower.

                • Go Dawgs!

                  That may be. The version that I heard was that Tennessee made overtures, but they wanted to dictate who he brought along as assistant coaches. Either way, I’m certain that you’re right about Duke. I would imagine that as long as you beat UNC more often than not, that’s the only requirement.

            • Irwin Fletcher

              Ugh…Sanford was loud…LOUD…that evening. There were some milatary guys that did a parachute drop b4 the game, the Dawg walk was loud, great night game atmosphere. Erupted after the returns by Mikey and Thomas Brown…all I remember after that was Ainge standing high in the pocket with no pressure and finding open receiver after open receiver after open receiver…it just never stopped.

              BTW- we would have been flagged for celebration on that punt return. The NCAA sucks.

              • Sanford222View


                I was thinking the same thing about being flagged today for the Dawg pile in the endzone after Flowers’ return for the TD.

      • Will (The Other One)

        Yep. That Auburn game was the first game ever under Richt where we gave up 30 or more points to someone who didn’t win a national title, and the first time we ever scored 30+ and still lost. That second stat was one I kept repeating to my date shortly after halftime at the ’06 UT game, until I realized Willie was just going to set back, give a 5-7 yard cushion to UT’s WRs, and not blitz worth a damn the rest of the game. (Which joined Auburn ’99 on the short list of “games I did not stay for the end of.”)

  4. dusty

    I’m going to ASSUME Penn Wagers did not call that game, the Dawgpile in the endzone has a penalty written all over it.

  5. heyberto

    Yeah, wasn’t as obvious to me, and I thought the bowl game loss was worse. But I buy what you’re selling!

  6. Ben

    Ah, glory days. I often wonder what it would have been like had Shockley been healthy all year. Didn’t JTIII start against UF and score our only touchdown in an otherwise close game?

  7. Go Dawgs!

    Going back to the Damien Gary punt return that put Georgia in business in the hobnail boot game, Georgia’s had a lot of great special teams moments at Neyland Stadium, including the last trip up there. I’m hoping to see a lot of Boykin on Saturday.

    • hailtogeorgia

      You’re right…there was a kick and punt return for TD the last trip, no? One by Brandon, one by Prince?

      I’ve been up there the last three times we played. I’m staying home this time. Hopefully I’ll be wishing I was there, and not glad I stayed.

  8. Nate Dawg

    One of my best friends, a female, got married on this day in ’05 and I had to be in it. Had to use texting and the good ol’ car radio to get bits and pieces of this master piece. I still give her hell for that. Thank God for Youtube and the Senator!

    • Russ

      I’ll never understand how somebody can call themselves a Dawg fan and then get married in the fall. I mean, it’s only 12 weekends….pick another already!

      • jryu

        that’s why i’m getting married in february

      • Nate Dawg

        Exactly. Thank you for feeling my pain…I question if they’re really from the south or not. How can one be sooo clueless to their enviornment and surroundings??

        • Go Dawgs!

          Even if you get married on your team’s bye weekend, you’re still screwing over any of your friends or family who happen to like another team. I’m always a bit surprised when southerners get married in the fall.

          • Nate Dawg

            As well as future anniversaries…what makes you think that’ll always be the bye week or the Directional State game that week (as if I don’t tune in for those games too) for future schedules?? I mean really?!
            I think I may have more pent-up anger on this than I originally anticipated..

            • That’s why I picked Aug 20th. “But why not Aug 27th?” says she, b/c then were honeymoonin’ during the opener. I don’t care that it was only Georgia Southern!!

              Go Dawgs!!!!

            • Russ

              Exactly. Anniversaries are the killer.

              “Honey, it’s our 10th anniversary. How about we go to that secluded bed and breakfast with no TV or internet?”
              “Uhhhhh……because it’s GA-FL weekend??”

        • X-Dawg

          I missed the Bama game in 2002 because of a wedding in the family. They are divorced now. Ugh!

    • Zdawg

      I’ve missed a more than a few weddings for the game. People who don’t understand, well, its really not even worth explaining to them. For some good stories on this topic, check out:



  9. anonymous

    Gosh, I miss those days.

  10. Charles

    I posted that video to YouTube a loooooooong time ago. Had almost forgotten about it. That comment thread runs pretty deep. Hope we make some more memories in that place on Saturday. Good ones…

  11. Will Trane

    I want to see IC break off a couple of long runs for TDs. One on an inside set and the other off the edge. Much has been said about the alleged collapse of the offensive in the second half against SEC Ole Miss and MSU. After watching and listening to a rebroadcast of the MUS game what sticks out to me is not so much the O line play [considering the number of snaps they have run and their depth] but is the inconsistent play of the TE and WRs.

    Have not heard on comment about the holding calls from the TE and WRs in the MSU game. Think there were at least 4. If the those guys set their blocks, hold their blocks, and do not hold quicker…well IC will get into the next level for a 6. Too much focus has been on the protection of AM, but those WRs and TEs need to step up their play, getting out in routes much quicker and getting better separation. The frosh from VHS is the “Cat” who is able to do it so far, but where are those upperclassmen? And those tight ends need to do a better job of setting blocks and not holding. Uncalled for from these experienced upperclassmen. Thomas and Samuel IV did a solid job in the past two games. And the experienced QB…just keep locking in on about every pass to a receiver and expect to do those little fits of frustration after a pick or incompletion where the defender has closed on the play.

    And speaking of throwing the ball…well, you want see throws like the past two games from the Ole Miss and MSU QB and receivers. Watch how Bray places the ball on the receivers…this will be a little different for the secondary. Anxious to see how Coach L preps for this game…he is an outstanding secondary coach…I think he is in the top in the SEC.

    UT has been preparing for our boys since their loss in the Swamp. They are looking for a big game and a lot of redemption. Not having the full roster could hurt…Washington.
    For me if the O line plays up some and the QB+TEs+WRs really step up their game this could be fun. I hope AM is not put under center a lot. He passes much better from the shotgun. Any pass plays coming from under center where he turns his back to the line of scrimmage is an adventure.

    As a baseball guy, I like the performance of some of these former baseball players / pitchers turned starting QB. They can play. Just wonder how much of that is due to “body-torque / muscle memory” in part of the mechanics of throwing the ball.

  12. D.N. Nation

    One thing that did piss me off royal about UGA/UT ’05 was the gift TD the officials gave the Vols with no time left. Verne and Todd both thought they gave UT the TD because they “didn’t give up,” or whatever. Give me a break, SEC.

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