That was such an ugly win…

I almost feel bad for Vanderbilt. Almost.


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  1. NC Dawg

    who coaches special teams for us?

  2. NC Dawg

    And what was the deal with Grantham after the final whistle?

    • Cosmic Dawg From The Mothership

      Cats over at LHB think it was over chop blocks…

      • Dawgwood

        Keep reading it was due to dirty play during the game. And I can understand his anger after watching the game. Who knew Vandy had it in them.

        • Keese

          Dirty dirty game by Vandy. I’ve never seen a Vandy squad in desperation resort to trashy play like that.

          Their OLinemen were tackling our defenders on a few plays. Chop blocks, Brandon Spikes type hands to face, holding/grabbing…just rediculos

          • Spence

            I watched 2 UGA players throw punches, including one by a captain and a senior, Shawn Williams, who you would hope would know better.

            Totally unacceptable. I don’t care what happened to set it up. Throwing punches is stupid, especially in pads.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          The word is out. The refs won’t call holding against UGA opponents, nor anything else for that matter. Vandy did what they did because the refs let ’em.

          • gatriguy

            Completely agree. The officials let that one get VERY close to the edge. I’ve never seen so many non calls on holding and blocks in the back. I counted 4 separate blocks in the back on Jarvis.

            • Keese

              Vandy players really were trying to injure and take players out of the game. Jarvis was just one.

            • DWH

              Well they had no problem calling personal fouls and off-sides. Seemed like every other play. SO glad that game is in the books. One of the most frustrating games I have ever watched.

    • TennesseeDawg

      Someone stomped on Rambo on the last play (I’ve heard that as well)

    • MT

      I could also see it being over Franklin yelling about Shawn Williams and the 2 PFs, as was suggested at Dawgsports

      They got a good bit closer, per the below screenshot, than I recall seeing during the broadcast too:

      • gatriguy

        LOVE the worthless SEC official in that picture. That pretty much sums up what I think about SEC officials

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Uh…He’s not really an official. He’s just one of the guys who hold the chains. The officials had already run off the field.

          • BeerMoney

            Exactly. Like the worthless chickenshits that they are. They are always there to show out like the stadium is packed to watch them throw their flags and prance around. But once the final whistle is sounded, they are in their cars before the players have left the field.

            Not saying this was necessarily a horribly called game (like last week), but not much better. Every week SEC officials are the standard bearer for shitty refereeing. Guess it’s because they all went to Tech.

            And speaking of Tech….I am sure am glad to see all that bullshit fall apart today. Not sure who was more overrated…Tech or my first lay.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              The Tech connection to refs in the SEC is something some of us feel is at least partially behind the one-sided officiating we are seeing in UGA games. The SEC refs even cheat for the OOC team when UGA is the opponent.

      • Keese

        I sure as hell hope Grantham didn’t get himself into trouble. If the cop truly did get pushed or hit somehow, this is very bad news

        I guarantee you there were chairs and tables being thrown in the locker room.

        • Gravidy

          I’ve watched it ten times now. I never saw the cop get pushed, but I did see the cop throw an elbow in Grantham’s throat, and Grantham just walked away after that. So I can only assume Grantham will be in trouble while the cop will get a raise.

        • The cop is likely working off duty. Even if he pushed the cop incidentally, Grantham is fine.

  3. Turd Ferguson

    You know what great football teams DON’T do? Pretty much any of that.

    Cheers to those of you who seemed so confident after our first couple wins that we’d run the table. After tonight, any confidence whatsoever in this football team is only blind, stupid faith. Still hope you’re right. But blind and stupid, nonetheless.

    • Skeptic Dawg

      It is not unheard of for the Dawgs to play poorly in Nashville. Yes, they probably should have lost (if the kid did not fall down after the punt was blocked). But, it is a W. I never thought they would head to Jax 5-2 after the SC game. This team is simply too flawed and relies too heavily on freshmen on offense to pose any real threat. They are what they are. Would lobe to McGarity’s honest thoughts tonight.

      • gastr1

        Haven’t lost there in 20 years. And before that, Vandy has two wins in Nashville since the 1940s.

        • Russ

          You’re correct on the record, but look at the games and they are often close affairs where we eek out a win, sometimes undeserved. Hoage in ’82 saved our ass, and that team should have won the MNC except for Penn State. ’07 the team won on the last play of the game and jumped on the V, prompting Richt to start flinging players off the field. We often play poorly in Nashville, and this didn’t surprise me given how much everyone was overlooking this game.

    • CoachSpurlock

      Very similar to ’07. Seems like that game then was the catalyst for our season after that. I hope the same thing happens again. We were clearly looking ahead and were lucky not the pay the ultimate price for it.

    • Merk

      Our ST sucks and allowed Vandy to hang around thanks to a fake punt/HB pass combo that was half of Vandy’s first half yards. Also the KR TD that gave them hope. This was a Vandy team that was hungry and had nothing to lose. Thats it.

      That does not mean our entire team sucks.

      • Turd Ferguson

        Who said our entire team sucks? Obviously not me.

        And for the record, I don’t give a shit how “hungry” Vandy was. An equally “hungry” Georgia team ought to be able to put them away soundly.

      • Dave

        seriously? Vandy is “hungry”. Vandy? VANDY?????? What next? Your really have to be on your toes when you play Duke……

      • gastr1

        Did you happen to notice that Vanderbilt ran the ball down our throats in the second half?

        Vanderbilt is better than they were and Franklin is going to make an impact there, but let’s be clear: they played right there with us most of the game and they aren’t very good. I’m hoping we just had an off-night and this will be a wake-up call.

    • MinnesotaDawg

      No, great teams don’t. Neither do good teams. Georgia isn’t great or even good. I think most credible college football watchers chalk up this five game winning streak as a product of a weak competition rather than a real turn-around. The blind and faithful here will criticize that view and pretend we’re better than we are.

      We are average. Yes, we could be better if we eliminate the mistakes and get our shit together for a whole game, but hell, then we wouldn’t be Georgia would we?

      At least we won tonight.

      • Here’s a question I want to pose to everybody and I completely agree that the game tonight was UGLY in every sense of the word. If Georgia beats Florida in two weeks in what would be considered an “ugly” win are we going to call them inferior opposition as well? At what point do we give our guys just a little bit of credit for you know, actually winning the games they’re supposed to? That’s such a far cry from last year when we couldn’t even do that.

        • Merk

          Seems like most are just pissed that we did not tank after starting 0-2. They just try to make every win seem like it was worthless and we fell ass backwards into it. Maybe if we win out people will be happy and say we did something. I dunno, but how over-rated does GT look now? They beat 3 teams scoring over 50pts and yet lose to a horrid UV team.

          • That’s what I was getting at.

          • gastr1

            “Seems like most are just pissed that we did not tank after starting 0-2”

            You need to flush that statement down the toilet where it belongs. Minnesota Dawg and Turd have been very fair in their critiques and concerns in recent games, and the scoreboard results and actual look of the games seem about spot-on. We don’t know if this team is really any good yet because they have not played a very tough schedule. Florida has revealed themselves to not be very good either. Awbarn might be the best we face in the second half.

            Alabama beat Penn State 24-11 and LSU beat Oregon 40-27. Those are excellent teams beating very good teams. It is not clear at all that we would not lose 38-14 to Alabama just as Arkansas did. Strictly by appearances we are a middling-to-good team that MIGHT be top 25 material.

        • MinnesotaDawg

          If we beat Florida (a huge IF given our history), I think 99% would be very happy, even if it were an ugly win. Would it mean that we a good football team? Not necessarily. It may not even get us into the Top 25. Florida has big, big problems, and I think that most of college football knows it. The happiness would just come from beating Florida because we do it so infrequently.

          The schedule just happens to set up this year to be against weak opposition with fewer opportunities to prove our worth against good teams. Of course, if we played good teams it’s far from likely that we’d be winning those games.

          You’re right in one respect. We are improved from last year–at least on defense. But you have to admit that that’s a pretty damn low bar.

          • Dave

            This is the most spot on post you will see here. We haven’t beat a team that is likely to finish with a winning record yet. With a schedule this weak, we should automatically think 10-2 minimum (which is still very possible).

      • Bevo

        MinnesotaDawg — good post there.

      • BeerMoney

        Yeah, like last year when we weren’t good either and found a way to lose against these type teams in these type games. May I remind you that some of UGA’s best teams didn’t exactly light the world on fire at Vandy?

        I am really not that worried about this team. I think we will give UF our best shot given that many of our best playmakers will be back. And if we have a way to kick Florida in the gut given what they have been through, then dammit. Let’s do it.

        • Dave

          While your Vandy comment is well taken, we lose handily to top 5 teams. If you’re OK with that………

          • Hackerdog

            I assume you’re not OK with losing to top 5 teams? Is it your opinion that we should handily win every game on the schedule? Undefeated every year is the only acceptable outcome? Do you think that expectation may be a tad unrealistic. Especially given we’re coming off a year with a losing record?

        • Chopdawg

          I keep wondering why we haven’t played a complete game yet. What’s wrong with Crowell? When we have a lead to protact, why can’t we line up and run the ball for first downs in the 4th quarter? This far into the season, I’m happy to be 5-2; but an SEC-East championship-caliber team can put one or two Vandys & Ole Misses away, can’t it?

  4. ETennDawgFan

    Ill take it

  5. Cosmic Dawg From The Mothership

    I’m with you, Senator, I found myself liking Vanderbilt quite a bit tonight – unless we learn more about the chop block accusations. Vandy played a gutsy game. I turned to Mrs. Cosmic Dawg and said, “All the talent is on side of the field and all the heart is on the other.”

    That statement was probably not totally fair – I think a lot of our players are good kids, and am proud of them this year, but they seemed like they were mailing it in at times tonight…

    • NC Dawg

      I did notice a couple of cut blocks, especialy on the play where Kwame lost his cool and punched the Vandy center while they were on the ground. I was hoping there would be an offsetting flag on the Vanderbilt guy. Surprised no chop block flags were thrown.

      • gastr1

        I don’t know how the refs stacked up in this game, and I know you’re not suggesting this, NCDawg, but it really bothers me that some of our blogging fanbase think the refs are somehow screwing us systematically every week. On the Geathers play clipping was called and Geathers was penalized, so his punch was seen, yet they let him stay in the game. Perhaps there is some kind of “laying on the ground” versus “standing up” distinction about whether punches thrown result in automatic ejection (I doubt there is), but we and Geathers caught some sort of referee gift by him staying in, seems to me.

        Not saying there weren’t missed calls on Vandy. There was holding on the rushing TD in the third quarter. But we’ve benefited on occasion too from the awful officiating that is the SEC.

  6. TennesseeDawg

    Georgia is by far the easiest team in CFB to fool on any trick play. The Dawgs can make a win suck ass.

    • Cosmic Dawg From The Mothership

      I have prank called GA special teams dept. every day for six weeks asking if they have Prince Albert in a can and they STILL always say “yes” – and they’re not even a drugstore! Sheesh.

  7. CrawforDawg

    We don’t have a special teams coach. Never the less, we still play like we’re coached.

  8. Tdawg

    Didnt they make new rule in offseason regarding offensive penalties in last 2 minutes requiring a 10 second run-off? Why wasn’t game over after the Vandy substitution penalty with 7 seconds left (same penalty UNC had that prompted the rule, correct?)? Don’t get me wrong, game was ugly and should’ve never come to that, but I couldn’t figure out why Richt wasn’t pointing that out to officials…

  9. Turd Ferguson

    Vanderbilt just rushed for more than 4x as many yards as they did against South Carolina and Alabama … combined.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Don’t go all EEyore Dog on me Turd……… Hillbillies got over a 100 yards on LSU tonight and they were -20 on our Dogs.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      What really should bother us is Crowell couldn’t go in the fourth quarter.

      • Turd Ferguson

        I’m not really surprised that Tennessee had a lot more rushing yards today. They went into this game knowing that they’d have to rely much more heavily on the run game. Against Georgia, the Vols OL was clearly focused more on pass-blocking, so Bray could stand there and pick our defense apart. With their back-up QB in today, it was much more important for them to establish a run game, so the OL blocked a lot better.

        In the meantime, with Vandy’s QB situation being such as it is, Georgia should have been prepared for a run-heavy offensive gameplan. And yet, they still ran all over us. We looked positively Willie-esque tonight.

        And yes, I agree, we should all be bothered by the fact that Crowell is looking more and more like a china doll who simply doesn’t have enough gas to play 4 quarters of football … even WITHOUT the wrist boo-boo.

      • NC Dawg

        Are you meaning that Crowell lacks toughness, or that he may be hurt for UF? Wonder why he had to sit the first quarter? Richt’s comment at halftime was that he kept Crowell out “because I love him.”

        • Turd Ferguson

          I feel like I remember Richt doing the “because I love him” thing before, and I think it had something to do with a relatively minor disciplinary issue. Just a guess, though.

    • CoachSpurlock

      That is typical. They changed QBs and he played the game of his life. Usually it’s Tennessee that does that to us though. We clearly weren’t prepared for the option tonight.

  10. Grafton

    Atleast they will have plenty to work on over the next two weeks.

    • Jim

      I got $50 that says we read about staff and players taking a couple days off this week…maybe a trip to the pool is in order

      • Merk

        Richt sounded like he just heard someone had died after the game. He really sounded disappointed, maybe this is what we needed. A game to show the players they still have a lot growing up to do.

  11. AusDawg85

    Yep, ugly. But the gators look much, much, much worse. And KY is a total wreck. We have enough, if we focus, to get through those two. Who knows about Auburn. If we keep scrapping, fighting, digging…there’s a chance.

    Or, FireMarkRichtNow!!1! just to soothe you naysayers, vampires, and bus jumpers.

  12. TennesseeDawg

    The radio report says a Vandy player hit a UGA player in the face next to Defensive coach Graham after the game. They did not say why the coaches started yelling at one another, but a cop got hit by another person and is being detained

  13. AmpedDawg

    Man, I just don’t get Georgia teams over the last year or six. Between Murray’s continued sophomore slump, more offensive malaise, more special teams blunders, and a D that just looked uninspired and, frankly, somewhere else mentally, I walked out of the feeling relieved that we won but totally baffled.

    I also was disappointed in a few of our players for some questionable antics. My eyes weren’t good enough to pick numbers, but the jawing with the Vandy coaches during the extended time it took to sort out the penalty on Geathers was unacceptable and embarrassing.

    • NC Dawg

      A big 10-4 on that, amigo!

      • smitty

        Yes despite the numbers tonight Murray has regressed to a 5 foot 9 inch QB.

        • Dave

          not following this….what did he do wrong tonight? Did he throw any interceptions? 33 points against a pretty good D, without help from our D or special teams seems pretty good, no?

          • Dave

            he did throw one late, yes.

          • gastr1

            Uh, yeah, he threw one. In a spot where we should have put the game away (the first of many of those).

            But I agree, Murray was very good tonight, and Vanderbilt does have a ball-hawking secondary with a very smart defense. The cat-and-mouse games with Chris Marve were something.

  14. Bad Marinara

    This is why you give the backup a chance in a real game situation. Especially when the starter isn’t getting it done. Good job Rodgers.
    But more importantly, Holey Hell! Come on guys! Special teams was the ONLY sure thing about this team before the season.

    • Merk

      Clearly you have not been watching us for the last few years. “Sure thing” before the season means that it will cost us 2-3 games because it sucks so freaking bad. See O-line last year for prime example.

  15. NC Dawg

    At least complacency shouldn’t be a problem going into Jacksonville. But he Gators will be desperate and no doubt dangerous.

  16. Lrgk9

    Grantham was letting a Vandy player named Monahan have an ear full.

  17. AthensHomerDawg

    Let’s not forget that the Gators got beat and PJ’s high school offense was outscored tonight. There is that.

    • BeerMoney

      And for that, all the world is right. Say what you want about UGA, but just say that they won tonight…which is more than either of those piece of shit fanbases can say.

  18. Bryant Denny

    The team to feel sorry for is Florida. Man, they flat out stink. Sure they were playing two true freshmen at QB, but the offensive game plan and play calling stuuunnnnk.

    That ship looks like it’s sinking.

    • Bryant Denny

      If y’all don’t drill UF and AU, y’all might want to consider taking a couple of seasons off.🙂 This is the year folks…

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The truth is BD that LAST year was the year, too. Every team ‘cept South Carolina in the SEC East was down. In ’10 South Carolina wasn’t worth sh!t but it was their best team ever and everybody else in the East stunk. If UGA puts any team out there that is even slightly worth a sh!t UGA wins the East in ’10. That’s why I am still waiting for the anvil to drop on Richt’s head this year. It almost happened tonight. P.S. I’ve said it before and it is still true. Having CMR on the UGA sideline making decisions is worth at least 1 TD (maybe more) to the other team. His end of the game f*ck-ups almost cost the Dawgs this game.

      • Dave

        I watched both games simultaneously, figuring the Auburn game would be very close, and our game would not….well, half right. Florida is terrible. They can’t even catch a punt with their best player. Yet, we have been double digit favorites under Richt and still lost. So, obviously, any W will do. You are so right about this being the year (of course, 10 was wide open too). How many times will Fla and Tenn both suck in a year? That said, the West is going to absolutely massacre the East winner in Atlanta.

      • Bad M

        As much as I want to say something confrontational…all I can muster is “Well, yeah.” You are right.

    • ETennDawgFan

      NEVER will I feel sorry for Fla. I expect them to get their act together in two weeks. Hope the Dawgs can to!

  19. Scott

    All those Gator fumbled/ muffed punt returns tonight was surreal. I am not sure I have ever seen a team fumble five times trying to “fair catch” a ball. They only lost two of the fumbles but each was costly. There was at least one or two other shaky fair catches. Make you wonder how these guys fielded punts in practice.

  20. Merk

    Fla has perfected that art of looking crappy up until they play us. I am 100% sure Fla will get every lucky break in 2 weeks. They always do.

    • gastr1

      We’ve perfected the art of crapping our pants against them too,

      I think this team has a better mentality, though. I think we win that game.

  21. smitty

    On the fake punt, why in the world did we not call a T.O. when they shifted to a new formation and everyone from Nashville to the bar I was in realized what was coming?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Very good question. The guy to ask is CMR.

    • Merk

      Well at this point would we not be better to just play D and drop Boykin and/or smith back to return the kick?

      I mean damn.

      In NCAA when I was playing with a crappy FCS school and played against BCS teams if I kicked the ball off to them it was 7 pts. Thus I just kicked it out of bounds cause they cant score with that. So if we suck so bad on the punts that every trick play ever drawn up will own us then we need to just stop sending the PR team out.

  22. Less Sick, Always Faithful

    Y’all act like you’re surprised. We knew this was probably goung to happen. The Dawgs were going to play vanilla because it’s Vandy and. We could just show up and win. Plus we’ve got FU in 2 weeks. Hell I’m just surprised we didn’t lose.

    It’s hard to say after tonight, but I think they’ll be ready for FU. But like CrawforDawg said, we play like we’re coached.

  23. The game result I hope can be a lesson why conservative call in the last few minutes is just dangerous.

    The consolation of this game is we made a new QB look like another Heisman candidate but still won. Reminds of TN games of 2007 and 2009 where UGA terribly lost however.

    • Dave

      Can you elaborate on the conservative calling? Where exactly?

      • Can't Get Right

        I nose-blurted my PBR at the Bobosity of running Samuel 3 times in last offensive series unsuccessfully trying to kill clock. Did we not learn the Bobidity of this scheme from last week at UT, or looking only slightly less Boboish in Oxford trying to kill the last 4 minutes the same way with Crowell? Why the Bobo are we afraid to throw the ball in the last minutes? Or does Vince Dooley’s 2 out of 3 admonition against passing outweigh killing the clock with a first down?

  24. Go Dawgs!

    Vandy beat UGA. Score is irrelevant. They had us.

  25. I guess this game completely eliminates Vandy for Homecoming games in the future. LOL

  26. Less Sick, Always Faithful

    But I did like to see the fire from Grantham. I’ll bet they play like they have two chips on their shoulders in two weeks.

  27. Otto

    I took heat for saying backdooring into an SEC East Division win may not impress me. UGA maybe able to win the East with 2 or possibly 3 losses by virtue of not playing Ark., LSU or Bama. At the same time how would UGA be looking now if it just played Bama, LSU and Aubrn in back to back games?

    Special teams are starting to slide back to 2009 levels even if in different ways. The offense could not produce a clock killing drive to keep their offense off the field. Sadly even the defense struggled at times which is something that I thought would be much better in this game.

    • Dave

      Slide back? They have cost us 1 game entirely, and almost another. Between SC, Ole Miss, and Vandy, I think they have accounted for 3 or 4 touchdowns and some other critical plays as well (in 6 games!!!!!). I don’t remember a ST under Richt being this horrid, even 09. Strange since under first half of Richt’s career, ST was almost always a strength, and sometimes so in huge games (see Tennessee on multiple occasions).

  28. I feel like I’m treading water in open, shark infested seas just waiting for the damn sharks to decide to take a bite already.

  29. D.N. Nation

    For the entirety of the second half, all Georgia had to do was get a single m****rf*****g stop on defense. And they didn’t do it.

    Georgia won a shootout against Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt. 2011 Vanderbilt.

    Enjoy your laps, defense. Glad I’m not you.

    • Dave

      This has been a theme this year. Late in the game, we not only haven’t dominated (like we have early), we have given up sustained TD drives. See Boise, SC, and now Vandy. We also gave up a late drive to Tennessee as well.

  30. I’m looking forward to the CTG head coaching era where our team gives a crap because they know their coach does.

  31. JasonC

    Well, Senator, I guess that will help you with your problem of getting too excited about Georgia’s defense.

  32. Derek

    I guess we have no chance I two weeks because everyone knows that the last time we beat Florida we smoked vandy in Nashville. Vandy had no chance in that 2007 game. We were sharp that night. Awesome. We went into jax riding high. Can’t remember the score but it was like 60 to 0 or something over candy that year. So yes everyone, we have zero chance in two weeks because we struggled against vandy. Everyone knows you beat uf after dominating vandy

    • Dave

      What the hell are you talking about? I haven’t read one post yet where someone says we don’t have a chance. Florida is utterly terrible. But honestly, SC isn’t much better than them, and we gave that one away, just like we nearly did again to Vandy. I think that is what people are worried about here.

    • Boz

      My sarcasm radar is currently down, so I’m try to figure out your comments, but for the record, it was a 50 yd field goal after a fluke fumble recovery that beat Vandy and turned our 2007 season around.

      • Derek

        Really? So why all the doom and gloom? If we beat vandy in worse fashion in 2007 and then won in jax 42-30, why all the doom and gloom? Why all the bitching?

        (I’m guessing it has to do with the number of bitches.)

  33. BMan

    On the blocked punt, Dawgs ran the clock down to 00:15 and took a timeout or a delay, then completely shifted the protection. Instead of having the usual three guys about 5-6 yards in front of Butler, they moved those guys up right behind the line. To my untrained eyes that seemed odd at the time, and I started yelling, “WTF are you doing?!” If those guys had been farther back, seems like they would be in better position to stop players coming off the edge; moving them so far up just makes the angle impossible. Maybe they thought the rush was going to come from the middle. Anyone else got a take on this?

    • Biggus Rickus

      The problem was that the blocker released a guy inside and picked up a guy further outside. You’re supposed to block inside out. I still can’t believe they almost beat Georgia on a blocked punt in the final 15 seconds. Weird night.

    • UGAfoo


      My Dad was screaming at the tv. Where was our normal punt protection?

  34. Biggus Rickus

    I wasn’t expecting Georgia’s A game, but I sure as hell wasn’t expecting whatever the hell that was (their D- game?). I’m just relieved they got out with a win.

  35. AusDawg85

    UGA is 5-2 and outplayed USCe according to their own coach. We are tied for SEC East lead. This is pretty much the best prediction most reasonable folks had at the beginning of the season recognizing that this was a young, thin, and injured squad before we took the first snap in the Dome. Folks most wanted to see an improvement in Defense…’cause D wins in the SEC. Maybe find a star or two on offense, not necessarily needing 30+ ppg…just enough to get the job done.

    So we have it. Yet many are screaming: FIREBOBOMARKRICHTWEAREDOOMEDAGAINSTFLORIDA!1!!

    You guys are the definition of vampires. We are not LSU / Bama or OK. We weren’t going to be this season. We were looking for improvement in performance and wins. We have it. Maybe not as much as we need to win the SEC, but it’s better…far better..than last season. I’m not endorsing CMR’s performance on the whole just yet, but DAMN….let him keeping winning however and with whatever it takes this season. And maybe just enjoy it.

    But if hyperventilating and spewing spittle on your monitor keeps you happy, sure…go for it.

    • Dave

      Um…with this schedule, I would say a 6-1 and the lead, not 5-2 and tied while losing the tiebreaker. You figured a split with Boise/SC. Boise turned out better than thought, SC worse. But there is no way anyone should be predicting a loss at home to Miss St. or a loss to Tennessee in their current state. Are we in good position yes, but we should be sitting at 4-0 with a 2 game lead in the east. And outplaying SC, we still wound up without a W, which is the problem here.

      • Biggus Rickus

        Yes, they should be 4-0 with a two game lead on the East field. The fact that this is true is exactly the point made above, that Georgia has obviously improved from last season. They aren’t great yet, but they are probably pretty good, which is a far cry from the last two years.

    • simpl_matter

      Indeed, Aus.

      How many SEC teams get through the season without a really close game against what should be a in-conference gimme? I’m not going to bring up the playmakers that were out on our side or try to find other reasons to optimistic, I don’t need to. We Fn won and, I’ll take it.

    • Turd Ferguson

      Funny, I don’t see anyone in this comments thread calling for RIcht, or Bobo, or anyone, to be fired. Nor do I see anyone insisting that we be LSU or Bama at this point (though, of course, it’s never a bad thing to measure your team against the best in the sport). And while I can’t speak for anyone else, I know I haven’t done any hyperventilating or spewing of spittle recently.

      You know what I have done, though? I’ve complained. Is that not okay with you? Are sports fans no longer allowed to complain about serious faults? Are we no longer allowed to express concerns, doubts, misgivings, etc.? Of course, I ask rhetorically, since there is obviously nothing wrong with doing any of this.

      If the only way you eternal optimists can protect this team from complaints is by resorting to bullshit strawmen and ad hominem attacks, that should tell you something.

      • Biggus Rickus

        Complaints are fine if they’re reasonable complaints. However, calling people who have faith in the team blind and stupid? Not fine.

  36. JaxDawg

    I’ve said many times that confidence gained through this weak-sister portion of the schedule is a mirage, but allow me to contradict myself and make a point. If you try and compare our wins against those of Bama and LSU, you are going to come up short every time. But rarely does a team trounce their opponents on the way to a good season (9+ wins) and beating Vandy at home in football (or basketball on their f*cked up court) isn’t chopped liver. Great Spurrier Florida teams have struggled in Nashville only to beat the snot out of everyone else so I don’t dismiss a win. It’s like Vandy pumps some weird gas into the stadium’s air only to not have it effect them.

    Our ST’s coach should be forced to run gassers in front of the entire team. This after having his ass chewed by Richt in front of the entire coaching staff. Their is no excuse for this shit, NONE, and McGarity should demand better. Hell, RICHT should demand better. ST’s are the difference in so many games.

    The off-weak will allow both us and Florida to regain a couple of lost players – Ogletree and Mitchell, Demps and Brantley. It’s not going to be easy folks because we cannot defend the run to the outside and that’s what Florida does, hit the edge and let speed kill. Their DL may maul our OL pups and Murray may have to use his legs ALOT. The difference in this game will be the turnovers (always) and SPECIAL TEAMS. I give the edge to Florida in that category. I give the edge to Prairie View in that category.

    That was ugly. I wish Richt and every player and coach were forced to run windsprints until 2am on the field, after the game. For once, I would love to see punishment after a sloppy, stupid win like that.

    • Biggus Rickus

      And Florida fans would probably give Georgia the advantage in special teams after last night. They also haven’t produced a turnover since Kentucky. Demps may be back for the Georgia game, but Brantley is unlikely to play until Vandy, unless they’re willing to put him out there at 80% and risk further injury. They might be desperate enough to try it, but it would be a dick move by the coaches.

  37. simpl_matter

    Let’s see, Georgia on a decent win streak and Florida on a 3 game slide heading into Jax, where have I seen this before?!?! Oh, that’s right, last year. Let’s put that final nail in their coffin this year, please!

  38. Biggus Rickus

    From the It Could Be (Slightly) Worse Department:

    “Gators now 8-8 last 16, 0-7 v top 25 teams, outscored 224-83. On avg, losing by 20 points/game. And things not getting better anytime soon.”

    Not that I will expect a win in Jacksonville until Georgia’s up two scores midway through the 4th quarter.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Hell, with two minutes left against them in 2007, I was yelling at my wife to stop saying we’d won because she’d jinx us.

  39. Russ

    If you’ve watched Georgia football for the last 30-40 years, I don’t know why last night’s game at Vandy surprises you. ’07 we eeked out a last second win and danced on the V. In ’82, Hoage saved our ass with a fingertip deflection of Vandy’s winning TD pass. It’s happened many times, and it didn’t surprise me at all last night, given how much everyone seemed to be overlooking Vandy. Vandy’s record sucks. However, they often play us tough, and we let them. That’s happened to Richt, Donnan, Goff and Dooley. I never saw Griffith or Butts coach, so I can’t comment there.

    We won and no one got hurt. Let’s get ready to kick Florida’s ass and add to their misery.

  40. As Munson says Vandy always plays us tough… always seems like more of a fight than it should be with them. From what I can gather now, Vandy was playing dirty the entire time (hence the reason Geathers wasn’t ejected from the game, the refs were noticing stuff going down I think), a lot of this goes back to our douche move in 2007 of jumping up and down on their logo after we’d won I’d bet. It cranked the animosity up a bit.

    We were also playing hamstrung. Malcom Mitchell? Nowhere to be seen due to injury. Crowell? What’d he play? a quarter? they’ll be healed for the WLOCP and Richard Samuel can go back to running horizontally with a slight backwards angle, and go down on first contact while on the practice squad. Why they didn’t let Carlton Thomas (who looked way better than Samuel) have more carries, is beyond me.