Russ Mitchell gets his Richt on.

You know, other than its relentless back patting (hope nobody dislocated a shoulder), its repackaging of the obvious (who knew Georgia had a favorable schedule this year?  Go figure…) as profound, the omission of a link to this post predicting the removal of Richt after a 2-3 start, the outdated concern with player discipline (Washington’s run-in with the law after the MSU game was the first such matter in a year) and a random WTF comment (“Never forget that, UGA fan…the best interests of your team are less important to the mass media than stroking your interest.”) tossed in for seasoning, this Russ Mitchell post is darn near perfect.


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  1. Dawg93

    Interestingly, I wonder if McGarity would agree with Mitchell:

  2. Matt R

    A question I want to ask. I realize everything about the schedule and all. But don’t you all think we are playing better football than last year?

    • Derek

      No doubt. The defense is much better and the offense has been at least decent since murray’s pick 6 vs. USC. However, we are still not a good team. Mainly our depth on the offensive line, our backfield and at wr keep us from being considered good. (by good I mean a top-15 team). However, I am gaining confidence that we will beat equal or lesser opposition and that is a welcome change over the last two seasons. The question that I keep toying with is how we will measure up if we are fortunate enough to win the east? I think we’ve got a long way to go to have any chance. If we could get good production from another back and another reciever AND if we could take it to another level once tree and CW get back….

    • Merk

      Well, Bray was getting his TDs. Hunter went out against Fla and Bray still threw some TDs. That was at Fla. I bet that game would have been a lot closer/loss for Fla if it wasnt played in the swamp. We took Da’Rick away. All he could do was hit his TE a few times for decent gains.

      note we also held his completion ratio to his lowest/ pretty low over those 10 games. Clearly we must be worse then all 9 of those other teams though. You know why? Cause were UGA, thats it. Not cause I actually have a good reason. Its just cause you went 0-2 and were supposed to die like we predicted DAMN IT. WHY WONT YOU JUST DIE UGA!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rick

    I like how the fact that Tennessee has run for -29 yards in the SEC is a liability. Presumably we gave up a respectable 100 yards rushing and UF held them to -109. Jax is going to be tougher than we think.

  4. Go Dawgs!

    You didn’t mention the part where Mitchell asserts that the toughest defense Georgia has faced in the last four games was Coastal Carolina’s. That’s a fantastic bit of hyperbole.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Also, he says that if we win out, we still won’t have a signature SEC win for the fourth straight year. He conveniently abandons his own “it’s the schedule, stupid” theme for that one. Frankly, even beating South Carolina wouldn’t be considered a “signature SEC win” either, given that they’re a pretty shaky team as well.

    • stoopnagle

      This must be what it means to “go deeper” into the stats.

    • Donald Trump

      There’s a reason he gets paid a little bit over minimum wage to do his job.

  5. JG Shellnutt

    I guess that he also leaves out that he has to write things that generate a certain number of hits on a particular site. “never forget that, reader, the interests of journalism are less important than stroking page hits”

  6. Ginny

    I really don’t get all this schedule talk. Isn’t that what all good teams do? Beat the teams they are supposed to beat? Isn’t that how Virginia Tech and some of the Big 10 teams make it to BCS bowls every year? Because they play a weak schedule? And if you aren’t seeing vast improvement in the way this team is playing, especially defensively, you are either blind or stupid.

  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Maybe someone needs to look below the surface at Russ Mitchell. You’ll probably find a guy with an ax to grind against Richt and/or UGA–something like he’s from Georgia and couldn’t get in to UGA, or CMR didn’t pay any attention to him when he asked a question at a press conference, or some other slight either real or imagined. The guy is so obviously biased that his writing reeks of it.

    • Dawg93

      99% sure he’s a Florida grad.

    • Go Dawgs!

      I’d bet you dinner that this “column” is a response to a bunch of Georgia fans emailing this asshat and calling him out on the fact that he was dead wrong about UGA tanking and firing Richt after the Mississippi State game. That assertion was so far-fetched and so ignorant of what the fan base’s actual feelings about Richt were preseason that you can pretty much discount anything else the guy ever writes. He was right about Georgia losing to Boise, and he was right about South Carolina, but NOT for the reasons he gave. He’s dead wrong about South Carolina being a special team. In the end, they’re as average as any other SEC East team this year, and UGA gift-wrapped 21 points for them. This guy was sick of being called out, so he wrote a column explaining how he’s not wrong.

      I don’t understand how College Football ever got linked in with a real service. It’s been a joke for years.

      • Nate Dawg

        Speaking of Go Dawgs!, just curious here, but did you take the jersey bet? Are there guys at you office sporting Dawg jerseys right now or did you settle for dinner or something (that was you, right?)?

        • Go Dawgs!

          I’m very sorry to say that I didn’t end up taking the bet. I was confident Georgia was going to win to the point of being overconfident, and that’s where I usually run into trouble. If I say something in sports is a sure thing, it’s usually best to bet the other way. So, the Tennessee fan is humbled, but not wearing red and black today. I’m kicking myself, but I just couldn’t live with wearing that damn orange thing if things had gone wrong on Saturday night. With my luck, the entire starting lineup would have blown out their knees at kickoff if I’d taken the bet.

          • Nate Dawg

            I understand…I was under the opinion to pass on it anyway. No worries, the humbling will suffice.

          • jryu

            haha, can’t really blame you for not taking the bet. i would hide out in the bathroom all day if i had to wear that nasty orange for even a second..

            i did make a bet with a fellow uga grad for a paid trip to jacksonville next year. he wasn’t as confident as i was that uga would pull it out. needless to say, i’m going to enjoy myself next year at the WLOCP🙂

    • Dog in Fla

      Russ!/RussMitchellCFB appears to be a Petrino sympathizer who lives in Arizona in a bathrobe and he didn’t come here to paint

  8. Puffdawg

    You also have to love the logic he uses in saying we shut them down only because they are ranked low in rushing. Could it be that they are ranked low because we shut them down? In this small a sample size, I’d argue the latter is the case.

  9. The good thing here is, Gentlemen and Ladies, is that the Dawgs can shut him up if the wins keep coming. We do that and this guy can go play in traffic. Senator does this count as a Dawgrade? lol.

    -Inspector G

    • No no no, Inspector, you’ve got it all wrong.

      Remember, Florida is going to be banged up and Auburn isn’t very good this year either. So, even if the Dawgs go 7-1 and win the East, they do so without having “a single signature SEC win”. That’s the logic here: that you can win the SEC East and be 7-1 and yet be in an “unacceptable” state of disarray.

  10. Russ

    I felt smarter reading Rainey’s latest tweet. This was a waste of electrons.

  11. Georgia got complacent the last several years. We took the easy road in recruiting by not doing our homework and signing a lot of thugs with talent. I think last year awakened Mark Richt to the perils of his profession, and the “Dream Team” gave him his enthusiasm back. We signed talent withe character. We do have holes to fill in recruiting, but several of the kids who are no longer in the program needed to be gone for the overall good of the team. Several of the players are out due to circumstance (career ending injuries, early NFL entry, etc.). I’m not sure I understand his reference to Richt for the long haul, because his first eight were pretty good. In the rrotation of the SEC West, you play the hand you are dealt. This year, ours could not be easier. Some years that rotation bites you in the butt. I will agree that it should be one of the best years in a long time to “run the table” with the remaining SEC games. Our Dawgs are not where any of us want them to be, but we are much better than a year ago. How we play out this 2011 schedule will tell us all how much further we need to go to be back among the elite of the conference.

    • Dog in Fla

      “thugs with talent” reminded me to check the GTP Lexicon to see what that phrase meant:

      “Thug (n.) – an African-American football player who enjoys dancing in public.”

      It’s true: we need to sign better dancers. The last good dancers we had were Knowshon and Thomas Brown

  12. Irishdawg

    Was this dipshit beating the same “schedule is everything” drum when Florida was running roughshod over a favorable SEC schedule and a slate of OOC cupcakes? How about when Oklahoma averaged 50+ ppg against the Swiss cheese defenses of the Big 12?

    I also want to second the theory that maybe our opponents have had poor offensive stats partially because our defense mauled them. Wasn’t Tennessee an outstanding passing offense until Saturday? Does this shit happen solely in a vacuum, with no contribution by Georgia?

    • Merk

      UGA beats team- it was b/c the other team had a bad week and just was in a mental funk.

      Ne one else beats same team, with similar score/stats- OMG THEY ARE ON FIRE, CAN ANYONE STOP THEM??????

      I dunno when it started, but it seems like in order for you to become a reporter you have to have hate UGA.

  13. Where the hell are my goalposts? I thought I left them right here . . . You guys didn’t see anybody move them, did you?

  14. CarolinaDawg

    Russ strikes me as the type of guy who tells his wife that it’s her fault that he’s cheating on her.

    • Dog in Fla

      the rationalization of which may be typified by the husband’s use of the Reverse Constanza Maneuver on the wife: “It’s not me, it’s you…”

  15. Zdawg

    Wow, he was really pissed about looking bad with that prediction wasn’t he? He then goes all in by saying everything UGA has done to this point is an illusion and that the program is rotted to the core–the only remedy will be to fire Richt.

    A quicker solution for him would be to just publish a photo of a middle finger at UGA and not bother with all that writing stuff. Would of saved me some time too.

  16. S.E. Dawg

    Total offense: wonder what our stat would be if we just wouldn’t take the foot of the pedal in the second half with a lead. This guy pretends to know what’s going on when in reality he is doing his writing at Tranquility Base on the moon.

  17. Merk

    Beat a team and hold them to -11 less yards running then Fla and its cause you suck and got lucky.

    Seriously, I guess if we had hung 59 on all 4 then we’d be all good. I think when you play 4 teams and allow a grand total of 2 TDs (one off a trick play) you are crap. I bet if Bama beats Ole Miss by 2 TDs its cause they are good, not cause Ole Miss is bad.

    Either way I am still hoping for UGA to the SEC Champ and beating the West team. It would be so good to piss in everyone else’s cheerios for once.

  18. Merk

    “Back in June we surmised Georgia would lose the first two games of the season and then rally given a weak schedule.”

    I’m pretty sure back in June they predicted we would go 0-2. Then 1-4 and Richt would get fired and the replacement would win out because Richt sucked that bad.

  19. UgaJeff

    Russ?? Ross?? DOes it matter? What a turd. Way to ignore your own stupidity and take credit for restating the obvious, Ross/Russ!

  20. Hogbody Spradlin

    So Senator, you mean that other than everything the post is damn near perfect?

  21. H-Town Dawg

    Russ Mitchell needs to put some ointment on his rash, have himself a bubble bath and brew a pot of STFU!

  22. ScoutDawg

    Who gives a shit about this dick, we won in knoxvegas and daDick got limp.

  23. Macallanlover

    I take back my assumption that children should move out of their parent’s basement when they finish college or turn 21. If this article is any indication of his thinking capacity he really needs someone to look after him.

    We get punished for playing a front loaded schedule but everyone else in the country is exempt from getting healthy on cupcakes…for decades? Has he ever seen Florida’s stats in OOC play? Do they not have an easy rotation some years? Has a Big 12, or PAC 10 offense ever faced a difficult schedule of defensive stallions? Or the Big 10/11/12 ever feasted on how many pathetic offenses their defenses face? What a simpleton.

  24. Dawgy45

    “If, come the cocktail party, the Gators are as battered as we expected they would be, UGA will fail to have a signature SEC win for a fourth consecutive year. For a program of Georgia’s stature, that is completely unacceptable.”

    Premature DAWGradation – it happens to everyone. Well…that’s what she said.

  25. Joe

    Well Russ,
    SCar DID NOT score 45 on our defense. They scored 17 on the defense, They scored 28 on our ST’s and offense. After that 7,3,6. Of the two 7’s one was a trick play and the other was at the end of the game where the PAT was blocked. We WILL WIN IN JAX this year. Mark it down Russ. Muschamps defense reminds me of the defenses he ran at AU, and how did that turn out?

  26. Grafton

    You were so right on your earlier comment. It gets so aggrevating when UGA wins a game its because the other team didn’t show up or were just lousy. And when we lose a game its because the other team just put on their best performance of the year. I saw a UT team saturday that gave it everything they had and really wanted that win, but UGA was able to stop what was thrown at them.

  27. Mark Richt

    The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated.

  28. Nate

    Almost makes me miss

  29. JBJ

    UF should be at full strength heading into Jax. If we beat them, I don’t care if they are limping in on crutches, a win is a win. Just because it doesn’t measure up to his definition of _signature_ is laughable. I recall having to go into Jax with Shockely out, starting JT3. Fair? Nope. Bitch about it, nope. Take your loss and move on, yep.

    My current concern is Vandy. Very little attention paid to them this week. We have more talent, but that never guarantees a win. I hope CMR has our team focused on this game. We can’t have a let down.

  30. Less Sick, Always Faithful

    He’s just pissed he doesn’t have a coaching scandal to write about.

    Remember, negativity and drama brings folks together.