Putting the knock in Knoxville

The hit of the night –

(Photo by Amy Smotherman Burgess, ©KNS/2011)


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39 responses to “Putting the knock in Knoxville

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    I believe there was an orange mouth piece laying on the ground somewhere…..

  3. James Stephenson

    That was a helluva a catch, if it rattles you enough to knock out the mouthpiece, but you hold on. Nice catch.

  4. Bevo

    Unfortunately, it hurt #1 more than it hurt #21.

  5. TennesseeDawg

    Couldn’t have happened to a better Vol than D’Rick.

  6. Skeptic Dawg

    Great hit! However the result was still a critical 1st down. Am I mistaken, or was that not on 4th down? Nice hit though.

  7. wrist of mandamus

    anyone know what happened to Da_Ricks sidekick – the one that packaged w him to UT ?

    • Merk

      Pretty sure he was a QB. I would say he is prob. riding the pine around 3-4 on the DC.
      Whatever, I’ll take the receivers we got. Bennett and Mitchell are going to be good over the next few years. Add that to the 10 TEs we got and we are good.

      • Red Blackman

        Actually, word on the street is that Mr. Nash Nance will soon be transferring to an Ivy League school.

      • Puffdawg

        Don’t forget about Chris Connelly. And even though he’s redshirting they really like Justin Scott-Wesley.


    I still can’t believe that came from Branden Smith, of all people. That kid is mighty mouse. I might add, Carleton Thomas, all 175-ish pounds of him ran like like a miniature train last night. I’ve become very impressed with him this season.

  9. PatinDC

    Can someone please explain Honey Badger?

  10. The only important stat for Rogers is he is 0-2 in this series when he could be 2-0 had he chosen wisely.

  11. Umich

    anyone know when the hit happened or have a clip?

  12. dawg521

    The other knock gave Tyler Bray a confirmed broken thumb and he’s out for 4-6 weeks. Sucks to be a Vol today. (well, when doesn’t it?)

  13. Irishdawg

    Branden Smith has really improved his physicality this year; he’s hitting much harder. He, Murray, and Boykin seem to have really benefitted from the new strength program