Sixth time’s the charm.

All out:  Stephen Garcia is dismissed from South Carolina.


They mean it.

No looking back.

Not gonna happen.

It’s final.

They won’t be moved.


No matter what…


UPDATE:  Quite the day for Spurdog.


UPDATE #2:  Meet the backups.

… Behind Shaw, redshirt freshman Dylan Thompson has completed two passes for 17 yards and has carried the ball four times for 12 yards, and redshirt sophomore Andrew Clifford has completed two passes for 23 yards and a touchdown and has carried the ball one time for 6 yards this year. Last season, Clifford threw an interception in his first pass attempt and completed a 10-yard pass against Arkansas.

Redshirt junior Seth Strickland served as the team’s holder for all placekicks last year and appeared in all 14 games. At quarterback, he completed both of his pass attempts, one of which went for a touchdown.


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54 responses to “Sixth time’s the charm.

  1. King Jericho

    Or until Conner Shaw gets hurt.


  2. heyberto

    I think the OBC has finally found enough faith in Connor Shaw for this to stick.. but… I’ve been wrong before. The big question is whether or not Garcia remaines enrolled in classes. That will be pretty telling as to how Spurrier is hedging his bets.


  3. D.N. Nation

    I’m sure this would’ve happened if Connor Shaw stunk up the joint Saturday.


  4. according to hoyle miracle

    Kicked out for stupidity, I assume?


  5. jryu

    it’s almost like the door has been thrown wide open for uga to claim the east now… will they take advantage is the question…

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE beat florida this year.. i’ve only witnessed it twice in my time as a dawg.


  6. Irishdawg

    Good to see Spurrier is just as big an asshole as he ever was


  7. Spike

    Again, the two deserve each other.


  8. Dog in Fla

    Not wanting Bo Pellini to be the only one to get credit for having a chilling effect on a sports media type, Steve unloads on someone outside of Yahoo!Sports who actually does sports reporting and simultaneously opens up Stephen’s calendar so that he may spend more time partying with naked girls in preparation for getting drafted by the Raiders or Bengals


  9. reipar

    Now that it is finally over and he is really gone (I think) I am getting a little chocked up. I think I am really going to miss Garcia. He made USCe football relevant to me as you never knew what he would do on or off the field.

    Looking back now to his wacky freshmen year when he was keying cars and how he progressed to showing up drunk at school functions it was just quite the ride. The annual suspension right before spring break (great timing if you ask me) only to be reinstated right before the start of fall practice (also great timing). He was just a whirlwind of entertainment.

    Goodbye and farewell my friend.


  10. Go Dawgs!

    I’ve always taken exception to the Georgia trash talk, but I’ve always enjoyed Steve Spurrier. That little display at the press conference this morning changes things for me, though. The man’s an asshole, but I didn’t realize that he was that big of an asshole. There are any number of better ways to handle that situation with a writer. That was completely unprofessional and classless. Unacceptable.


  11. TennesseeDawg

    Morris got off light. The old ballsack called his last media nemesis “a sad fat little man”


  12. DA man

    I think Spurrier sees everything about to implode. At Mississippi State, at Tennessee, at Arkansas before coming home for Florida. Will Shaw perform and, more importantly, can Lattimore stay healthy? What will be his legacy at SCAR?


    • according to hoyle miracle

      “The greatest era in USCe football history”
      And sadly, thats the truth.


      • Nate Dawg

        I remember leaving their stadium in ’06. They had fans yelling at us AFTER the game bragging about who their coach was…and they didn’t score a single point in the game.
        I don’t think he’s gotta do much to be their “greatest”.


  13. 69Dawg

    If Connor Shaw had sucked against KY, Garcia could have pissed in Steve’s corn flakes and stayed on the team. Steve knew that Shaw could have thrown left-handed against KY and gotten at least 2 TD’s but when he lit them up Steve was convinced he had his boy.


  14. Tenn_Dawg

    Steven Garica….I did it my way. Is there any doubt this guy had a blast in college. Drinking and bang’n hot chicks every night and punking SOS everyday.


    • Russ

      Well, now that you put it this way, it does sound like fun.


      • Bad Marinara

        He probably giggled like a school girl every time he was put on “probation”. Quintuple secret probation. Seriously, can’t wait for the homecoming parade.
        “OVER? Did you say “over”?! Nothing is over until I say it is! Was it over when the Germans…I mean… I keyed that car?”


  15. Terry Dean

    You will remember that I predicted this last year. Specifically I said that Steve Spurrier would bench and/or suspend Garcia midway through his senior year, effectively ruining his college career. I also, on this blog, publicly suggested–no–pleaded, with Garcia to transfer while he could. The alcohol test business is a ruse. Most if not all South Carolina players would have failed that test. Did Spurrier test Lattimore? You can bet your sweet ass he did not. Spurrier ruined the best QB he ever had at South Carolina by mishandling him, calling him names in the press and now has publicly humiliated him as a face-saving device to (1) Justify kicking him off the team, and (2) Make Steve Spurrier appear to be high-minded and noble for doing it. What Spurrier did to Garcia is way worse than what he did to me, specifically, benching me while I was a Heisman contender. Spurrier stole Garcia’s senior season and possibly a professional career from him. Garcia could have used the Masoli Rule since he had already graduated and transferred to another D-IA institution and, for example, could have been the QB at Wisconsin instead of Wilson this season. That opportunity was taken from him by a scheming, conniving egomaniac. Once it appeared to Spurrier that Garcia was of no further use to him he threw Garcia away like a used piece of toilet paper. Any of you high school quarterbacks out there reading this take note. Coming out of high school Garcia was one of the top rated QB recruits in the nation. His chose the wrong school and the wrong coach. Do not make the same mistake.


  16. Anon

    We really need to try to move USCe to the end of the year.


  17. Irishdawg

    I honestly don’t remember this, because I’m fairly certain that Garcia has been at USC for 17 years, but was he a screw up before Spurrier made a habit of publicly humiliating him? Or did he get to be a drunken idiot maybe because Spurrier used him for an insult pinata throughout his career?

    I don’t give 2 shits what he accomplished at Florida, I don’t understand why ANY QB would want to play for that meglomaniacal dickhead.


  18. AusDawg85

    Surely Garcia will leave us with a Lexicon entry for GTP…it’s too good to pass up.


    • Puffdawg

      Garcia (n.) – the mulligan of college football players; when a college football player receieves a pointless suspension and inevitable reinstatement in the nick of time


  19. Will Trane

    The AD announced he was no longer on the “roster”.

    Garcia is a person with a lot of personal issues. Wonder what was his relationship with his grandfather who passed away during their week of the Auburn game.

    Whatever the reasons that is Spurrier, the AD, their policies, and a QB who was under a short leash. Do not think many players under Spurrier had the latitude Garcia did.

    Too bad he was there for them when they beat us. Think his dismissal was coming and they waited for the right time.

    I like it when those HCs tell those reporters to go to hell. Many of feel that way about the AJC. Now Spurrier can focus on the games ahead. He will need that.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I knew guys like Garcia in HS who were damn good ballplayers. Usually they were the most popular guys on the team with the other players as long as they did their jobs come gametime. Sure Garcia threw some INTs but they won all their games until the Auburn game, then suddenly he got benched. It looked like SOS was laying in the weeds waiting for the right time to bench him. Like him or not Garcia was probably a “bad boy” leader in the locker room and you can bet still has a following among some of the members of the ‘Cocks team. After all he was the QB who lead them to the SEC East title last year. This could really split their team particularly the way SOS handled it. Garcia just might get the last laugh on the Ol’ Ball Sack if this team lays down, which it just might.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Do any of you remember the 1993 Georgia Yech team and what happened to it? The Yech HC, Bill Lewis (a former UGA DC), had a returning starter at QB, Donnie Davis, who was very popular with the other players. Lewis recruited a top JC QB, Tom Luginbill (currently a football analyst with ESPN), to play QB for the Yeller Jackets. This split the team which promptly laid down, getting Lewis fired after the 6th game. I see the possibility of something similar here. One has to believe that SOS has alienated some of the other guys on the team with his antics, too. If the team went into the tank I would not at all be surprised to see the Ol’ Ball Sack hang it up after the season and some of the ‘Cocks players probably are thinking the same thing. Good riddance if that were to happen.