With six, you get egg roll.

Not to be outdone by the SEC’s awkward struggle with scheduling games for thirteen schools, the Big East has decided to go trolling for new members under every mid-major rock in America.

… According to the New York Post, and citing unnamed sources, the Big East will issue invitations to Boise State, Air Force, Navy and UCF — those first three institutions would join as football-only members – once the exit fees are increased.  The Post reports those invitations could be made as early as this weekend.

The Big East had previously announced it had authorized conference officials to expand membership to an even dozen schools.

The final two spots, the Post reports, would come down to Temple, SMU and Houston…

I think they’ll need to rename the conference.  How about the Big East of the China Sea Conference?  Or the One From Column A, Two From Column B Conference?

Oh, and in somewhat related news, evidently Brigham Young won’t be joining the Big 12 because the TV suits said no.

It’s gotten ridiculous.  At some point, maybe they should just eliminate the middleman and name ESPN the commissioner of college football.



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3 responses to “With six, you get egg roll.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I hear Faber is available.


  2. Smitty

    Why don’t they get Kennesaw! Haha. They will have a team in a few years….