Silver lining time

If you look at last night’s game as some sort of bizarre controlled experiment – “A win is a win,” Bulldogs defensive coordinator Todd Grantham said. “They tested our discipline. When their quarterback started running, it became a new element to their offense.” – it begins to make some sort of perverse sense.

Maybe the coaches wanted to see how the defense would perform if it didn’t prepare for the run this week.

Maybe the coaches wanted to see what would happen if the players lost it a little bit on the road.

… The game was chippy in general. Georgia safety Shawn Williams got two personal foul penalties, and in the third quarter Georgia nose tackle Kwame Geathers threw a punch at a Commodore, who also drew a penalty, for offsetting penalties on the play.

“Early on in the game there was a lot of talking going on,” Jones said. “Vanderbilt liked to cut (block). On the play with Kwame they got him from behind, so there was no call and Kwame got a little upset. Which he shouldn’t have. It got a little heated. But it was a physical game all-around.”

“I know all throughout the game emotions were running high, there was a little pushing and shoving here and there,” linebacker Ray Drew said. “I don’t know if that carried over into the end of the game. But we need to take care of that. We can’t lose our composure in a situation like that.”

Maybe the coaches wanted the players to experience the effect from provoking an opponent.

“I don’t want to talk bad about other players,” Vanderbilt receiver Chris Boyd said. “But it was definitely grown-folks conversation out there. It wasn’t anything you want your children to hear.”

Vanderbilt Coach James Franklin was on the field several times pulling his players away from potential fights. At the end, though, things nearly turned ugly.

“We want them to respect us and I don’t really think they did at the end,” Vanderbilt defensive back Andre Hal said. “They came off the sideline. … You know how it is. It’s the SEC, you know?”

I don’t know.  But here’s what I do know.  Despite playing their worst in several areas, despite limiting Isaiah Crowell’s time, despite treating special teams like an adventure in a way we haven’t seen since Jon Fabris, Georgia still won.  And if you don’t think that matters, let me remind you about last year’s loss to Colorado.

Yeah, it was crap.  But Georgia is still in a better place this morning than Florida (when’s the last time the two rode into Jax with the Dawgs having more at stake than the Gators?).  And the bye week couldn’t come at a better time.  Georgia’s getting several key players back, which is more than you can say for South Carolina right now.

Besides, admit it – you’ve always wondered if Georgia could bring its “D” game on the road against an SEC opponent and win, haven’t you?  Well, now you know.

Let’s just not repeat the experiment, fellas.


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45 responses to “Silver lining time

  1. Bulldog Bry

    How dare you tell me not to be miserable about how we almost lost. You want me to be happy about winning? It’s more important to look ahead and talk about how we’re eventually going to lose. WE ALMOST LOST (read:won)!!!! WHAT’S THERE TO BE HAPPY ABOUT?

    (yeah, that’s what most of our fans sound like to me these days)


    • Biggus Rickus

      Auburn almost lost like 7 times last year (should have lost at least once, against Bama), and they seemed okay with it. I’m tired of the people bitching about every mistake made in each game myself. While I am sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop, it’s hard for me to see it happening with a Brantley-less Florida, a mediocre Auburn and Georgia Tech being the toughest games left on the schedule.


  2. David

    Last time we rode into Jax with more on the line than UF? 2005, probably.
    But, we’ve both had the same amount on the line last year, 2008, and 2007.


  3. Turd Ferguson

    Telling me just to be glad that I’ve got something to eat doesn’t make the shitty meal taste any better. When we lose pretty, the optimists urge us to focus on all the signs of improvement. When we win ugly, the optimists urge us just to be happy with the win.


    • Biggus Rickus

      As an optimist, there’s no such thing as a pretty loss. I was super pissed after the Boise game and had no expectations for the rest of the season. The South Carolina game made me realize that the team wasn’t as bad as I was worried they were after the Boise game. From there, winning five straight is a good thing. Enjoy it or don’t, but complaining about every win is f-ing annoying.


    • gastr1

      There is a a silver lining, though, Turd, and teams have bad games. They jury is still out.


    • Ray

      Turd, just remember that the highs are highs and the lows are lows. We just have to keep everything in perspective, a win is a win. It is the height of hypocracy when the same people say it doesn’t matter how we played against USC, we lost. Then turn around and complain about how we played in a victory. Not saying you but just some “fans”.


  4. Lawdawg

    Luck hasn’t been on our side in a long time. When it shows up, I’ll take it. I think auburn fans know what that’s like.


  5. ChicagoDawg

    I learned a long time ago that conference road wins are never entitlements and to be thankful for each of them — no matter how ugly they may be (GA is not UA or LSU right now so road beat downs are not likely – sucks but it is reality). Such games are “live to fight another day” situations. The game ended with a W first and foremost, no serious injuries (I beleive), IC got a message sent to him that he hopefully learns from, Ray Drew appeared to take a few steps forward and they are on a 5 game streak heading into Jax with a much needed break. Be thankful, hope they get some things sorted out on ST and enjoy the fact there are still some meaningful opportunities on the table.


  6. Optimistic Dawg

    I had the feeling the whole game that we were holding back (not the players, but the decisions and overall strategy). It would make some sense that the coaches didn’t want to tip our hand before the Florida game. Everything seemed very vanilla. Rare blitzes, our star RB mostly on the sidelines, no trick plays… Clearly, it was sloppy, but we pulled out a win without showing much of anything.


    • Go Dawgs!

      We ran the Wildcat last night for the first time in a long time. We weren’t exactly running the Wing T. Vandy just stopped a lot of it.


    • Scott W.

      I thought the same thing from the offense to the defense not being able to stop the run until it counted and then coming up with a big play. ST almost killed the win though. I just hope it was a trap and not looking ahead or a mental break down.


  7. Lowdawg

    since when do you hold out a key player (or limit his time) and not tell anyone why? If you have the guts to hold out a key player, then have the guts to tell us why.
    Special teams coach should be fired.


  8. Go Dawgs!

    A win is indeed a win. We’re not competing for any crown governed by a poll, so you don’t need to do it pretty. I did feel beaten last night at Vandy Stadium, but I feel better today.

    At what point do we start to get really concerned about Blair Walsh, though? We all know what his abilities are. Is this something mechanical that he can iron out? Or does he now have a confidence issue?


    • Biggus Rickus

      I was ready to bring on Bogotay to get him some meaningful action last night. I have no faith in Walsh at this point. I suspect his problem is mental, so maybe he’ll snap out of it. I hope.


  9. Josh

    I’m still about 24 more hours from agreeing with you.


  10. Seems to be GA has problems with high school type trick plays. But as we can see these tricks can only work at the end for the really better teams. So far only USCe has been successful against GA and they even got a lot of help from Murray’s miscues to win just for three points. BSU did it without any much tricks as far as I can remember – remind me if there was.

    It is just really difficult to swallow when your team becomes the victim and looks clueless in defending these trick plays.


  11. TennesseeDawg

    Georgia football in a nutshell: We forced 4 turnovers and barely win the game in the last seconds of the 4th Q.


  12. Derek

    When was the last time a ranked Georgia team played an unranked Florida team?


  13. Will Trane

    I listened to that “cover 2” and “lsugher” Dawg announcer. They both said the Dawgs did not want to show much with UF coming up. Laugh, but not long. Now do you think any D1 program is going to scout or watch film of an up-coming opponent from the game it has prior to their match. Just maybe that was TG. If that is his mindset, well, I’d be a little mad at any and all for my stupdity.
    CMR, I understand how you were upset most of the game and afterwards. Coach I think you need to get someone’s attention. A good way would to be cut loose an assitant between now and the UF game. Think that would bring a liitle focus and urgency to your staff.


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