Hey, you kids! Get that spread passing attack off my lawn!

This is great.  72-year old Bill Snyder is running an offensive scheme at Kansas State that’s, relatively speaking, a dinosaur in today’s Big 12… and it’s working, much to the consternation of some.

“Who even huddles anymore?” Tigers defensive end Jacquies Smith asked, adding, “They play like their coach.”

All that’s missing is a catchy nickname.



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15 responses to “Hey, you kids! Get that spread passing attack off my lawn!

  1. Careful Brad



  2. JBJ

    Hard not to be impressed with what Snyder accomplished at Kansas State. Turning it from trash to treasure during his tenure. I found one part of the article very interesting.

    Snyder is known for his ability to signal in adjustments once his team is lined up to design great plays on the fly.

    I can’t ever imagine that happening at UGA.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    So what happens if he wins the Big 12? Do they dunk him with a cooler of Metamucil? But seriously, folks…


  4. 81Dog

    how about the Geezer Option?


  5. Steve M.

    Aarp Raid

    The Walk ‘n’ Shoot

    The Florida Coast Offense


  6. Steve M.

    The Triple Bypass

    Shuffleboard on Grass


  7. Will Trane

    And many of the wine and cheese crowd at Sanford sighed … we have found our replacement for CMR. And they all stood up and rejoiced. The land line phones will ring all week to the University President and AD. We have found your 14th team for the SEC.

    How long as option attacks been in place. Longer than Synder and Paterno. Just maybe Derek Dooley can talk his mom and dad into coming back into coaching at UGA if Synder declines.


  8. RomanDawg

    They are screwed when the play night games…Snyder is usually in bed by 7:30.


  9. Cojones

    You immature little whippersnappers! Grape-flavored Metamucil as a Tarantula chaser you will never taste. It’s a prelude to old fart’s happy hour in the bathroom. Wait til you ADD candidates discover why your toes get warm when you finish peeing outside.

    The triple bypass has my vote although others are hilarious. How about “Angina Attack”? “Arthritic Knees off tackle”? “Scary Septagenarian?”


  10. Keese



  11. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Dooley won 201 games, 6 SEC titles and a MNC following exactly the formula that Snyder uses. Run the ball. Pass just enough to make the running game more effective. Possess the ball for most of the game, running clock as you do. Play solid defense. You know, now that I see it on paper I wonder why we ever stopped doing this. I remember seeing UGA beat high-powered offensive teams during the Dooley era when the other team only got about 6 offensive possessions all game. P.S. I’m betting on #20 and 4-0 K-State over unranked and 2-2 Mizzou this weekend.


  12. W Cobb Dawg

    How many TD’s does his offense give up?