Mark Shurtleff, master of reality

Jon Wilner points us to this silly op-ed piece in The Arizona Republic by Utah’s AG, along with Chris Dufresne’s take down of a number of factual misstatements contained in it.  It’s hard to argue with Dufresne’s parting shot:

Shurtleff vows to sue the BCS in federal court “within a few months.”

That gives him time to hire a fact checker.

But I also think he missed the biggest whopper of the bunch.

… Mountain West Conference games consistently generate more ticket sales, TV viewership and interest than the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Big East Conference – both AQ conferences.

This is after what were the MWC’s two biggest draws during the regular season – BYU and Utah – left the conference?  Me no think so.  (Not that I’m convinced that was correct before, either.)

Look, if that were really, truly the case, Shurtleff wouldn’t even be bothering to write editorial pieces now.  Because ESPN would have showered the MWC with a big TV contract and the BCS would be falling over itself to bring the conference inside the tent.  And because Utah, BYU and TCU wouldn’t have had any motivation to leave in the first place.

Reality sucks sometimes, Mark.



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3 responses to “Mark Shurtleff, master of reality

  1. Go Dawgs!

    That statement is a bold-faced lie on its face. He might…. MIGHT… have an argument that Mountain West teams generate a higher percentage of ticket sales… ie, their stadium is 90% full on a day when Georgia Tech’s or Maryland’s is only 85% full, but even that seems like a dubious statement. If they want to sue anyone, they should sue Utah, BYU, and TCU for leaving. If those three had stayed in, the addition of Boise State would give the league a compelling argument for inclusion in the BCS, especially with the way the Big East has crumbled.


  2. Dog in Fla

    “Mark Shurtleff, master of reality” and direct sales pitchman


  3. Cojones

    Realty doesn’t have an “i” in it, Senator.