In retrospect, maybe we shouldn’t feel so bad about it.

For all the beating up we’ve given Bobo and the offense for looking the way they did in the opener, Bill Connelly suggests some perspective may be in order.

Don’t know if that’s really the case, but it would be nice if it were.  Because Georgia won’t see a defense on that level for the rest of the regular season.



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8 responses to “In retrospect, maybe we shouldn’t feel so bad about it.

  1. Dave

    Utah pretty much sums up my thoughts on Boise. Great when they have a long time to prepare for quality opponents. I honestly think things would change for Boise if they had 1 week’s preparation. That said, yes, UGA had all off-season, just like Boise, and we were outcoached and outmanned the whole game (minus 1 play to Boykin, which we never ran again). We’ll never know whether Boise’s defense is third best because they don’t have a large enough quality sample size to judge. My hunch is no—see Utah in the Pac-12.


    • gastr1

      I’m inclined to think that Boise is pretty close to the top of the tree. What disturbed me most at the time was far we looked from it.


  2. Macallanlover

    I think our fans get too carried away with simply looking at their schedule, Bama and LSU would be just as good if they played the Boise schedule. They would not be tested as much, and might have fewer injuries, but they would be rock solid for the big games….just like BSU.

    Not looking for an argument from those who think all good teams reside in the SEC, and I realize they do not have as many athletes who will play on Sunday, but Boise is a very talented CFB team who is very well coached. It doesn’t matter if you can run 4.3 forty and weigh 280 if you are not in the proper position to make the play, Boise plays assignment football and their D is rarely out of place. UGA is vulnerable to a QB that has the poise, patience, and experience that Kellen Moore has and will take the 6-8 yard throws we give any team with our cushions. I just hope Bray didn’t pay attention to our opener, that is the one vulnerability in our defense right now. BSU found it and exploited it the final 3 quarters.

    Danny Sheridan said he would have Boise an even match if they played LSU or Alabama today. I wouldn’t go that far, and doubt their depth would carry them through an entire SEC slate. but in a single game matchup they could hang with anyone and certainly not get embarrassed. They deserve to be in the Top 5, imo, but I wouldn’t rank them ahead of Wisky, Bama, or LSU.

    Give them so credit, while they don’t have to be great every week, they have beaten Georgia, Oklahoma, Oregon, and TCU in the past 5 years…that is about all they could do. And they don’t take any weeks off by taking patsies lightly either, over the past 10 years they lead the nation in covering the spread, which is often 28 points or higher. You have to like a group a athletes who don’t get into a lot of trouble, show up every week, and get it done, even when they are told they aren’t big enough, or good enough.

    Off now to KnoxVegas to see if WE show up. Thinking we do…..


  3. Lawdawg

    I agree with this in part. But after watching a few games since, I think we would have played notably better had this not been our opener. One of Boise’s team strengths is experience, they didn’t need a few games to sort out some kinks, whereas we certainly looked like we did. Not making excuses and I still think Boise is the better overall team. But the UGA we’ve seen of late would have made it a close one IMHO. Fingers crossed for today, GATA!


  4. Dawgfan Will

    I see what you did at the end there.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    BSU’s D must have left a lasting impression on Bobo. He was so shaken up his O is still turning the ball over for TD’s game-after-game. Instead of making the choke motion to opponents, it won’t surprise me if CTG executes the choke hold on CMB’s throat if the offensive screw-ups result in another loss.