More picks than sixes

Think things might get a little ugly on the Plains today?

It’s been a struggle for several of the SEC’s quarterbacks this season. In fact, there are 10 FBS automatic qualifying schools that have more interceptions than touchdown passes this season, and five of them are from the SEC — Auburn, Florida, Kentucky, Ole Miss and Vanderbilt.

Most of the names there aren’t a surprise, as they include three of the conference’s most dysfunctional offenses.  Even Florida’s appearance, given the QB situation and who the Gators have played, isn’t a total shock.  But Auburn?  What gives, Gus?  Even Chris Todd had a 22-6 TD/INT ratio.

For the record, here are the passer ratings for the guys likely to see playing time today, in descending order:

  • Barrett Trotter, 126.72
  • Jacoby Brissett, 108.54
  • Trey Burton, 68.90
  • Jeff Driskel, 57.08
  • Kiehl Frazier, -9.76

Expect to see a lot of rushing plays.


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41 responses to “More picks than sixes

  1. Dawg Vent

    Fire Mark Richt!!!!1! Dammit, wrong thread.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Don’t worry, Florida & Auburn will be just fine by the time we play them.

  3. watcher16

    Conner Shaw must have helped get S. Car off that list with his performance at Kentucky since we all know Garcia did as much as he could to get them on it

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Watch Conner Shaw implode today. Ring those cowbells MSU fans!!!

      • Biggus Rickus

        Shaw’s Kentucky game put me in mind of Cory Phillips’ ridiculous game against them in 2000. And we saw how well that predicted future success.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          No. Don’t take anything from Cory on that day. He made some great throws and stood in the pocket like a warrior and took some shots to make those completions. That was a fun game and battle between the Pillsbury-Throw-Boy and Cory. Am I mistaken or wasn’t Cory a walk on and one of last qb’s remaining after the Donnan/Quincey team ran all the qb’s off including a Heisman trophy winner? The mauling we took at the hands of Tech at the end of season was enough to make me want to get up and go home. Phillips got blind sided more than once that day. I honestly thought they had ruptured his spleen when he was blind sided on third down. He ran to the side lines and just knelt down and wrapped his arms around his sides like he was trying to hold himself together.

          • Biggus Rickus

            I’m not trying to knock Cory. That was a fun game to watch, and I’m glad he got his moment of glory. But he was what he was, and against better teams he didn’t have anywhere near the same kind of success.

            • AthensHomerDawg

              “But he was what he was, and against better teams he didn’t have anywhere near the same kind of success.”
              Oh I beg to differ sir. The year we beat Kentucky we loss 27-15 to the Nerds at home between the hedges. Tech went on to finish at #13. Three of the four records he has were set against….GT the other was against UK.
              Phillips played behind JD’s boy and then only in a handful of games and still managed to get into the record books. He was a senior in 2001 and the only returning qb with any game experience. Finished spring as co number one qb. The other number one was…….red shirt freshman David Greene. The 2001 SEC Freshman of the Year.

              Pass Attempts – Game

              65 – Eric Zeier vs. Florida, 1993
              62 – Cory Phillips vs. Georgia Tech, 2000
              55 – Quincy Carter vs. Georgia Tech, 1999
              54 – Eric Zeier vs. Vanderbilt, 1994
              53 – Eric Zeier vs. Auburn, 1993

              Pass Completions – Game

              36 – Cory Phillips vs. Ga. Tech (62 attempts)
              36 – Eric Zeier vs. Florida, 1993 (65 attempts)
              36 – Eric Zeier vs. Kentucky, 1994 (51 attempts)
              34 – Eric Zeier vs. Auburn, 1993 (53 attempts)
              33 – Quincy Carter vs. Florida, 1998 (49 attempts)
              31 – Eric Zeier vs. Kentucky, 1993 (47 attempts)
              31 – Eric Zeier vs. S. Carolina, 1994 (51 attempts)

              Passing Yards – Game

              544 – Eric Zeier vs. Southern Miss, 1993 (30 of 47; SEC Record)
              485 – Eric Zeier vs. S. Carolina, 1994 (31 of 51)
              441 – Eric Zeier vs. Vanderbilt, 1994 (23 of 54)
              426 – Eric Zeier vs. Auburn, 1993 (34 of 53)
              425 – Eric Zeier vs. Kentucky, 1993 (31 of 47)
              420 – Eric Zeier vs. Kentucky, 1994 (36 of 51)
              415 – Mike Bobo vs. Ga. Tech, 1997 (30 of 39)
              413 – Cory Phillips vs. Ga. Tech, 2000 (36 of 62)
              407 – Larry Rakestraw vs. Miami, 1963 (25 of 38)
              407 – Matthew Stafford vs. Ga. Tech, 2008 (24 of 39)
              401 – Eric Zeier vs. Tennessee, 1994 (30 of 45)

              Touchdown Passes – Game

              5 – Joe Cox vs. Arkansas, 2009
              5 – Matthew Stafford vs. Ga. Tech, 2008
              5 – D.J. Shockley vs. Boise State, 2005
              5 – David Greene vs. LSU, 2004
              4 – D.J. Shockley vs. Kentucky, 2005
              4 – David Greene vs. Kentucky, 2002; NW State, 2002
              4 – Cory Phillips vs. Kentucky, 2000
              4 – Mike Bobo vs. Georgia Tech, 1997
              4 – Johnny Rauch vs. Clemson, 1946
              4 – Eric Zeier vs. Texas Tech, 1993; Southern Miss, 1993; Vanderbilt, 1993; Alabama, 1994

              Cory Phillips. DGD!

      • ScooBoo

        He’ll probably show up drunk.

  4. DB

    If it comes down to who runs it the best Auburn should win in a walk.

  5. Keese

    Makes you wonder how these teams will have to gameplan against GA. They can’t abandon their run game but the only RB that had any success was Lattimore. Don’t be surprised if Florida (and Auburn depending on Fla game) goes with a LOT of misdirection plays and uses a speed game to the outside. With all the talk about C Wasington being back for the GA-Fla game, I believe Vasser may be the better option for assignment football on a speed perimeter attack by these teams

    • Biggus Rickus

      I think you’re right, unless Brantley comes back for that one. I highly doubt that will be the case though.

  6. Scott

    Blair Walsh can kiss the NFL goodbye. 9/17 on the season. I have to turn the channel when he trots out.

    It has been so frustrating watching us offensively so far this game. We are useless without Malcolm Mitchell. If we keep letting Vandy hang around, something bad is going to happen.

    • Skeptic Dawg

      Have faith. Dawgs NEVER play well in Nashville. They will allow Vandy to hang around and then score to win by 10.

  7. Anyone have a link to a livestream of the Georgia/Vandy game?

    Post it or email me at


  8. Scott

    Have we bit on every trick play this season? It seems like an automatic TD for the opposition. I would do nothing but call trick plays against us.

    Nice drive to end the half….whew. Now I can relax for a little bit.

  9. Dawgwood

    Here I go…Bobo’s second down play calling is horrible. It’s killed good drives. And what’s up with Crowell? Any word on why he was benched? This game has a weird feeling to it.

  10. Turd Ferguson

    Vandy’s offense ranks 117th in the country. Our defense ranks 6th in the country. Lookin’ good, Dawgs.

    • Dawgwood

      Yeah, I’m thinking we’ll no longer be a top ten defense after this showing. At least we can say the dawgs make these game entertaining.

  11. Scott

    This feels like South Carolina game. We dominate but mental errors/ lapses and settling for FG attempts are killing us. We have only punted once in the game as we start the 4th.

  12. Russ

    Typical Georgia Vandy game.

  13. JaxDawg

    Richard Samuel has no goddamn business at running back — period!

    And we were NOT mentally prepared for this game and looked like it.

    Murray – off
    D – way TF off
    ST – way way TF off

    I’m not letting the facade of weak schedule fool me into any enthusiasm about this team.

    • Dawgwood

      Murray off? 326 yds 3 TDs 1 int

      • Zdawg

        Yea, we tooled around in the first qtr on offense, but Murray had a solid game. I’ll be honest, vandy played out of their minds tonight. Aarons little brother is a player.

      • Scott

        Those good passing numbers are deceiving when you consider how many scoring opportunities we blew. That’s certainly not all Murray’s fault. Some of the drives ended poorly for other reasons.

  14. Russ

    What was Crowell disciplined for?

  15. Keese

    What a weird game. Vandy was playing one hell of a dirty game. Vandys OL and WR were grabbing, holding, clipping, tacking…you name it. The defense was definitely off their game. Not really sure what to pin point other than Rodgers being mobile. Grantham was pissed and don’t blame him. Wish I could lip read

  16. ETennDawgFan

    what the hell got in Grantham’s pants at the end of the game?

  17. BMan

    1. Do we know for sure that Crowell was being disciplined? I just heard Bob Rathbun speculating as much; then again, I heard him saying “Richard Samuels” the entire first half, so I don’t take a lot of stock in his insight. Mark Richt’s answer at halftime about Crowell was so snarky I couldn’t tell.
    2. With the Dogs set to punt at 00:15, they took a timeout (or a delay) and changed the protection to move the 3 guys that stand about 5-6 yards in front of Butler way up to right behind the line. I began to panic asking, WTF is this changed protection?!
    3. Punt blocked…oh, the changed protection was to give me a f*cking heart attack. Thanks for that.
    4. No idea what was up with Grantham at the end. For some reason, I get the feeling he thinks Vandy was playing dirty somehow, cheap shots, etc., though I have nothing to back that with.