Gators and hoisted petards

For obvious reasons, this was my favorite play from last weekend.

The SEC would be a shabbier place without Les Miles in it.


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36 responses to “Gators and hoisted petards

  1. H-Town Dawg

    The Hat strikes again! You know what I call that? Awesome.

  2. JasonC

    The only thing that would have made that $h!t funnier is if Corch had been on the sideline.

  3. JBJ

    Can you feel that Gaytors? It’s Les Miles owning you.

    • Mike

      Vicarious pleasure, thy name is JBJ

      • Gravidy


        I have a serious question for you. What is the mood amongst your circle of Gator fans about the upcoming Georgia game? Have the results of the last couple of games shaken your confidence? Or do y’all just assume Florida will win base on the results of the last couple of decades?

        • Mike

          Not sure. The disturbing thing about the two loses, is not the fact the Florida lost, it is the fact that the whole team regressed. That is going to have to be fixed for Florida to have any success in the remaining schedule.

    • Zdawg

      Come on jbj, let’s not go tech fan on us. But in all honesty, if you didn’t feel a twinge of vicarious pleasure in that play, you are not a dawg fan.

      • JBJ

        Believe me, it is well justified since I have been living down here amongst them for 15 years.

        At our meeting yesterday, I welcomed them all to mediocrity. They didn’t take to kindly to that. Said even this Gaytor team can beat the crap out of UGA. I just smiled and agreed it was probably so.

        I have to enjoy the little things down here, like two weeks of embarrassment for the UF team at the hands of the SEC elite.

  4. TennesseeDawg

    Wasn’t too long ago LSU fans were calling for Miles’s head. Guess they are glad now they kept him around.

  5. Mike

    Les Miles displays once again that he has both a sense of humor and a sense of history.

    That said, when the play originated with Tebow against LSU a few years back, it was at a point when the game was still in question and Meyer was the coach. Neither of those conditions applied Saturday afternoon.

    I am sure that play has been eating at the the craw of Les all these years and there is no doubt the LSU coaching staff and the LSU fans loved it last Saturday. But the first thing that occurred to me when it happened was that it would have been much more meaningful if the game was still in question and if Meyer was the Florida coach.

    • In Miles’ defense, he may not have expected the game to be beyond question midway through the first quarter.

      The call sort of reminded me of a certain coach’s decision to call a bunch of time outs at the end of a game that had long been out of reach. But maybe that’s just me.😉

      • Mike

        That’s a nice shot; it hurts cause it IS true. But Miles does not need a “defense” for running that play, as it has been eating at him from quite some time. He does not need to defend his actions any more than Meyer needed a defense for calling some late time outs in another game in another era.

        • Ummm., correct me if I`m wrong but, The Corch had 3 and a half qtrs of football left to do something about it the year prior the time outs.

          • Mike

            Indeed. Better late than never.

            • I guess calling time outs a year later is better than actual redemption during the game the actual year it happened ….whatever blows your skirt up right?

              • Mike

                Indeed. Even thought they were a year late, Richt knew the nature of the time outs. UGA fans knew the nature of the time outs. UGA players knew the nature of the time outs. But most importantly of all, the Gator players, fans and coaches all knew the nature of the time outs too. And revel in it to this day.

                Those were a particular set of cold dishes that were well savored when they was finally served. And unlike the actions that precipitated it, there were no unsportsman like penalties called for calling them either!

    • reipar

      Aren’t those things both out of LSU’s control? It is not their fault Meyer quit or that UF could not stay in this game……or come to think of it maybe LSU is responsible for both of those things.

  6. HahiraDawg

    At the Chili’s bar last Saturday, when seeing this play, I yelled, “They just Tebowed Florida!”

    • HahiraDawg

      Watching it here is the first time I’ve been able to hear the audio (commentators),…yeah, I appreciate me some Les.

  7. Go Dawgs!

    I saw this play on the College Football Scoreboard show when I got back from Knoxville in the wee hours, and I lost it. This is the first time I’ve seen a recording of the broadcast, though. Ya know, I really like Danielson. When he just starts laughing as the touchdown is scored, that says it all, really.

    • Zdawg

      Yea I like Danielson too. He gets it. Unlike just about every other color guy out there who is more interested in making up his own storyline for a game. Like implying absurd notions that we were only running Crowell to the left because of an injury. REALLY? That has to be top 3 dumb right there.

      • shane#1

        Wasn’t the short side of the field to the left? Don’t the Dawgs usually run to the short side? The limited knowledge some of the TV guys is inexcusable.

  8. PatinDC

    I wish UGA could do it to0. Please. The time out thing and running up the score on them would be nice also.
    If we don’t knock the snot out of the Gaytors this year…I don’t know what I will do.

    • James Stephenson

      I disagree, we do not need to be douchebags and call time outs when up big. To do that shows how small your penis is and how much you have show how tough you are.

      I prefer to just use the victory formation and win the game with class, something Meyer actually lacks.

  9. Cojones

    With his skewed sense of humor, how will Miles act out a possible confrontation with us if, God forbid, the unthinkable happens and we play LSU for the SECNC? Wonder who he might throw in as QB? Anyone we may recognize?

    The “N” was thrown in for bait.

  10. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Back story … The LSU Passing Coord (Billy Gonzales) was the former Gator Receiver’s coach when Tebow did that to LSU … UF’s senior nose tackle was on that team and saw Gonzales celebrating on the LSU sideline and said … “That was cold,”

  11. Mike

    As a final note, I was much more disturbed by the fake punt than the jump pass. Reading the NO Sunday paper, the LSU punter basically said that during film review, his coaches had noticed that the Florida “safety” guy sometimes ignored the punter and he was given the go ahead to run ANY TIME that happened.

    That is just poor coaching by Durkin, the Gator special teams coach.

    • UGAfoo (formerly JBJ)

      I was talking to my Dad about that play and I told him it looked to me like the punter read the return team and chose to run. I respect Les Miles. It’s the little things like having your punter prepared to take advantage of a sleeping return team. His team just seems to fly around and make plays. His players seem to embrace his style.

  12. Reggie Cunningham

    Any thoughts on why UGA doesn’t run any plays out of that formation? Two TE’s and a FB (TE). LSU uses it mid-field too. Wouldn’t mind seeing the Dawgs give that one a try with all our TE talent.

    • tlkdawg

      UGA can’t run a two TE set because that would cause Bobo to abandon his beloved slow-developing, shotgun formation deep handoff. Why would Bobo ever want Isaiah to run behind a bevy of skilled blockers when he can run behind five average linemen against an eight man front? You obviously don’t understand sound offensive football, Reggie.