Flinging poo in the Big 12

You get the feeling that Texas A&M is making sure than none of its soon-to-be former conference mates are going to miss the Aggies when they’re gone.


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14 responses to “Flinging poo in the Big 12

  1. JBJ

    The bus was vandalized, apparently they used shoe polish and fishbait. The guy from TAMU should have looked into it more closely before tweeting it was paint and poo, but I don’t see where this is a big deal. Vandalism is vandalism.

    I was already pulling for TAMU Saturday as a fellow SEC school. So strange.


    • Go Dawgs!

      My thoughts exactly. I’m not so sure that riding in fish bait smell is that much better than riding with poo smell. My favorite part of the Texas Tech spin is that he points out that the mess was cleaned up before anyone from Texas A&M saw it. Two points: 1) that doesn’t really make it OK, it just means that the poor bus drivers had to clean up a mess as opposed to athletics staff and, 2) maybe this is the reason that Bill Byrne wasn’t 100% on the details? If a bus gets vandalized and the news has to go through bus drivers, staffers, and who knows who else before it gets to the AD, you don’t think some details will be muddled?


    • ScooBoo

      What do you think is in that worm dirt???


  2. Just Chuck

    Pretty wierd that an ad for gator t-shirts shows up next to a post about “alledged” poo. Draw your own conclusions.


  3. Zdawg

    What? No banana in the tailpipe?


  4. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Fish bait in Lubbock? What exactly do the fish in the west Texas desert eat anyway?

    You would think that the men and women responsible for running multi-billion dollar brain factories would understand what happens to information as it moves through intermediaries as well as the high risk-low reward nature of social now-casting.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    If the fish bait was the dough ball stuff you buy for catfish, poo would have been an improvement.


  6. I wished TAMU would just stay in Texas and all those folks would the old bands (Southwest Conference & Big 8) back together again.


  7. Messing with another team’s bus is not what I’d call a classy move, but if you can wash it off in less than five minutes I don’t know that it even rises to the level of “vandalism” in my book. TAMU kind of comes across looking like drama queens here.


    • Dog in Fla

      Good point. A&M will retain Ken Starr to sue when the dedicated LSU fanbase tries to tip over the Aggie buses trying to land at the Tiger Stadium bus depot for a Saturday night game


  8. Vandalism is vandalism, the way the info is related from the Tech officials insinuates that TAMU was making up the whole story. Why else use the “hoax” word?

    And if you heard about it from the very folks who had to wash the crap off/out of the busses, then you very well might think it was a bigger deal than it was.


  9. Hobnail_Boot

    aTm is already this annoying, and they’re not even in the league yet.


  10. Cojones

    Their buses were vandalized with marker and stink. It is not a hoax. How does that make TA&M “annoying”? Grade school pranks at a D-1 university is what’s annoying.