The best of Todd Grantham, part one

Sadly, he’s got a point here.

… Said Grantham, whose unit gave up 349 yards to Vandy: “The bottom line is we stopped them three times in the fourth quarter when they had a chance to win the game.”



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22 responses to “The best of Todd Grantham, part one

  1. Jim

    Other than the w, that game was awful. I hate it but believe this staff’s future will be determined by what happens against fl, au, and gt.

    We have done nothing this year but lose to a team we should have lost to, and go 5-1 against teams we should have beat. In that process we have gained some valuable experience for our young guys but that the same time have looked lost on more occassions than a well coached team should. We have also showed flashes of brilliance, which makes the first sentence of the paragraph so dang frustrating


  2. JaxDawg

    The obvious response is that it should have never gotten to that point.


  3. Merk

    Well the AJC is happy. Our near loss allows them to pretend GT didnt get ownt by a team worse then Vandy.


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    “Just win baby!”


  5. heyberto

    The positives? This team was able to stop them.. that wasn’t the case last year. It may be a pale consolation, but it’s something. What’s scary is I don’t see this being the case against Florida and Auburn. I would have included GT in that if they hadn’t gotten handled by UVA yesterday. I think our defense will be ready for Tech, but I thought they’d have no problem with Vandy, so we’ll see. This week off is huge for us, and it’s pretty apparent that we need it.


    • Cojones

      While agreeing with most of your post, I have seen sufficient play by both as reason to believe that we can beat both FU and Aub. Felt that way at the start of the season, had pause at one or two points , but now believe we can beat both. Yesterday’s game between the two demonstrated a lucky team winning when two hapless and weak teams play. They both are worse than last year and we are better to this point . We could have beaten both those teams that I saw yesterday. And we have a pretty full boat of good players ready to get back at it in two weeks. Washington, Ogletree and others can swing the pendulum even further our way.


  6. The other Doug

    Our defense didn’t have a great day, but we had other issues that made the game tight:
    7 points off of a kick return.
    Murray throws the INT when we are getting close to putting the game away.
    The blocked punt.


  7. JasonC

    Like I mentioned in one of the threads, Senator, it could help dial back some of that enthusiasm you had built up about the defense. Not that they didn’t come up big at times, but that they still aren’t 100% there.


    • Brandon

      I concur, not that we haven’t made improvement, but we’re not quite all the way back yet. I’ve got confidence in CTG getting us there, and for now I’m sure Bobo’s happy 33 was enough, all too often in past year’s it hasn’t been.


  8. Chadwick

    That’s the public consumption quote. I might have said the same thing after escaping with a win. I’d bet he ain’t handing out goodie bags to the defense during film session and practice this week. It’ll probably be a black and blue film session and unit meeting. I won’t be crying if we see the same kind of game and results in two weeks. Just win, baby.


  9. BCDawg97

    Should we have destroyed Vandy? Of course. But the team put a lot of emotion into UT, they were looking ahead to UF, we sat Mitchell, Tree and Crowell. Vandy came in fired up and we played down.

    They’ll be ready for UF.


  10. 69Dawg

    One of the things that is seldom mentioned when you talk about Vandy and to a greater extent Auburn is the number of players from Georgia on these two teams. Almost every big play against us last night by Vandy was by a kid from Georgia. They play with heart because they want to show UGA that they were good enough to play for us. UGA just has a cross to bear with so many opposing players from the state of Georgia.


  11. Will Trane

    Franklin, no one cares what you have to say. If it was important and you were mature enough to discuss, why not wait until the passion of the game has passed and you and CMR discuss it privately. But that was not your intention. You got what you wanted. No move on down the schedule with your tail tuck between your butt.

    Thank TG for sticking up for players. No defensive player likes to be chopped or cut block. Those ACC coaches like to do that to SEC teams. Can we name a few…like Georgia Tech, Clemson, Maryland, Virginia Tech. They are coached to do, play that way, and apparently have no regrets if they injure a player.
    All Franklin and staff did was sand bag the game with Bama and waited for the Dawgs. Close, but it failed in the end like TG said.


    • H-Town Dawg


      I’m sure that the Commodes didn’t have any expectations of beating Alabama and just hoped to keep it from being too embarrassing. But they clearly felt they could beat the Dawgs and sold out to do so. Kamikaze effort that still failed. But whatever might happen they were determined to put some stink on this game.