The best of Todd Grantham, part two

Georgia fans, you wanted a coach with some fire, you got one.

Between Grantham and Muschamp, Uncle Verne’s likely to pee his pants anticipating one of ’em spontaneously combusting on the sideline at the Cocktail Party.


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  1. JaxDawg

    I guess the best way to deal with a dirty team is to physically maul them during the game. Tackle them, but hit them so hard that it takes 45 seconds for them to stand up. From a physical perspective, Georgia should pretty much have their way with Vandy. The best way to shut a guy’s mouth is to knock his teeth out. We should have knock Vandy’s teeth out like Bama does. Their guys shouldn’t be any tougher than ours (but why are they?).

  2. JaxDawg

    That Monahan punk has alot of nerve. One of our guys should have squared off with him and let the coaches talk. P*ssy Vandy coach let a player step in for him.

  3. SlobberKnocker

    The vid shows Rambo laying on the ground, Franklin pointing (maybe toward Rambo?), Grantham turning and looking gehind him, then Grantham getting verbal. Was all of this caused by something that happened to Rambo?

    • gastr1

      No, Rambo was over near the end zone to the right. Franklin was most likely pointing at Shawn Williams, who I guess had been running his mouth at the Vandy coaches when they sorted out the Geather penalty. And Williams got two PF calls in the game.

    • fetch

      Looks to me like Franklin was pointing and yelling at CMR, Grantham turns to see who he’s screaming at and sees it’s Richt and goes apesh*t on Franklin.

  4. Merk

    Well, last year vs Auburn it was the O getting sucker punched by Auburns D. This year it was our D getting chop blocked and (supposedly Rambo getting stomped on while down at the end of the game.)

    The Difference. None of the coaches did crap against Auburn. Against Vandy Grantham stood up for his men.

    Everyone will try to make fun of this, but really it isnt that bad. If Grantham was cussing out Refs (Muschamp) and stuff yes I could see getting mad. He is intense and we need that. W/o Grantham we are 3-4 at best, but probably worse.

    • heyberto

      This makes sense. As much as I like what Franklin’s strategy for coaching Vandy up has been, by adding fire, he’s a bit of a loose cannon and this is the evidence. Grantham isn’t going to just go after someone without clear cause, there was some serious provocation, I’m quite sure. We’re very lucky this didn’t get ugly, but the players will definitely respond to Grantham’s sticking up for them in a positive way.

      • heyberto

        On the flip side of that.. I wanted to smack Kwame Geathers for his cheap shot.. but I’m wondering what was done to him to bring that on. I understand that emotion runs high, and getting back to Franklin’s ‘coaching up’ and the end of the game incidents, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a lot of stuff Vandy’s players did that we didn’t see.

        • X-Dawg

          The camera work of the broadcast was so bad, it was a wonder they evnn caught the Grantham fracas. Someone needed to go all Grantham on the camera director for FSS.

        • Jim from Duluth

          If I recall, Geathers got clipped by the Vandy center on the play. Both penalties were called – which meant yardage did not change, but Vandy got a first down on the Geathers PF penalty. (The refs just didn’t go through the motions of stepping off both penalties.)


        • fetch

          My understanding Geathers was tired on being chopped and since the zebras weren’t going to call it, he gave a penalty of his own.

    • Charles

      A bit of revisionist history in this comment, seeing as after Fairley helmet clipped Murray in the 4th quarter of last year’s UGA/Auburn game, we called a run play right at Fairley so that some of our o-linemen could pancake his ass. Things went downhill so badly that two of Auburn’s players were ejected, and the game was called with about 45 seconds or so left.

    • Bad M

      Good reminder, Merk. Aubarn deserves a serious beating after last year. On the score board. (who knows what goes on under the pile)

  5. Spike

    Put Franklin and Grantham in a cage match, then let the winner (Grantham, I’m betting ) take on Muschamp.

  6. BMan

    I had the feeling that Vandy was playing dirty, based on the unusual amount of chippiness during the game, most of it when our D was on the field. It was hard to see it, as the FSSO broadcast quality is just a touch above the Georgia HS playoffs on Ga-PBS.

    At the 1:20 mark, Grantham appears to give him a laurel and hardy f-you, then Ray Drew smartly put his helmet on in case things got ugly.

    Personally, I think Franklin and the security officer were pointing at Williams as he walked away. I’m inferring that just based on Williams’ involvement in some of the personal fouls.

  7. Turd Ferguson

    I’ll suspend judgment until I hear a bit more about what all happened, but for now, I’m inclined to love this. We applaud it in baseball. Hell, Bobby Cox made an entirely separate sport of it. If you feel like your guys are being treated wrongly, unfairly, or whatever, you get in someone’s face and let them know about it. Vandy played a dirty game. Especially against our defense. And Grantham wasn’t havin’ it.

  8. austintwo

    KButler saying on the radio that Vandy was doing a lot of “chop” blocks – that ain’t good.

    I didn’t see the game/incident, had to just listen on radio, so can’t say. I am concerned that Coach Richt, in his comments, basically crapped on CTG’s behavior – says we need to act like “gentlemen” – also, halftime comment about benching IC because he “loves him”.

    I have supported Coach Richt for a long long time, but comments like these really make me think he needs to check his pants.

    As for CTG, I did not like the choke signal against the FU kicker last year – but I like this a lot – go after the coach man to man – don’t know what happened, but I am sure CTG was justified and our players needed to see their coach acting like he gives a crap.

    Very surprised and somewhat concerned about CMR throwing CTG under the bus – a simple “no comment” was appropriate.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Good cop…. bad cop?

      • austintwo

        I thought about that too. If so, that would be fine. I hope Coach Richt is giving CTG a very visible “wink and nod” behind closed doors.

        If this is the case though, why go to the trouble?

        He just makes himself sound weird.

    • Cojones

      Richt’s comments were toward Franklin. They hadn’t even found each other yet. And later he repeated the comment and included a prop towards Grantham by using one of Granthem’s words (“competitive”). He wasn’t “throwing CTG under the bus”.

  9. Section Z alum

    this slow motion replay gives an “apocalypse now” feel to game screenings at chez blutarsky.

  10. 69Dawg

    Attention it should be old news that Mark Richt is not going to tolerate bad behavior. Why because he is soft as the Pillsbury Dough Boy. You can say he has class and I guess if you like guys with no guts he has class. We will never win another SECC with him as our coach. I have accepted that and am a better person for it. When you are in a shark tank like the SEC you had better be the biggest shark, we are just chum, talented chum but chum nevertheless.

    • Sanford222View

      You are better person for it? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

      I guess Richt wasn’t soft when he won 2 SEC Titles? Just because Richt doesn’t push the aneurysm envelope on the side lines doesn’t mean he is soft. Having class doesn’t mean you are soft either. I didn’t read or here his comments regarding Grantham but when he says the team needs to act like gentleman he could be referring to not getting sucked into the chippy cheap play of the opponent.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        ….and he also owned a few of the words that popped out of his(CMR) mouth…. stating he was ashamed of what he said.

      • austintwo

        Please read Coach Richt’s comments – across several different articles – and post your opinion after you have done that. You are totally wrong – he was talking about CTG.

        And yes, he was NOT soft when we won 2 SEC titles.

        He has changed. The questions in my mind are 1) why? and 2) can we win anyway?

        The 2nd question is the more important one.

        • Sanford222View

          I have read Richt’s comments now and understand they were answering a question about the situation with Grantham but I don’t think he was really throwing him under the bus. I don’t doubt Richt would have defended his players to Franklin either. Maybe not in the manner Grantham did but he would have defended them if Franklin would have addressed him instead of Grantham.

          I also don’t think Richt’s comments make him soft or that he has changed in regards to “softness” since the first half of his career. Complacency certainly may have entered the equation but that is much different that being soft.

          • Sanford222View

            Also, for the record, I don’t have a problem with how Grantham responded to Franklin. Franklin shouldn’t have poked the bear with the stick.

          • austintwo

            You may well be right. Thanks for reading it and responding. I may have overreacted.

  11. 1992 Dawg

    Candy’s o-line was chop blocking and taking out our d-line’s knees all game. I applaud Grantham for standing up for our team, that’s much more than Reverend Buttcutt did, and shame on him for chastising grantham.

    • austintwo

      Agreed. I think Coach Richt’s behavior/comments are embarassing, to tell you the truth.

      • Coastal Dawg

        Emabarrased by CMR, are you freaking kidding me?

        He didn’t throw CTG under the bus, he said he didn’t see what happened but he expects everyone to act with class, including himeself.

        I love Grantham as much as the next guy and admire his passion. But he is the adult and the coach. and should set the example for the players. Think about that episode blowing up further into a brawl with players and coaches. If the situation between Grantham and Franklin or God forbid Grantham and the Vandy player stepping between them escalates into a physical confrontation Gantham is out of a job and we are out a quality DC. That is embarrassing for the program.

        As for Richt’s guts, pitching a hissy fit and screamng doesn’t mean you have guts. It means you have a big mouth. True courage is doing what is right even when it isn’t popular. It takes guts to sit Crowell for the quarter for missing a meeting. How many other “gutsy” coaches like Meyer, Saban, Spurrier or Holtz woud do that?

        • Cojones

          Easy. austin two is guiding the remarks like an interloper trying to get a “fire Richt” meme going. He is determined to cast any kind of aspersion as this blog will tolerate. San222 and Coastal Dawg. DGDs.

          • austintwo


            LOL, there has been a “fire Richt” meme going now for years that has nothing to do with me and btw you will never find a post by me favoring it – also pls check my 4k posts on the Dawgvent and 3k on the Porch – I have never called to fire CMR

            please get a clue

            The good news is that the last time CMR wrongly chastised his own players after a Vandy game (2007 when he wrongly thought our kids were jumping on Vandy’s “V” at midfield after the gamewinning FG) we blew out UF the next week

            Hope history repeats ….

    • Ginny

      1992 must be your birth year. That would explain the “Reverend Buttcutt” comment.

      • 1992 Dawg

        No sorry Ginny, I’m actually 40, but didn’t know there was an age limit for opinions. I’m actually tired of the “aw shucks, gotta get better” bit. I’m glad someone on the sidelines has a pulse!

        • Macallanlover

          You may be 40 chronologically, but have the Slacker Generation approach to your opinions. True, there is no age limit on opinions, and you are entitled to share yours, but it comes with the right for others to see how dim-witted you are. Perhaps you would be more comfortable with Boom MFer as your coach since loud volume and bad behavior is your thing. You may not be a Florida fan, but you are doing a damned good imitation….son.

    • Columbus_dawg

      Reverend buttcut!!!!! LOL!!!!!

  12. fetch

    Well, if this is how he reacts to chop blocking, I look for him to break out a bazooka against GT.

  13. shane#1

    There’s chop blocking and there is clipping. I think Geathers got clipped. Everybody talks about protecting QBs, well what about linemen? Blocking below the waist from the side shout be illegal, whether the D lineman is engaged or not. Blocking from behind is already illegal, it is not enforced the way it should be. A player has to protect his knees, just ask Sturdivant. If a team is taking shots at your knees you cheap shot them, usually their QB. That sends a message, you try to hurt us, we knock out your main guy.

  14. Macallanlover

    SEC refs let Vandy get away with chop blocking, dirty hits all night. I would like for our players to be able to ignore it, but that is exactly what led to the Geathers retaliation. Remember the PF on the kickoff where the Vandy player cheap-shotted a UGA defenseless player? franklin went ballistic at his player, but UGA got the penalty for retaliating. Typical SEC officiating.

    This does not excuse the UGA players who continue to run thir mouths as trash talkers, they are embarrassing, but the officials let that game get out of hand by ignoring several bad incidents. BTW, UGA cheap-shotted that receiver, and got penalized for it, and should have. I think Franklin is a good coach, but they need to get the “little man” chip off their soulders and play straight up. Vandy gets away with a lot just because everyone thinks Vandy is clean. they were not last night and it led to several confrontations. CTG acted like an ass, but it is not Franklin’s role to call out UGA players immediately after a game, he needs to review his own game tape and clean up his own house.

  15. Dawg76-80

    Stop saying testosterone loaded crap like, ” he needs to check his pants” It makes me want to go Pat Summit on your sexists asses. Bottom line Grantham’s fire is/was appreciated. As the head coach, I do expect him/her to take the higher road. Are Muschamp’s childish Wild-eyed rants helping him win? It’s about balance, so Aristotle is still correct after thousands of years. Paul Johnson, Mr. Screaming Cro magnum man, did his tough, disciplined ass get a win against, the “sissy” VA? If you don’t like CMR or you want him replaced, or you just doubt his killer instinct, fine, but stop calling him a “girl” as a way to demean him. Yours truly, A woman who hates this kind of shit, and no, I don’t want to be a man, so save that comment!

  16. MikeyDawg

    Take the sexist “the world hates women” to another site. We are talking football, not basket weaving.

  17. Will Trane

    CMR this ain’t church or the country club. This is SEC football played with guys who have a high revolution motor in the game. Geather is a Freighliner, not a soccer mom on the way to school in a SUV. Do not htink Geathers wants to end the season in Nashville against a team going to Opry Land at the end of the season.

    When you hear those words “a win is a win”. Take it to mean this. We are the Dawgs, but we looked and smelled like a Dawg pile.

    Those ACC coaches go post doctorate in cut and chop blocks.

  18. The Original Cynical in Athens

    There was an Asian-American on Vandy’s team that outright punched one of our guys, but the UGA player was somehow penalized. #67 and #60 for Vandy were borderline dirty all night.

    The point is that we should be better than having “grown folks” conversation with Vandy. This should be a beatdown, not a Frank Ski episode.

  19. Skeeter

    Well, from the smell of this thread, all the dogs have done pissed on this hydrant.

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  21. Because I Can

    Awww poor little UGA fans. Did your feelings get hurt because once again someone brought you down to earth? Every year fans in the SEC have to put up with your self righteous BS acting as if you’ve won anything recently and yet year after year you show your true colors on the field. You might want to actually win the NC before you start acting like you compare to UF, Bama, or LSU. Effen typical!!!! Vandy gave UGA all they could handle last night and the best you can come up with are “cheap shots” and “trick plays” as for excuses why the 3rd worst team in the conference just threw up 28 points on you and beat themselves out of a win. Go back to your shitty state and accept reality. YOU WILL NEVER BE BETTER THAN A MIDDLE TIER SEC EAST TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GFS!

    • This is an historic moment, my friends: GTP‘s first smack from a Vandy fan.

      Question for you, BIC: how does a team “beat themselves out of a win” in a game in which they never held a lead?