“I never imagined that could happen over something like puppies.”

Words fail me.

There was no money exchanged, no recruit tampering and no illicit puppy provisions when Isaiah Crowell held up a 5-week-old English bulldog related to the Uga line that belonged to Woods on National Signing Day, said the Georgia fan best known for painting a bulldog atop his head on gamedays.

For anyone following Georgia’s recruiting and the saga involving Woods and Crowell, now a Georgia freshman tailback, this is nothing surprising.

What comes as news, however, is that the University of Georgia quietly launched and wrapped up an investigation into the incident, that Woods was just a few minutes away from committing what may have qualified as an NCAA infraction and that the dog-runner, former Georgia defensive back Glenn Ford, had close enough ties to Crowell and the Carver-Columbus football program to squash any allegations of wrongdoing.

Woods said Wednesday that he was only recently notified by Georgia that the investigation into whether the loaner puppy could have violated NCAA rules came to an end, clearing him and Ford and taking away another of the nit-picky potential violations looming over Crowell’s head.

No news yet on whether Woods has been cleared by PETA.



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20 responses to ““I never imagined that could happen over something like puppies.”

  1. mwo

    I’m glad this has been cleared up. This could have been just as egregious as a quarterback’s dad shopping his son around to the highest bidder. Not like any of that has ever happened before.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I have said repeatedly on this blog and some have criticized me for it: Abolish the NCAA.That worthless POS organization ignores real violations committed by bad actors but makes a big deal out of sh!t so minor that nobody in his/her right mind would ever even think it was a violation. Too many petty little nit-picking rules that innocent schools and players can run afoul of by accident, yet the serious stuff goes unpunished. All that has to happen to totally emasculate the NCAA is for the Big 6 conferences to get together and form their own organization with its own rules and enforcement office then say publicly they no longer are part of the NCAA. Then the NCAA house of cards comes tumbling down. Other than being a bad cop, the NCAA has been meaningless since the TV rights case any way. Put a stake in NCAA’s heart and finally let all of college football out of its misery.


    • gastr1

      Yeah, but they probably won’t do that because of all the extra cost. We wouldn’t want to cut into those coaches’ salaries, now.


    • 69Dawg

      My god man the NCAA has every right to determine that cream cheese and peanut butter can be given to football players to spread on the already granted bagel. This organization reminds me of the Code Napoleon to put stuff like that in a rule book is just insane. They need to review every rule get rid of the stupidity that causes them to lose the fans respect.


      • Cojones

        All of you and the Mayor are at the heart of why we disapprove of the NCAA. It’s not the fact that they have to investigate, instead it’s the reason for investigating. Crowell’s puppy show was a delight to all Dawg fans and for anyone to try and taint that good moment is bereft of dignity of collegiate sports. I’m getting frustrated with the all out assault on college football for the sake of making it professional. We have outsiders(due to popularity of college ball) who are imposing themselves on college sports more and more. ESPN from the outside while the NCAA strives for purity by ruining the sport from the inside. In not picking their targets well as to intentional vs inadvertent rule breaking or twisting the NCAA is approaching unapproachable in many of our minds.

        What happened to the SEC’s own policing force of former FBI and other professional investigators from within?


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Not disagreeing with anything you said senor, which is right, too, but what does it to me is the hypocrisy of the NCAA. They jump on basically honest programs for trivial BS but ignore (or worse, condone) misbehavior of the worst kind by the baddest actors. Tell me that letting Cam Newton off with a less than 24 hour suspension when his daddy was trying to shake down a school for $180K doesn’t smell.


  3. 81Dog

    and Cam Newton, Cecil Newton, and Chin Gizik walk the streets as free men. Sounds about right to me.


    • ChicagoDawg

      Of course they do because for the last nine months the NCAA had their best and brightest (relative terms in this case) surveilling kennels and collecting DNA samples from old dog shit found in Crowell’s backyard. Meanwhile, they had Deputy Fife and Marcia Clark leading the investigation on the Plains.


  4. TennesseeDawg

    The infectious stupidity of the NCAA has every member institution in a constant butt covering mode.


  5. A very nice blog and I glad this has been cleared up.


  6. Irishdawg

    Are you f*cking kidding me? The NCAA investigated a high school kid holding a puppy at a press conference? What’s next, subpoening the profits from their paper routes?

    In all sincerity, NCAA, blow me.


    • Keese

      Actually UGA did the investigation on their own. Even though it’s pretty trivial, it’s good to know the university is serious about these things, no matter how small.


      • Sanford222View

        The sad part is the University had to waste its time and money investigating this because of the asinine way the NCAA works.


        • BeerMoney

          Yet Auburn shot birds at everybody in every direction and walks. Even when players come to the NCAA and tell them they received cash and benefits, the NCAA cannot get it right.


          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            The NCAA ignored the guys who came clean on Auburn and said there was “no credible evidence.” And there were FOUR of them that stepped forward.


  7. AusDawg85

    Well than goodness they didn’t use cream cheese to cover the pup’s brown spots or we’d be F’d.


  8. Macallanlover

    Mayor is right, this week’s NCAA announcement about how they were ignoring their own rules just added an exclamation point (if one was needed) to how incompetent they are. No other explanation except they are either afraid to do their jobs, or they are totally incompetent and don’t know their job. NCAA is an embarrassment, and a laughingstock. Member programs exercise too much influence in the NCAA’s authority because the NCAA has no real power/leverage except what the schools allow them to have. There is no other way to view the bizarro twists in logic over the past 30 years,,,,especially the past few years. No one understands what is right, wrong, or even allowed anymore. Time to die, bitch, you have outlived any usefulness you ever had.


  9. Tronan

    Never underestimate the ability of a regulator to miss the forest for the trees – especially when it willfully chooses to be ignorant.

    In light of the NCAA’s obsession with pecadillos and its uncanny ability to drop the ball on investigations of bigger issues, I’m wondering what will happen to Miami. If the NCAA retains any credibility, it’ll put the athletic program on double secret probabation (or worse) for a decade. But, the NCAA has no credibility, so …