My morning questions

Marc Weiszer finds out nobody knows the answer to one of them:

In case you were wondering how Georgia’s fourth-and-forever situation in the fourth quarter may have stacked up all-time, here’s your answer.
“We’ve never tracked that,” an NCAA statistics official said via email overnight to my question.
Ditto from the Southeastern Conference.
Georgia had a fourth-and-56 (according to the official game book) from its own 31 on a drive where the Bulldogs at one point had first down at the Tennessee 23.
Three holding penalties and a personal foul put Georgia at second-and-56, then third-and-57 and 4th-and-56.
“That’s a first for me,” Richt said. “It’s got to be in the top 10 in the history of college football I would think.”

But here’s my other one:  when’s the last time Florida lost back-to-back games by a total of 58 points?  Even the Zooker never pulled that off.

And they keep telling us Will Muschamp is a defensive genius.


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52 responses to “My morning questions

  1. Keese

    Another trivia question. When was the last time coach Richt had a Gatorade shower?

  2. Red Blackman

    It seemed to me that the crew of officials from last night clearly sought to influence the outcome of the game.The non fumble that was clearly a fumble recovered by Georgia. The world’s record for consecutive holding calls. There were several other no calls for facemask and holding that were as obvious as Derek Dooley’s orange pants.

    • AusDawg85

      That was the most hapless, clueless, irresponsible officiating crew since Penn Wagers was in Sanford Stadium. Honestly, they blew calls for and against both teams, so it probably evened-out, but those guys were not even watching the same game the rest of us were.

      Great job again, SEC Officials Office.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Isn’t there some method in the SEC for identifying bad officials and getting rid of them? How can this be allowed to continue over and over? this is the best football conference in America and we have some of the worst referees.

        • Biggus Rickus

          Every league’s officials are awful. We just see the incompetency of the SEC crews regularly.

          • Biggus Dickus

            I watch a lot of college football from other conferences (while your personality is asleep) and I see the occasional blown call but never the rank ineptness that I see in the SEC. There is so much money in college football now, paricularly at the SEC level, that we need to do like the NFL–get real professional referees. Do you know what Penn Wagers does as his real job? He works in a lumber yard. Now that is good honest work. My nephew works in a lumber yard. But at 55 or whatever Wagers’ age is you would think the SEC would get someone with a little more intellect to ref these games. Plus, when the refs get paid peanuts to ref the game and the guy has a job where he doesn’t make very much money…..well it just makes you wonder WTF is going on when there is a call that is so ridiculous that a child could tell it is bogus. Plus there seems to be no accountability.

            • You miss the Toledo-Syracuse game, Mayor? That’s the worst call of the season, IMO.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                Yeah, Senator, that was a bad call–possibly the worst call of the season particularly since the TV ref reviewed it and didn’t reverse it. But when you look at the total number of bad calls arising from the SEC referees over the last few seasons one has to conclude that there has been a systemic failure in evaluating the SEC officiating. I have been watching SEC football for about 50 years now and it seems that the officiating has gotten much worse in the last few years yet the SEC almost never does anything about it. The lone exception was when Mark Curles’ crew got suspended in ’09 for the bogus call Curles made himself flagging an Arkansas D-lineman for a PF when the contact was initiated by a Florida player. BTW that was only one call of several highly questionable calls in that game, all going Florida’s way. That same crew was the one that called (without a flag being dropped) the erroneous celebration penalty on AJ Green in the ’09 LSU-UGA game that effectively cost UGA the game. Curles (a GT grad) is still an SEC ref and as best I can tell has the same guys on his crew. If I was as inept on an ongoing basis at my job as Curles and his crowd are at officiating I would expect to lose my job. Why does Curles still have a job refereeing in the SEC? It boggles the mind.

            • Spence

              If you think refs aren’t crooked as hell, you’re nuts.

    • James Stephenson

      That’s funny, reading the UT fan site blogs game comments and they were swearing that UGA had paid off the officials.

      • That’s how I judge the refs, now. If both teams leave thinking they were screwed by the refs, then they did their job reasonably. I’d prefer them to do an excellent job, but if both teams leave thinking the refs were against them, you know they weren’t FOR either of them.

  3. Kevin

    saw some stat that it was ’61 or ’71 since that happened.

    also, “there’s holding on every play” maxim sure seemed to ring true and it looks like the officials were just on top of it🙂

    • NCT

      I saw that, too. Worst back-to-back losses for the Gators since, I think, 1971, but I’m not sure of the criteria. I will, however, look that up.

  4. SouthGa Dawg

    The Charles holding call (Crowell run – I think?) in the sequence was bogus. That would have helped in field position and possibly put the game away.

    • James Stephenson

      It was definitely a ticky tack call, I even mentioned it to my wife, I did not even see Jersey pull away the player. But hell, it was pile on holding calls time and by goodness that ref was going to get his called too.

    • Cojones

      I think that was the 15 yd personal foul call and Crowell saw it and showed frustration as he went ob.

  5. UGA Alum

    3rd and 57 happened before, in the SEC.. thank dawg for the internets..

    On their next possession, the Gators had a first down on their
    49. But consecutive snaps from center David Jorgensen sailed
    over Grossman’s head. The plays resulted in a 47-yard loss and a

    Rather than having another miscue, Grossman ran out of the end
    zone on the next play for an intentional safety.

  6. Derek

    The ’79 gators that went 0-10-1 almost did it. They lost to LSU and bama by a combined 57 points.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I don’t want to be redundant as I said this on another thread but this Gator team has a very good chance to only win 6 games even with all their cupcakes.

  7. Coastal Dawg

    While it doesn’t break my heart to seee the Gators get served some humble pie, I will wait until we beat them to pass judgement on how good or bad they are.

    • Turd Ferguson

      Amen. I love watching Florida lose as much as the next guy, but I also remember enjoying Tennessee’s 2-3 start in 2009 …

  8. Irishdawg

    “Isn’t there some method in the SEC for identifying bad officials and getting rid of them? ”

    Looking at Penn Wagers’ continued employment, I’d say no.

  9. Chuck

    The other thing that is surprising about UF is that in the preseason, all the seers said they were talented and fast on D and hat the D would keep them in games while they figured out what to do on offense. I haven’t watched their games, but it seems possible that the offense is so bad the defense is getting worn out and can’t last a full game.

    • Biggus Rickus

      LSU gashed them from the start. They’re a decent defense, but their tackling sucks and the secondary is pretty bad.

      • Biggus Dickus

        Bro….. How can “their tackling suck” and their secondary be “pretty bad” but they still be “a decent defense?”

        • Biggus Rickus

          Because BD, their front seven doesn’t get manhandled or anything. They can be adequate against the run, just not against more physical backs.

  10. wnc dawg

    I think I remember a 3rd & 40something in one of the old Catholics v. Convicts games. ND tried to pick up a fumble (when you couldn’t advance one I think) and kicked it down the field for awhile until Miami recovered. Miami subsequently converted a bomb for a first down. Don’t know why that’s in my head, but it is.

  11. Will Trane

    Good game plan and game management by CMR.

    How many holding penalties have the TEs had in the last three games? There have been a few on White. Do not think that was one of the best games for the interior O line. Wondering if these guys are getting a little leg weary.Friend has done well, but the O line needs to gut it out one more time before the break.
    Green was very good, but Mitchell is a play maker. Need the rest of those WRs to step up a notch. Do not recall any penalties on them.
    Good game Dawgs. Nobody in the sporting news world and the SEC hardly mentions or recognizes you guys. Need to start putting up a lot of points on offense.

    • Cojones

      King was open and was missed twice on long throws by Murray. They both were td material. It was on Murray in the first half. Screw the extra points. I think it was Brown who saved the interception when Murray threw it in the middle of 3 Tenn ‘backers. The WRs did well getting open much more often than they were thrown to in this game.

    • NRBQ

      AJ’s starting to tear it up in Cincy. 90 yards and TD today, over 100 last week.

  12. OKDawg

    My favorite read of the morning via the Knoxville News Sentinel:

    “Bray finished the game with 251 yards and completed 18 of his 33 attempts, but he had no help from a toothless rushing attack”

    Toothless? PRICELESS. Thanks for that laugh.

  13. Coach Hewitt...

    The only thing worse than the officiating last night was Mark Jones & Ed Cunningham…. ;-(

  14. Cojones

    Word in: Bray has a broken thumb and out for 4 wks at least. Wonder if the Simms kid can make a game of it next wk vs LSU?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Ya know, the Simms kid just can’t win. Last year all the tough games for UT came at the beginning of the season when he was the starting QB, UT got waxed, he got the crap beaten out of him and the toothless mob that is the UT fanbase blamed it all on him. Then the schedule turned easy. Simms got benched, Bray became the starter, beat the Vandies and Kentuckies of the world and was anointed as “the savior” of the program. This year the schedule is easier early and harder later. Once again Bray gets to start and win against all the cupcakes (he had to also take the losses to Florida and Georgia, too, at least) but now is injured for the difficult stretch of the schedule. Voila, trot out Simms to get the crap beaten out of himself again and for what? The toothless mob will again blame him for UT losing to Bama and revile him on talk radio. Drat! I was really looking forward to the Bray kid getting what was coming to him, too. At least Simms gets to play Vandy and Kentucky this year, right? What’s that? Those are the last 2 games and Bray will be back for those? There simply is no justice.

  15. Bulldog Joe

    Facing a 3rd & 56 in Starkville, Spurrier got pi$$ed off and told his quarterback Rex Grossman to just take a safety on the next play.

    He did. And they lost.

    • Cojones

      Sometimes, it’s a good move to take the 2 pt safety in order to get room to punt and pin your opponent deep. Punting from the end zone leaves three things to happen and two of them ain’t good.

  16. Irishdawg

    No love for Stafford, NRBQ? He is absolutely incinerating the NFL right now. I hope he never misses a chance to tell Calvin Johnson what kind of numbers he could have had if he had gone to Georgia.

  17. JD

    My Question is…
    How the hell did that first fumble, that UGA recovered, get confirmed as a recovery by UT? I never got that. The UT guy was laying on his back and the ball was behind his knees in GA hands… Help me please!

  18. Jim from Duluth

    Good to see the 2000 Fla-Miss. St. 3rd & 57 mentions; I got asked that question a few times today and thought I also recalled that one. The other crazy one I remember was Mich. St. had something like 4th & 46 against us in Dooley’s last game, and the Spartans promptly threw up a long hail mary that Rison caught for a 50-odd yd. TD. Fortunately we still won the game.


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  20. Sam

    1971. In 2 glorious weeks in 1971, which I am not old enough to remember, Florida lost 7-40 to Auburn, and 7-49 to Georgia. So the past 2 weeks have been Florida’s worst back-to-back losses in 40 years.