Ten Years After

It’s pretty clear that Verron Haynes will never have to pay for a drink in the state of Georgia for the rest of his life.

“I talked to Aaron Murray this summer,” Haynes said, “and when I met him for the first time, he was like, ‘Oh, so you’re Verron? We’ve still got three plays in the playbook named after you.’ ”

… Not surprisingly, Haynes is in demand each year during Tennessee week.

He spoke at the Athens Touchdown Club on Tuesday night and said he had several radio appearances lined up.

“Once this time of year comes up,” Haynes said, “I get a lot of requests.”



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18 responses to “Ten Years After

  1. Bulldog Bry

    Haynes – “you have to be an actor, you have to sell that the run is coming”

    Preach it, brotha.


  2. JBJ

    I wonder if they ask Verron to put on hobnail boots and walk around the locker room before the game. I was always impressed with him. He was a fullback that could do it all. Including toughing it out at RB when Musa went down. He pounded out 207 yards against Tech on 39 carries.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    This play is Haynes’ legacy, but what I will always remember about him is how effective he was at tailback after he was pressed into service at the end of that season. His performance against Georgia Tech was something that I will never forget, and I personally made sure that every nerd filing out past our seats at the Joke By Coke never forgot it either.

    As for P-44 Haynes, I remember watching that game at a friend’s apartment. After they broke the long play to take the lead, we were literally laying face down on the floor. As Greene marched us right down the field to answer, though, I’ve never felt anticipation like that. We had the sound off and we were listening to Munson. I think we heard it before we saw it… and the celebration was wild. My buddy and I were drunk, but we immediaty ran to the car and had my girlfriend drive us to campus. We bailed out on Broad Street and ran hard to the Chapel Bell. I’d rung the bell after a few other games, but this was the first time that I really felt like I *needed* to ring it. What a day.


    • DawgPhan

      you can’t be a DGD without remembering how that day felt.


      • stoopnagle

        I recall stepping out of the room during Jermaine Phillips (I believe) interception, coming back in and thinking that this thing is DONE! Only to go 3 and out, then the trademark UT screen for a billion yards… Heart just ripped out and then…

        …the call really took it to the next level. It’s one of Munson’s greatest.

        God, how I miss Larry Munson!


    • Saint Johns Dawg

      I also remember thinking how effective the play-calling was on that final drive … and that Randy McMichael had about the best pair of hands I’d seen in a while from a TE just before the big play. Talk about clutch all around.


  4. Bob

    I love to watch that play over and over and Verron’s reception but Greene’s coolness in the fake is a beautiful sight. Greene was the best at faking a handoff and coolly walking away with his back to the LOS before turning back and making a perfect pass.


  5. Macallanlover

    “never having to buy a drink in the stae of Georgia” and being a part of the UGA lore, two things every Georgia HS recruit should consider. No other program in America, or Georgia can offer them that opportunity, including the mid-majors, GTU and GSU.


  6. AlphaDawg

    I cannot count the number of times that Greene sold a fake and the camera man would follow the RB, while the pass play developed just out of frame. Shockley and Stafford were versed in the fake as well, its something that Murray and the RB/FB haven’t developed yet.


  7. Mike

    I wonder how much the Munson call enhanced the aura of this play.


    • I get what you’re saying, but it’s really more than the call. It was a signature win. I guarantee most didn’t initially hear the call because we were all screaming.


      • Mike

        Agreed and I think it marked the turning pt for the Dawgs for 6 years or so. I take nothing away from the play and the significance of it.


        • Go Dawgs!

          You do have a point, though, Mike. Munson’s call gave that play its title, and unified everybody’s memory of it. Even if you weren’t listening to him when it happened, you can’t watch it or see a picture of it without thinking of the Hobnailed Boot call. Without Munson, the play would still be remembered, but I think it was immortalized by his call.


    • Russ

      Good question, but I was watching in a sports bar in Houston and couldn’t hear the call. Yet I still remember that play.

      Same with “Run Lindsey” – never heard the call realtime. Larry’s calls are the icing on the cake.

      However, I do remember listening on the car radio when Georgia beat Kentucky in 1978 when Rex Robinson kicked the winning field goal with 3 seconds left. Larry painted a wonderful picture.


  8. One of the best part of that Munson call was about thirty seconds later. Howard said “Thousands are streaming out of the stadium in disbelief.” to which Larry replied “Check the Tennessee River”



  9. Hobnail_Boot

    Did you see what he did?