At least we’ve still got goals.

You think Georgia’s fan base is negative?  At Tomahawk Nation, they’re already urging Jimbo Fisher to quit playing most of FSU’s seniors and get ready for next year.


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  1. Scott

    I read that post yesterday and scrolled down to the comments, thinking the author was going to get blasted by people actually thinking rationally.

    Nope…most of them were on board with the idea.

    Just when I think we have the most irrational, short sighted fan base…

  2. Go Dawgs!

    Hilarious. I’ve read this sort of sentiment from other schools in similar situations in the past, including Georgia in some years, and I’ve always thought it was ridiculous. Do whatever it takes to win this week, and then do it again next week. If that means some seniors lose their starting job, good. But if the senior is still the best player at their position, then keep playing them. You don’t want a high school prospect to look at your team and think that you’re going to give up on his senior season just to get the next guy ready. That’s not what inspires people to come play.

  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Mark my words on this, the Criminoles will run Jimbo out of town within 4 years.

  4. Tronan

    I’m going to take a slightly contrary view here. I read the post and the players TN advocated sitting simply aren’t that good. They entered the program during Bowden’s penultimate year at the helm, and he wasn’t even pretending to try to recruit by that time. The players’ on-field record has been mixed, but generally not great. FSU’s recruits from the past couple of years are superior – at least on paper (and occasionally on the field). The TN post raises an issue familiar to us Dawg fans: Should the coaches continue to play Bryan Evans calibre players just because they’re seniors? Unless there is absolutely no other option, the answer is no.

    I think the bigger issue is the fact FSU fans think the season is over because the team currently sits at 2-3. The expectations of being back in the top 5 indicate a sense of entitlement that they haven’t earned.

  5. Macallanlover

    FSU fans after Jimbo’s scalp have much more of a case than those UGA fans who continually run Georgia’s program into the ground in their zeal to fire Mark Richt. What has Jimbo accomplished? CMR has double the number of SEC titles as Bama ooes during his tenure, yet The Tide has already erected (funny word) a small statue to Saint Nick. Granted, they may get their second title this year with a win on November 5 but folks have lost perspective and have wild mood swings over a couple of seasons. Historically, all programs hit rough patches, while others get things going their way.

    Yeah, I know we haven’t been as good for the past 3 years but it is surprising what a supportive fanbase could help us achieve versus the polarized one we now have where fans walk around with their heads down and hope UGA loses so they can get their way. Not all negatrons do this, but some definitely do, other just whine on radio shows and message boards.

    Me? I see bright lights ahead.

      • Cojones

        Took a moment. Thought you truly recognized the writer. I’m too old for you snarky vampire alluders. Never watched a complete show, but have an Opthalmologist son-in-law who did . He didn’t like violence in shows and has a Call-to Jesus radio show, but he liked Buffy, watched the show and she doesn’t come close to my wife’s daughter’s looks and manner. That’s the only reason “Buffy”clicked, from his description of the show.

  6. W Cobb Dawg

    It’s total BS to say the Dawgs’ fan base is negative. WTF is ‘positive’ about going 6-7 when we have some of the best recruiting territory, facilities, fan support, etc. available?! Why can’t the pollyanna’s accusing others of being negative just accept the truth that CMR was coasting when he should have been working. Insisting on high standards isn’t negative. I like the guy, but it’s a distant second to providing a top program.

    • “I like the guy, but his program sucks” is pretty much my definition of negative.😉

      • Macallanlover

        Yeah, as a recruit on the fence come December, a few thousand W Cobb-like posters, will be very helpful to helping steer me away from this mess. I also love the “realist” guys who say they wouldn’t send their sons to play under our staff but feel they are supporting. Jeez.

        And of course, 6-7 is really representative of CMR’s total body of work. And you wonder why Florida fans have convinced us we have no chance in JAX. Put up the white flags boys, our selective vision folks have decreed those games played before you were born are more significant than current circumstances….and they trump all those other games played before you were born which neither UF or UGA fans recognize as ever haven been played.

        • Cojones

          Their excuse for already costing us a recruit is that this blog isn’t public so they don’t take responsibility that their words hurt the program. And they want to assure you they like Richt as a person, thereby insulting your football intelligence because, surely, you don’t mean you like him as our football coach. Duffas-thinking yokels.

          Poor Red Blackman, already consigned to looking out of a yellowish dark apperture by the naysayers.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The 6-7 record may have been a blessing in disguise as it made CMR take a long hard look at the team and take steps to change the attitude of the team by running off those cancers on the team everybody was hinting about. That actually accomplished 2 things: (1) It got rid of those bad apples so that they were no longer pulling down the program; (2) It showed those remaining that they had better get with the program or be gone themselves. Now if we can just get an attitude adjustment for some of our fanbase……

      • W Cobb Dawg

        I never said “…but his program sucks”. It’s your blog and you can do as you wish, but I don’t have to misquote commentors to make a point. It’s a championship program – if the coach shows up and does his job.

        • I like the guy, but it’s a distant second to providing a top program.

          The implication there is that Richt isn’t providing a top program. If I’ve misconstrued that, you have my apologies.

        • Macallanlover

          It is a championship program, amd CMR has helped prove that to be true. Surely you don’t think he has to win one every year. Name me a program that hasn’t gone through the ups and downs.

          Bama has ONE SEC title this past decade, Auburn and Florida has the same as UGA, two titles. Only LSU has more. And this was done in the strongest period in the history of the SEC, the golden years. Next level schools, TN, Arky, and SC have zero titles during the Richt era. We all feel badly about 2009 and 2010, but I don’t get giving up on a winner. One bad recruiting class can knock you back enough to have unacceptable seasons, add a few significant injuries/suspensions, and it is easy to find a more likely culprit than simply saying fir the HC.