On to the next scandal

The NCAA rules on l’affaire Newtonnothing to see here, move on.


UPDATE:  LSUFreek’s depiction of the reaction to the verdict’s pretty funny (as usual).


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87 responses to “On to the next scandal

  1. Who’s watching the detectives?

  2. Coach Hewitt...

    Can’t be true, Bammer’s had insiders with sources from the FBI, NCAA, and every other organization that said they were going to get the death penalty…😉

  3. ScoutDawg

    That must have cost a pretty penny. I wonder if the payoff was from TARP funds.

  4. Turd Ferguson

    Mile-high plumes of thick, black smoke … and I’m supposed to believe there was no fire? Sure.

    • JayBird

      That is exactly what you should believe, unless you are looking farther westward toward Tuscaloosa, the land of fancy clothes, fishing trips and cruises on the Gulf of Mexico, 2011 Tahoes for Trent, and houses for his mama.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Jay’s back! Yay!

      • Biggus Rickus

        We’s just butthurt, dur-hurr.

      • Turd Ferguson

        So until the NCAA says otherwise, we’re to presume innocence … except in the case of Alabama. I’d call you a ‘hypocrite’, but then I’d have to explain what that word means.

        • JayBird

          Yes Turd. Now go get on Miss State, the bunch that actually tried to buy Cam Newton from his dirtbag daddy. I have 2 college degrees, Business and History, I promise you don’t have to explain anything to me.

          • Gooner Dawg

            Hahaha. . .two college degrees? Goodness gracious, how did you ever accomplish such a difficult thing?

            I mean, all colleges are created equal, right?

            I mean, take for example . . .oh. . .I don’t know . . .Auburn. Everyone heaps praise on Auburn about its rigorous academics, right? I seem to remember articles about how hard Cadillac Williams worked in his sociology classes. And he’s a football player!

            And you got two degrees from a school like that? You must have really busted it man. And a BUSINESS degree too? WOW! Only really smart people get those.

            Dang, I’m impressed.

            • WarD Eagle

              Probably a lot harder than a basketball test at a proven cheater, no?

              Auburn University, proudly paying QB’s $1,000 less than UG pays their receivers.

          • adam

            They have a degree just called “Business”?

          • almightytmc1

            I gots to gets me one of them history degrees.

  5. Rocket Dawg

    What a load of BS!!!

    On another note I heard on Chuck and Chertoff (yeah I know, I was in my wife’s car without XM) that Señor Garcia may have been involved in a point shaving racket. Some website was reporting it, but “The King” said he had no independent confirmation.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Thaz got no legs. I live close and not even Clemson fans are pushing it.

    • BulldogBen

      “The King” also said a HUGE story was coming down from Yahoo Sports regarding a “SEC West Contender” a couple weeks before the season started. Nothing ever came of it.

      I hate how no one calls out that asshat when he’s wrong.

  6. AusDawg85

    This is Mark Richt’s fault.

  7. Hogbody Spradlin


  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    This is a whitewash, embarrassing to all NCAA member institutions and an insult to their intelligence. The sooner the BCS conferences form their own organization and get rid of the NCAA the better.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Well Mayor, how would these spinoff institutions police themselves? Anything involving humans is human.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Not institutions, one institution and the way it would police itself is by actually policing itself. With real investigators who really investigate. Who actually TRY to find the truth. Let me ask you HS–how do you prove anything? You do it with evidence. The most used evidence in criminal cases is the snitch. How else can you prove a cash transaction? “Q: Did you buy drugs from the Defendant? A: Yes, I paid him $100 for a baggie of cocaine on July 12, 2011 at the corner of !st and Main in Atlanta, Georgia.” A party to the event comes clean and testifies against the real bad guy. Forget Newton for a second. The NCAA had 4 former Auburn players give statements that Auburn boosters gave them money to recruit them to go to Auburn and that they systematically were given funds while at Auburn to reward them for playing there. How does that compute to “no evidence of wrongdoing?” The only reason that the NCAA did anything about Southern Cal is that they were forced to. The media broke the story because the scumbag agent wannabe went public and there was a paper trail, house purchased, etc. Otherwise that one would have been swept under the rug, too. The same with Ohio State. The NCAA is a corrupt, worthless, POS organization that punishes the honest when something happens accidentally and the honest program reports it but totally ignores the chronic, really bad offender. Auburn and Bama have been running pay for play schemes for years and everybody knows it except, it seems, for the NCAA. The NCAA has been too corrupt for too long. It cannot be reformed. Get out of the NCAA, start a new organization and this time do it right.

        • almightytmc1

          I would think that once you went on tv and said it in front of a few million people, it wouldnt be hard to prove you said it. Its pretty damn obvious at that point.
          I know…. that was then and this is now. Auburn may have been crooked then but we cant prove that they are now. So move along…. there is nothing to see here. Pat Dye and his stooges have cleaned up their act and havent cheated since 1992, Yeah….. whatever. The 2004 sociology scandal was just a mirage. The HBo four…. Ah.. yeah that was just some disgruntled ex players. And oh yeah…. before I forget. Cecil’s chruch fund was truley because he is a man of God.
          This is complete and utter horse shit and a few institutions/players need to be filling a lawsuit.

        • WarD Eagle

          “The NCAA had 4 former Auburn players give statements that Auburn boosters gave them money to recruit them to go to Auburn and that they systematically were given funds while at Auburn to reward them for playing there.”

          Fantasize much?

          “The NCAA is a corrupt, worthless, POS organization that punishes the honest when something happens accidentally…”

          AJ Green accidentally sold his jersey for $1000?

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            And truthfully told what he did to NCAA investigators instead of engaging in a web of lies to cover it up like Newton and Auburn. AJ shouldn’t have sold his own jersey? It was his own property. There is no way that rule stands up in any court. I am still pissed off at the UGA Athletic Department for rolling overand just taking that.

  9. Russ

    All in….their pockets?
    C’est la vie.

  10. Ricky

    I feel dirty just seeing a picture of Newtown. That guy is bad news. Yuck.

  11. X-Dawg

    OJ is innocent I tell you!

  12. Wayne and I put up a new banner just for you Senator.


    • I love it… although I have to admit I’ve never been able to get as worked up over this as many have.

    • FisheriesDawg

      I love the ten Auburn national titles listed on there. Auburn (the actual University) doesn’t even claim that many. The Bama envy is just dripping from that header.

      (and that doesn’t even mention how stupid the “5 in a row SEC National Championships” header is on an Auburn message board)

    • almightytmc1

      I must have missed the 2004 National Championship. Last I heard USC and Oklahoma played for it. Auburn wasnt even there that day.
      And if memory serves me correct Ohio State actually played for the 1957 championship and won it on the field. Auburn couldnt… they were on probation for…..drumroll please……wait for it….. Paying Players.
      I am sure if we look back over time those other Mythical Auburn Championships could have been an creative re-write of the history book too….

      • JayBird

        1957……AP Poll.

        • almightytmc1

          AP poll? I didnt know Alabama Polytechnic had a poll.Anyway that is who is partially credited with the National championship in 1957. And as i recall Auburn University did not exist until 1960. So in word and reality Auburn did not win the 1957 national Championship. It was won by the now defunct Alabama Polytechnic Institute.

  13. Hackerdog

    More than the Newton story, I like the fact that the NCAA also concluded that the four players who went on HBO and admitted to receiving improper benefits were lying. Classic.🙂

    • adam

      Of course.

      They asked the guys who paid them. Those guys said they didn’t pay them. Case closed.

      Great job, NCAA investigators!

  14. Buck Futt

    Hataz gonna believe what they wanna believe. Guess y’all will just have to figure out how to win on the field, ’cause you’re not getting a mulligan for Cam.

    • FisheriesDawg

      We’ll take losing to Auburn once every five years even if that means Auburn gets away with some cheating.

      • almightytmc1

        Speaking for the Bama fans. I would say that winning it on the field isnt going to be a problem for us this year. I am sure Saban will pull out he starters when the clock hits all zeros in retaliation for last year. Remeber the Mantra… Never again.
        If I were an Auburn fan I would not go near a television during the Iron Bowl this year… It is going to be the ugliest loss in Iron Bowl history.

    • Turd Ferguson

      Haven’t we won 6 of the last 9? Pretty sure we’ve already “figure[d] out how to win on the field.”

    • Lawdawg

      Reggie. Bush. Your time will come, champ*

      • WarD Eagle

        If that’s all you have, by all means, hold on to it tightly.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Oh, I almost forgot to mention: Thank you Auburn for kicking South Carolina’s ass. I will be the biggest Auburn fan in Georgia come this Saturday, as well.

  15. bad M

    They are just too busy investigating cream cheese on bagels, golf cart rides to class, and borrowed puppies.

  16. Keese

    NCAA sucks, Auburn is good at cheating, better at hiding, what else is new?

  17. WarD Eagle

    Senator, I think you left the tag open.

  18. WarD Eagle

    Well, that sure didn’t turn out too funny. There is supposed to be a TI tag there.

    Nonetheless, suck it you bammeresque conspiratorial idiots.

  19. BCDawg97

    Y’all are right Barners… He just went to Auburn for free. Nothing to see here, just whistle away. $180000 from Miss State, but AU for free… riiiiiight. Send me a postcard from that fantasy world.

  20. Mark Emmert

    “If the cash been spent, you must relent.”

  21. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Much like Barry Bonds home run record, I will never accept Auburn as the legitimate 2010 MNC, nor will I recognize Cam Newton as the Heisman winner.

    People cheat because sometimes it works. What’s the quote about all it taking for evil to triumph . . . ? Is for the NCAA to be playing CYA for its member schools biggest moneymaker?

    • JayBird

      OK,… then sit back and enjoy that 2010 season your team had. And that bowl win…uh, wait a minute…

      • Keese

        Dude you should just shut up and be happy Auburn didn’t get caught.

        Perception is reality. In our hearts and minds Auburn is, was and forever will be a group of classless, win-at-all-costs football program. Success, toilet paper and Auburn football go hand in hand.

    • WarD Eagle

      How do you know what Barry Bonds’ home run record does?

      2010 Sanctions by NCAA
      UG – 1
      AU – NONE

      • I appreciate your passion to defend, but technically neither school was sanctioned by the NCAA.

        Both Green and Newton were declared ineligible. Newton was reinstated in a far shorter time frame than was AJ.

      • Keese

        Ward no matter how hard you try, Auburn’s season will forever be tainted and deserving of an asterisk as viewed by the outside public.

      • Keese

        The record setting point total to Auburns Fulmer Cup win this year is something you can brag about I guess

  22. JG Shellnutt

    If they were playing CYA for its member schools, they wouldn’t have found anything wrong with or punished USCw.

    I think they just could not find the money trail so they quit.

  23. The breaking story from the King on Chuck and Chernoff was Miami instead of an SEC west contender. He missed the conference but Yahoo broke the Miami scandal. I am sure someone called him out on it but I don’t listen anymore.

  24. heyberto

    As great as that gif is from LSUfreek.. I think this one is better, but that’s just me.

  25. AusDawg85

    While on the Plains, the NCAA investigators also looked into the poisoning of the Toomer’s Corner trees. After attempting to interview all of the trees and surrounding flora, none would speak on the record. The investigators have thus concluded that unless a tree comes forward with clear proof of poisoning, there will be no further action and will not support flagrant media rumors that some Bammer admitted to any acts in violation of NCAA rules regarding healthy trees.

    Auburn fans rejoice at having been found to not have poisoned trees by spraying water cannons and the band playing the UGA fight song as if it’s their own. WAR TIGER MAN!

  26. almightytmc1

    Early prediction.
    Georgia beats Auburn.
    Bama beats Auburn.
    LSU beats Auburn
    Florida and UT could probably beat Auburn if they hadnt been rendered impotent by Georgia, Bama and LSU.

  27. Macallanlover

    The NCAA’s position these days is so tenuous they simply could not afford the scandal of vacating all the wins of an SEC champion with a Heisman Trophy “winner” involved. They are more concerned about the questions surrounding why they are no longer relevant regarding the most lucrative sport in college athletics. Frankly, they have become a joke.

    The NCAA’s director of compliance/rules spoke last november and stated very precisely how ANY player that had a family member, or agent solicit money on their behalf would be ineligible. The fact this occurred at MSU does not clear Cam Newton, but one would have to be pretty dumb to believe there wasn’t money involved there. And wouldn’t you like to hear the tapes/emails concerning Auburn’s suspension of Cam one night, and the NCAA’s reinstatement the day after. Has anyone ever seen anything like that in college athletics before? Both Auburn and the NCAA come out of this looking very sleazy and scummy.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown


    • Keese

      Have we heard anything about the NCAA closing the Newton loophole in the bylaws? Or even attempting?

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        There never really was a loophole. The rule is crystal: If a player or family member asks for money to sign he is disqualified from competing, period. Read the rule yourself. No wiggle room. The NCAA decided to let Newton and Auburn off the hook with that bogus 24 hour suspension thing and he missed no games. AJ Green gets suspended 4 games for selling his own property–Cam Newton’s old man asks Miss State for $180,000 for Cam to sign, that gets reported to the NCAA and Newton gets suspended for 24 hours and misses no games.

        • almightytmc1

          It does look a bit flakey doesnt it? If I didnt know better, I would specualte that some people at the NCAA where bribed to make this go away.

  28. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Has any school ever lost ground in public perception on its way to a national championship? Much less as much ground as Auburn lost? Maybe Miami. But unlike Auburn, Miami wanted that identity, and there wasn’t much alternative to that narrative, anyway.

    Auburn/Cecil/Cam, on the other hand, turned a “Herschel” moment into a bad burrito moment – a bad meal with some fairly nasty aftershocks. A nation collectively held its nose. That’s surely an historic opportunity cost that any history.business major could appreciate, no matter the rankings of the issuing departments.

    Don’t worry – once the pay-offs run out, someone will run to a publisher.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      It may take a few years but Cam will tell all for enough $$$$$. Just not now as it may mess up his gig with the NFL, See Pryor, Terrell.