The last time Georgia scored 20 and won…

Arizona State in 2009.

The last SEC win with less than 21 scored was against Auburn in 2008.

Welcome back, defense.  You’ve been missed.


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  1. PatinDC

    Sweet! 1st TD allowed by the D in 3 games. Good win. Bring on Vandy.

  2. JG Shellnutt

    Feels like 2001 to 2005 again.

  3. peacedog

    Shit we just held again.

  4. gastr1

    Yes, awesome performance by the defense tonight. Still need to work on putting teams away, but Grantham is earning his keep.

  5. JG Shellnutt

    Not to be a nitpicking jerk but did it seem like we had real trouble getting pressure on the QB for the first 3 quarters?

    • DawgWalker07

      Yeah when you’re starting OLB is suspended I think that’s kind of what happens though. Not saying it’s good, but to me we just miss Washington.

    • NRBQ

      Yeah, it didn’t feel like the Dawgs were getting any pressure for most of the game.

      But the touchdown in the 4th came after they went 15 QUARTERS without giving up a TD.

    • Dave

      it was REALLY weird. We didn’t get much pressure, but hey really didn’t kill us with the pass like everyone said they would without the rush. Nothing too deep downfield at all. At times frustrating, but it obviously worked as we didn’t give up devastating pass plays, unlike at Boise.

      • Sanford222View

        Our secondary played very well tonight. Actually they have played well all season. They forced BSU to abandon the down field passing attack and against the Vols made it tough for Bray who had plenty of time to stand in the pocket.

  6. Dawgwood

    Whew, good win and the defense continues to do it’s thing. On a side note, I loved how Bray was talking trash after the failed onside kick. Just checked out govols extra and fans are bashing him for doing that. Amazing what a home loss to Uga can do. On the Vandy!

    • TennesseeDawg

      Yeah, Volnuts were talking a lot of trash themselves leading up to the game including bashing Munson over the hobnail boot call. They are mostly classless lowbrow hillybilly idiots and I will enjoy rubbing their noses in it this week.

      • Bray was pitching a fit behind the benches (after hurting his wittle fumb) while Sims was doing a very good job of taking his team to the endzone. Someone must have got to Bray and told him to get his A over to the sideline and support Sims.

  7. ScoutDawg

    Let’s don’t forget A. Ogletree. We should have him back for Jax. Fingers Crossed.

    • Not just Tree but Washington too. The hardest part of that is who are the 4 starters at LB once you have Herrera, Robinson, Jones, Tree, Washington and Gilliard all available at the same time. That is a problem I can’t wait for Grantham to have.

  8. TennesseeDawg

    Vols had 23 rushing attempts for -20 yards. Only thing that concerns me is our vanilla offense when we have a lead. I hate to see us constantly punting the football because we always think our defense will bail us out.

    • Dave

      Nah….we didn’t go vanilla till late, and by then, it was definitely correct (like 7 minutes to play). What was maddening was the penalty sequence. Kick and field goal there, and we win, hands down. With a defense like that and QB who occasionally likes to keep it interesting by throwing it to the other team to give them 6 points, it’s the right move. I say this being a fan who applauds Richt for going for it on all 3 of those 4th downs. Aggressiveness is good, but that D is looking awesome.

  9. Dave

    Freakin sweet isn’t it? It’s nice to rely on the D (been since 04 I could say that). Only chink is another 4th qtr let down. Other than that, it looks great out there. Vandy before Florida as they don’t look terrible at all. And today is a great day to give props to Richt and the staff for going for it 3 times on 4th down, twice in our territory very early in the game. Once was in field goal range as well. All three were the absolute correct calls. Give Bobo credit for running that toss after a time out too seeing they were crashing inside to stop sneak & straight ahead run. Well done today by coaches. Good calls by Bobo on deep balls too, but Murray looked like Quincy Carter and/or Stafford with all those overthrows. I heard the announcers say T. King hasn’t been productive. Well, if someone would hit him when he is 3 to 4 steps behind the entire defense ( TWICE ), it would help him out.

    • Cosmic Dawg From The Mothership

      And today is a great day to give props to Richt and the staff for going for it 3 times on 4th down, twice in our territory very early in the game.

      yes, big props for this…loved it.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        You wouldn’t be loving it if the Dawgs didn’t get the first down, UT got the ball and scored, and UGA lost the game.

        • Dawgfan Will

          This is true, but it shows how much Richt is trusting Grantham’s boys (and maybe Friend’s boys, too) now.

          • adam

            the offensive line did (aside from the absurd sequence of holding penalties) play much better. they’ve improved as the season has gone on. that’s great news.

        • Cosmic Dawg From The Mothership

          Wow. I would have been almost as happy if they’d lost the ball on downs, because I think it showed some small change in attitude that I think will serve us well long-term, not thinking about this particular set of downs or that one, but an overall trend.

          Now, whether losing the ball on downs “means UT got the ball and scored and UGA lost the game” well, that’s kind of a doomsday scenario, isn’t it? And we can only talk about what did happen – which is, we got the 4th downs and kept the drive alive.

          “You wouldn’t have liked those deep passes to M. Mitchell so much if they’d been intercepted and run back for touchdowns and we’d lost the game, now would you?”

        • Dave

          not true…….it’s like poker…the right call is still the right call

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          You guys misconstrued my meaning. I think CMR was right to go for it on 4th down because the circumstances warranted it and the odds of making it were in the Dawgs’ favor (less than a yard, our O-line was playing well, the D was playing well, etc.). My point is that the very people who are jumping on the “go for it” bandwagon now that it worked are the very same people who would be bashing CMR and Bobo if the Dawgs hadn’t made the first down. Just sayin.’

  10. Skeptic Dawg

    Bobo And Richt will cost the Dawgs a game with their conservative play calling in the second half. I am officially done with both. I know the Dawgs won. Good for them. But my Lord! Please put a team away. Their conservative play calling almost cost the Dawgs tonights game.

    • Dave

      Again, I don’t think this happened till very late today. As long as it is not too early in the game, I am OK with it. But I’m pretty sure this started midway through the 4th (after the infuriating “penalty” drive) – Senator, correct me if wrong (you have before)….

    • Dawgwood

      I agree. Every game is different and you can’t rely on the defense all the time. Eventually this strategy will cost us.

      • Dave

        If they do to early, or with the score too close, yes, I agree, but I’m not sure that has been the case yet. I know where you are coming from knowing Richt’s conservativeness has cost us more than a few games (FLA 2005, SC 2010, etc. etc.), but I didn’t see it today. Stay tuned.

        • Skeptic Dawg

          Did you not see the 4th quarter? The Dawgs were an utter joke. They were within an onside kick for giving this game up. Yes, the Vols blew the kick. But at what point do Dawg fans stand up and demand complete excellence from this program? It seems that it is ok for LSU fans or ‘Bama fans or even Gator fans. But if we as Dawg fans ask for more from CMR we are called out as nay sayers. Well, I for one want more from this program.

          • Dawgfan Will

            So let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that we win every game ugly for the rest of the season. Murray throws a few more interceptions, Crowell coughs up the ball a few times, we naturally fall for a few more fakes and trick plays, but we somehow pull through and win out for the rest of the season. Would you hypothetically (if grudgingly) then say, “Job well done”? Because if you wouldn’t, then you are a naysayer. I mean, I get why you are angry, but why can’t you at least save it for after our next loss?

            • The reason we aren’t saving it for a loss, is because of some desperate hope that maybe, just maybe, this lunacy can be fixed BEFORE we lose a game we would otherwise have won.

              • Dawgfan Will

                But at what point does it stop being lunacy and become “Hey, look at that. We won another one.”

                • Macallanlover

                  Because if truth be known, they want UGA to lose so we can move on to another coach, and they can feel they have been proven right. I actually had one of the negatrons admit this to me this week, he said his fear was thaat we would win and continue with CMR. Sorry, when you reach that point you are not a fan, just another fanatic wanting their agenda to be adopted…even if it means killing off what you, reportedly, love. We see it in politics daily, now we see it in CFB fandom, and it is disgusting in both. The guy above who said “I am officially done with both” has been for a long, long time. It doesn’t matter the performance of the team, or the staff. What game do you recall he, and a few others, giving credit to the coaching staff? Me either.

                  • You know what Mac, i don’t always agree with you, but i am 100% on board with this post. A win in Neyland is a win in Neyand, folks. Loved the way our coaches called this one.

                    Off to Vandy where we can hopefully make it 5-2 before Jax.

                    Let’s go Bulldogs!!

                  • Sanford222View


                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    And UGA has now beaten UT 3 out of the last 4 times we played them.

                  • Stoopnagle

                    I had a co-worker (Oregon fan) ask me what UGA would do about Bobo/Richt if UGA won out. Um, nothing? If we go 10-2, win the east, and the SEC (win out, right?) then it would not appear that we have a coaching problem.

                  • Zdawg

                    Right on Mac. +100

          • Complete Idiot

            I agree. I mean, I know that Murray wasn’t hitting the deep pass, that Mitchell was out of the game, and that Crowell was hobbled. But by God, if you can’t play aggressively stupid when your best athletes aren’t up for it, then I want no part of this program. I’m so tired of all this, “play to our strengths and exploit their weaknesses” crap if it means we’re not going to win by 30+. Let’s face it. A win by 8 is the same as a loss.

            Fire Richt!!!1!!11!!!!1!

    • AusDawg85

      So, something that has worked effectively in the past and is now working in our favor causes you to quit on the coaching staff for something that MAY happen in the future?

      Get off our bus, vampire.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        In the past? I know that the past 3 (and possibly 4) years have been a disaster in Athens. I guess you are happy with finishing 3rd in the East. I for one want more. I am tired of throwing away games (SC 2011, MSU 2010, CU 2010, UF Pick the year, UT 2007, and to mention back to back L’s to Kentucky). At what point do Dawg fans ask for a complete team year after year? That is what I want. Under Richt it is a lack of D, or O, maybe no O-line, possibly no D-line. maybe a lack of running game, or even zero special teams. It appears he is not capable of putting together a complete team year after year. Is that too much to as for?

        • Dawgfan Will

          NOBODY had a complete team year after year. It’s why Alabama had 3 losses last year. It’s why Florida had 5 losses last year. It’s why Miles ALWAYS seems to have at least 2 losses. You can whine and moan about the deplorable state of our program, but EVERY TEAM has ugly wins (and losses). If you truly, honestly think that the coaches you so admire are going to make it the same duration as Richt has without a downturn in their success, I’ve got some beachfront property in Kansas to sell you.

          • gastr1

            Oklahoma State beat the leaving ass-snot out of Kansas today. Which is going to mean absolutely nothing when they get hammered by Oklahoma and upset by one other like Baylor or T. Tech. Which they will because they always do, just like most teams always do.

          • Skeptic Dawg

            LSU, ‘Bama and Florida have national titles to show for their effort. What does CMR have to show for his “effort”? Why does this fanbase continue to rest on past results? I for one am done hyping 1980, 2002 and 2005. We know what this program is under CMR. It is a nice regional team but nothing more. I expect more. Why is that wrong?

            • Dawgfan Will

              It’s not wrong. But I would argue that all the fans that are excited about a win over a team on the road (that destroyed us the last two times we played them there, by the way) aren’t resting on past results; they’re enjoying the present and looking to the future. If anyone is looking at the past, it’s those who continue to point to the “clear downward trend” of the last three years without acknowledging the clear improvement we’ve made both in attitude and results this year.

            • Complete Idiot

              I agree again. I mean, I know some of you guys will say that UGA should have played for a BCS title in 2002 and 2007, and that it was only ESPN lobbying that prevented it, but ESPN just knows what good coaches look like.

              Les Miles winning a BCS championship with 2 losses = good coach. Tubberville getting shut out of the game after being undefeated = bad coach.

              It’s so simple! DERP!!

        • adam

          2008 was a disappointing year with 2 really bad losses (ok 3… losing to tech is always a really bad loss).

          yet… it was still 10-3. it was just disappointing because our expectations were sky high. the defense was terrible and that’s obviously been corrected. 2009 was a mess because we had a horrible turnover machine taking snaps under center. last year we lost a bunch of painful, horrible, close games.

          however… 08 was really only a disappointing year. it was definitely not a disaster. 10-3 is a pretty damn good year. so, i wish people would stop saying things like “3 or maybe 4 years.” 4 years is especially absurd. 2007 was a great year that was a few lucky breaks from being a NC year. maybe your 4th year is this year, though i suppose. the story on this team is not finished yet. this season can’t be called “a disaster” yet. it could be called “a pretty damn successful year” in 2 months. we’ll find out. i guess that would make your “3 years” complaint a little better though. but i still think it’s premature to call this year a “disaster.” i don’t think 08 was a disaster (just very disappointing) and i think 2007 was a pretty damn good year.

          • 2005 Sugar Bowl loss was despicable.
            2006 was disappointing.
            2007 had two embarrassing, BS losses.
            2008 had 3 bad losses.
            2009 had tons of bad losses.
            2010 was a complete train wreck.

      • By the past, you mean our 6-7 season last year?

        How about 5 seasons in a row filled with embarrassing loses and gruesomely bad coaching?

    • Dawgfan Will

      After Murray’s pick-six last week, I’d say they might be a little gunshy.

    • Scott

      Bobo did not call a conservative game. How many deep throws did we attempt in this game? a bunch. In the 4th period, we had 6 big penalties on offense that put us in such a hole that it made sense to run and eat some clock. Did you want us to throw on 3rd and 47? You are complaining about one possession midway through the 4th where we ran it 3 straight times. But we were up 2 td’s and got hit with a penalty for illegal procedure as well. I agreed with running it there. Our defense was playing good, so why risk another pick 6.

      Just keep in mind us going for it on 4th down three times in the first half, and all those deep throws- Bobo went for the jugular. Murray was off target so it didn’t always work out. Also, recall what did Bobo called in the 3rd quarter when we found ourselves backed up to our own 3 yard line and up a one score? Murray threw a deep ball to Malcolm Mitchell and we scored in 3 plays. In the past, I have maligned Bobo as much as anyone, but this was not a conservatively called game. If anything, we were aggressive.

      • Zdawg

        I agree, and had Murray connected on one or two of those throws to King, or hit Mitchell in stride, we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation. We get that deep ball ironed out, and we will be tough to beat.

  11. Cosmic Dawg From The Mothership

    Really happy for CMR, hope there are many more to come. Also hope those kids carried him out on their shoulders. Do not want to diminish the win, but would have liked to see us fight for the 1st down more in the 4th quarter instead of trying to kill time running Crowell into the brick wall that was his own offensive line that was obviously gassed. Bray is certainly able to throw the ball well enough to surprise you with a late game TD, and we didn’t know at the time he was going to get knocked out.
    Also, does anybody else think that Thomas, whose ypc has been very good this season, and who does not seem to need to exit the game all the time, and who does not seem as prone to…insubordination…as Crowell, has earned a few more carries per game at this point?

    • Dave

      Thomas is awesome, and has been for some time, which is why the Samuel move is so baffling to me. The guys is quick and fast as lightning, and if you watch him run, he’s almost shifting from side to side on every step he takes. He is a very serviceable back. Yes, he is not Crowell, but he is not Samuel either. He BURIED a Vol secondary guy today too, which was hilarious to watch.

      • Cosmic Dawg From The Mothership

        I agree…think I am partly rooting for him because he gets very little respect on the interwebs simply because of his size. I wonder if Thomas was 6′ tall, would everybody would be burning up the comments sections about how we need to use him more.

  12. Grafton

    It’s awsome reading the govols blog and reading their commenters. Some are saying they suck because of the lack of experience and others are saying “Well UGA has freshman all over and they came out to play!” AAAHHH it’s a nice to be one the winning side again.

    • Dave

      I hate Orange.

    • Keese

      It’s funny. The vol fans are calling for Dooley’s head on the blogs. They are ready to shoot themselves. If I was a vol fan, I would be optimistic about this team. It was a hard fought game and they hung in there pretty well against GA they should be a pretty good team next year. They surprised me how much improved they ate

      • gastr1

        I know…clearly Dooley is a good coach and has this team competitive despite being absolutely handcuffed by the program’s troubles.

        • Dave

          jury’s still out – horrible situation, yes….but no marquee win yet.

        • Keese

          Lol, Vol fans may hate Barbara Dooley now more than GA fans. If she’s going to betray UGA and piss the UT nation off as well, she’s better off just keeping her big mouth shut.

          How embarrassing for the head coach of a major football program (teaching 18 year old kids to be tough away from home mind you) has a meddling loud mouth mother calling in on national radio and getting sound bites on espn!!

          • PatinDC

            Don’t diss on those southern mama’s now. They love their boys and will fight to the death for them. I bet you know a few like that🙂

      • adam

        and we will return almost everyone next year.

        i’m seriously hoping we win out and have a huge celebration and then come back next year and kick some serious ass.

  13. Irishdawg

    What was so conservative in the second half tonight? Georgia tossed a bomb from inside their own 10 for crissakes’. I guess some won’t be satisfied until we’re tossing away on every series, score be damned.

    Defense was fearsome, despite not getting much pressure. UT got their one TD on a 4th and long that looked as much dumb luck as anything.

    • Dave

      They are talking about after we had the two score lead, I think

    • Dave

      Oh, and Ben Kenobi should have taught you better than that about such “luck” statements.

    • BenG

      +1. I’m no football genius, but I thought it was a well-called game. Loved seeing the Dawgs convert some 4th downs, too!

      • Dawgfan Will

        I only listened to the game, but it seemed like Bobo (and Grantham, of course) made some nice adjustments in the 3rd quarter. The three-Crowell-runs-and-out late in the game frustrated me, too, but not any more than the prevent defense on UT’s only TD drive. And it might cost us against Florida, but I have a hard time believing the offense will purposefully take their foot off the gas against the Gators.

        • adam

          if there’s any team we should crush into the ground by never letting up on offese… it’s florida. they deserve it.

  14. Grafton

    bigorangesob writes:

    I hate to sound like alot of other people, but UGA,Bama,Florida, and every other team has young talented players who actually come out and play, what the h@#$ is going on with ours?

  15. BenG

    How ’bout that “Malcolm Brown?” /smh

  16. MT

    DwayneElizondoMountainDewHerbertCamacho writes:
    in response to OKVOL24:
    “Bad game, firing Dooley is not the answer just need more players”

    Our ship crashed into a huge island in the middle of the ocean. Obviously, it wasn’t the Captain’s fault. We need better sailors.


  17. Zero Point Zero

    I want to cry. GATA!

  18. Good things happen when you don’t turn the ball over, gentlemen!

    Vintage Richt win,

  19. Junkyard Dawg '00

    Couldn’t be more happy about this win right now. Neyland stadium has a history of making the game too big for our boys out there (a la 2000, 2007, 2009 and all of the 90’s) but this team keep fighting and FOUND a way to win. Keep in mind, we were tied a the half, and UT got the ball to start the third qtr. All bets are off if the hillbillies punch it into the endzone on that drive. Finding a way to win in Neyland is very exciting for the prospects of this team in the near and long term. Happy for Mark Richt in getting his 100th win! I thought he looked confident in his team last night on that sideline.

  20. Josh

    Three run homers and defense… Richt ball is back baby!

    Earl Weaver nods approvingly.

  21. To read the comments from the “skeptics” and the “real Dawg fans,” you would think that we were 1-5 at this point with nowhere to go. We were blown out in our last two trips to Neyland and win a hard-fought game last night. Do any of you remember the 90’s when we would go to Neyland expecting to get a beatdown? I had a lot to say last year about poor effort and preparation. Those problems appear to have been fixed. This team is improving every week and has a chance to have a really good season to build on for ’12. For those of you disappointed in wins because it’s good for the staff, please go jump on someone else’s bandwagon.

    • JaxDawg

      for the love of god, please don’t be the guy that starts talking about “next year”. We are all very tired about pointing to “next year”.

      Next year is for losers.

      • Not talking about next year because we have a lot to play for this year.

        1) SEC East with a little bit of help
        2) Beat the Big 3 for the 2nd time since #34 was on the sidelines
        3) Win in Jax which I assume you want to happen based on your handle
        4) Play in a Jan 1 bowl game in Florida which beats the heck out of Shreveport or Memphis
        5) Get revenge in Sanford for AU’s antics last year
        6) Keep our winning streak alive at the Joke by Coke and ruin the NATS’ season

        Anything else?

  22. JaxDawg

    I’m very pleased with the way our defense is playing although I’m not at all surprised – we’ve had the talent and our men just needed to learn the 3-4. Big kudos to Grantham and his coaches for getting the job done. Having Washington and Ogletree back for FL will be huge, not to mention the depth at LB. I was enraged at the non-fumble call on that fantastic play by Herrera – heads up play, big time.

    (The consistent underneath throws to the TE kill me though)

    I also liked Bobo’s aggressive playcalling, going deep on several occasions although Murray was off on all three to King. We ran the ball OK, Crowell got 50 yds with 2 TD’s, would’ve had more if not for the wrist thing.

    I believe that what Skeptic is saying above is that many of us see the ability of our team but get frustrated with the fact that, at least offensively this year, that we either cannot or will not play up to our potential. We’ve seen this time and time again from a Richt team (last night was a classic, boring win) where either the offense wasn’t clicking or the defense was lax and porous. We all know that if this team *ever* hits a time where the O and D are clicking together then we can play with AL or LSU. 08, 09, and 10 were defensive nightmares and underachieving years (yes, ’08 was an underachieving year) so Skeptic might take some comfort knowing that the D is back.

    With that said, we’ve beaten 4 fairly poor teams in a row and I’m not going to be lulled into confidence under the facade of a weak schedule. I still remember Boise, fwiw. We’ll see how we do just down the street for me and how this team responds to AU and Tech. I guess you could say that I’m still in a “show me” mode.

  23. Junkyard Dawg '00

    I thought AM looked real good at QB last night! What do you guys think? I thought there was a clear difference b/w the two QB’s last night and I thought AM played like a veteran in a tough road game, a la D Greene. Yeah he can be frustrating in the fact that each game seems to be bringing up a new issue with him but he seems to get it corrected the next wk and moves on with confidence… last night it was a problem connecting on the deep ball, but I was really proud of the way he lead the team by not turning turning the ball over and getting this young team in the right positions in a hostile environment.

    • Good comments all. I thought AM played well last night. He took care of the ball and kept the offense moving. It’s hard to kill a guy on deep ball connections. We’re still probably a little spoiled watching Matthew Stafford hit guys in stride for long TDs (not meant as a negative toward you, by the way). The throw to Mitchell was beautiful and would have been a TD if he doesn’t pull the hammy. Richt mentioned this last night in his locker room interview that the sight of wide receivers running by DBs hold safeties back even if the pass isn’t completed.

      • Junkyard Dawg '00

        damn. Forgot about the hammy. hope its not too bad… Yeah, I was pretty confident in our match up with the ‘billies but our recent history has shown we can easily lose these type games and, to me, it felt like this team grew up last night. Let’s see if they can remain focused and just wax the shit out of vandy next week. Not to overlook the commodores, too much… but I think that game will be very telling, in whether we can put a team away or if we continue this trend of just hanging on at the end of games.

    • JBJ

      He did play very well. I was nervous about him going in there. I thought Bobo calling the QB draw plays really seemed to put Murrays head in the game. He made some great throws and a few not so great, but I will take no turnovers any day.

      • Junkyard Dawg '00

        agreed. smart decision by the coaching staff to call some QB draw plays! We haven’t been running that play this year so Tennessee was seeing a “new” look from us… although, they shouldn’t have been too surprised. May be a good idea to run a few QB draws early in games to help him settle down… I continue to think he needs to run the ball more. Not that I want him to run it 10+ times per game, but he’s a very capable runner.

  24. Junkyard Dawg '00

    Also, Murray ran the ball more last night, which is what some of us have been calling for to make this spread offense more dimensional. I know most of us, myself included, were looking to go with more of a power I look this season but now that defenses are going to be forced to focus on stopping Crowell, it is going to be fun watching AM run for a 20 yard explosion play in the option read play. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself but I think the best is yet to come for this offense… The O line will get stronger as they get more stamina and we have a ton of weapons at the skill positions!

  25. Irishdawg

    I’m a little puzzled as to why Vol fans are ready to run off Dooley, other than their inherent insanity. Dooley walked into a mess, and he’s kept UT from being the Kentucky type SEC doormat that we all thought they would be last year. Tennessee lost to a better team last night, that’s all, but they didn’t quit while doing it. Dooley deserves some credit for that.

    • JaxDawg

      To hell with him and his Mama.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      When Lamer left the UT program in disarray plus on probation, etc. and the UT AD shopped the job around but could find no takers from the coaching elite the plan changed. They hired Derek Dooley with the express idea that he would take the hit for them and that they would fire him in 3-4 years, then hire a heavy hitter HC when the dust settled and they were through the bad stuff. DD’s obnoxious mama has figured this out, hence her rant on TV last night. This is not going to end well for Derek Dooley and his mama. Personally I think his tenure as UT HC has exposed some character flaws in young Derek so maybe UT and Derek Dooley deserve each other. I know his mama deserves it.

  26. Vincent

    I thought last night was exhibit A for what Georgia can accomplish when it doesn’t beat itself: a good (maybe not elite) team that can get quality wins over quality opponents in maybe a somewhat boring fashion.

    The three major things i really liked about last night:
    1. no turnovers or special teams mishaps which this year have amounted to literally scoring points for the other team.
    2. great play by aaron murray. Murray played like he has all year just minus the turnovers, which is pretty good.
    3. continued solid play from the defense

    2 and 3 are really what led to a low scoring somewhat boring game. it’s not that the offense was inept it was more that we just marched down the field eating a lot of clock on our drives, as did UT. (TD drive in 3rd qtr with standing) even on the 3rd and half the field people forget we had driven down to the UT 20.

    Overall a good win. I knew if these guys stopped beating themselves we could be a good solid team, but that looked like a big if. I didn’t know if this team could get over the hump and play a mistake free game. Last night they proved they could and we saw what happens when they do.

  27. H-Town Dawg

    Glory Glory to Ol’ Georgia! I loved that the game ended with a Jarvis Jones sack. Bam! One of the keys to winning consistently is to have a defense that ALWAYS keeps the Dawgs in the game. Getting a win in Knocksville makes all the difference in terms of building confidence and cohesiveness. It’s especially cool that CMR got his 100th win there.


  28. Judgedawg

    Junkyard, neyland wasn’t too big for our guys in 2000. Well, maybe it was but it didn’t matter because we played UT in Sanford in 2000 and beat it in the goalpost game.

  29. Sick but Still Faithful

    What really, really sucks is that we don’t control our own destiny. We have to rely on somebody else to do what we couldn’t do (again). I think that this is the main reason behind a lot of folks’ skepticism/reservation right now. I personally look forward to the future but always keep that one pessimistic eye on the past.

    I hope we hang a hundred on the Gators. But if Walsh doesn’t stop out kicking his coverage, Rainey and Demps could eat our lunch.

    Let’s beat Vandy first though.

  30. Sick but Still Faithful

    ^ Butler. Brain fart.