The soft bigotry of low expectations

At one point during last night’s broadcast, one of the announcers actually uttered the phrase “Vanderbilt’s found itself a quarterback.”

Jordan Rodgers’ line from the game:  4-19, 47 yards, 1 INT, O TD.  That translates into a 31.3 passer rating.

Admittedly, that is a step up from Larry Smith’s 30.2 rating on the night.


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  1. Turd Ferguson

    And 11 carries for 80 yards. I’m not saying Rodgers is a great QB, but if I were a Vandy fan, I’d be optimistic. The guy made a few great throws, clearly isn’t afraid to tuck it and run if need be, and gave his team a chance to win against a significantly better team.

    • He looked like a threat to me all game, regardless of his stat line. From the moment they put him in, he had a definite swagger to him. Plus, while he may not have completed a lot of throws, they were clearly better than the injured wobblers that Smith throws.

  2. BMan

    With Rodgers’ running ability, maybe they’ll start calling him an “athletic” quarterback.

    • Biggus Rickus

      Not possible for a white guy. Just like black QBs are never “heady”.

      • gastr1

        Last night the announcers just about said this. “Rodgers’ athleticism is a real surprise…of the two, you’d have though Larry Smith would have been the more athletic QB, but Rodgers is the better runner” or something like that.

        I think that Rodgers will be good, though. He has a good arm as well as feet; they just have very little coordination in the passing game. Vandy may be a challenging opponent in future years.

        • Biggus Rickus

          He has potential I think. He could be Cutler Part 2, which would make Vandy dangerous.

        • Derek

          I was “surprised” too but it wasn’t an issue of race. The surprise was if Rodgers is the better passer AND runner why play him behind smith? I expected the back up to be a stiff who could throw and therefore didn’t fit the offense thus smith started. To see him run and throw well was a surprise.

          • Hackerdog

            Rogers was injured and had shoulder surgery in the off-season. When they started camp, he had no velocity on the ball. His velocity has been steadily improving to the point that he will probably be their starter for the rest of the season.

          • Will (the other one)

            Well most of Vandy’s coaching staff came from Maryland, which hasn’t exactly been a bastion of offensive no-how lately.

      • gastr1

        Oh, and by the way, Biggus…black QBs are never pocket passers either. I remember some comment on one game this year regarding Wilson’s transfer to Wisconsin and how he would add a running dimension to their offense…they’d apparently never seen the guy play.

        • Biggus Rickus

          I can’t wait for some idiot to call Brisset at Florida an “athletic” QB while Driskel is the pocket passer. Assuming that hasn’t already happened.

          • Normaltown Mike

            Remember all the confusion at Bama a few years back when they had the athletic option (white) QB in Watts and a pro style pocket (black) QB in Zow.

            Casual fans and retread announcers were no doubt totally perplexed.

  3. Lrgk9

    Wish GT and Vandy played each other.

  4. Bad M

    I’m honestly shocked. The numbers seemed better whilst I was pacing back and forth yelling at my TV.

  5. GTU

    What I saw was a “kitchen sink” game from Vandy where we faced in one single 60 minute period: a surprise option QB, a double-reverse pass, a half-back pass, a fake punt, an onside pooch kick, a wildcat formation offense, and GT/AU like chop blocking. Add a kickoff return, a blocked punt, and a new chippy attitude and you have to say that Franklin threw it all at UGA in an effort to get his signature win. Sorry James, you should have saved it for SC or TN, you probably would have beaten either one of those with that effort.

    As it was UGA had to incur multiple redzone disasters, a horrible night by our former AA kicker, an INT in the endzone, a missed reciver running all alone for a TD, and playing without the services of our best runner, receiver, and MLB. But it was an entertaining game that I never felt like we would lose but hated to watch us fail to close the door on and allow it to get within a Hail Mary.

    Have to be very impressed with Stacy, that guy is more dangerous than Demps to me. Glad to have him in our rear view mirror. Hated to see CTG lose control like that at the end, passion is one thing but that was unacceptable for a person in his position. After his JAX incident, he is getting a rep for being a jerk who cannot handle the big time. Don’t get me wrong, the HC at Florida has an even bigger problem with self-control and maturity, but it doesn’t mean that everyone will tolerate those antics. Franklin may have been wrong to single-out a UGA player so close to the end of a game, but Grantham could have told him very firmly that UGA would review the tapes and situation and handle. Had he done this, all the publicity would have been about the game, not the childish activity after it was over.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Didn’t Franklin just pull one more trick out of his “kitchen sink arsenal” post game? Vandy doesn’t slump…. and stays motivated? They got Army next week and then the Gators. This could be fun. Wonder if he will try this again on the Chompster?

    • HirsuteDawg

      It will be fun to watch Grantham and Muschump chat at the end of the cocktail party. It is good that there is an ambulance nearby because one of them could have a coronary.

  6. AthensHomerDawg

    Nobody from Rhode Island should announce an SEC game.” Vandabilt” and “he is only a sophamore” were just a few the new words he created. Also the team running the camera made me miserable. They either zoomed out so far the players looked like ants and I couldn’t tell where the ball was or they were in so tight I lost context.

    • Russ

      Agreed. The only thing worse than our special teams were the camera guys. They rarely showed the penalties either (and there were plenty of opportunities).

      • I loved how they managed to miss the ball on several key plays. On the overturned INT early on between Williams’ (?) legs, they didn’t have one camera angle with the ball in it continuously.

      • Cojones

        At one point, they were so close in and left the field to show the crowd, that I couldn’t tell where the lines and down markers were for a big play. Really dumb and very insensitive concerning fan’s interest.

        I have a sort of relief reading here today, that no one attacked the coaches nor playcalling. I warned early this week that Vandy donned Superman costumes when they played us. They deserve all the praise I’ve read on here. Don’t forget that some Dawgs played “lights out” literally and deserve like praise. Not one of the people I’m pointing out, but Crowell was congratulated heartily by players and staff after the good block he threw in protection of Murray on one td pass.

        Anyone got a clue what was bothering Vandy? We never are viscious or heated toward their play before, but they played with an incensed passion even though they usually play us hard. If all they threw against us last night comes together , they will be whippin’ some ass in the near future.

        It was a great “W” even though we tried to give it away to a toughened team.

    • JasonC

      Yeah, that was an awful TV crew. The play-by-play guy was a cliche voice and a mic and that’s it- a complete tool. The color guy was mediocre at best. And either they didn’t have any spotters for the game or they didn’t study the teams very well as they called the wrong players a number of times. I guess with ESPN broadcasting EVERY game of college football that is played, the crews get pretty freakin’ thin.

  7. Will Trane

    Never, ever listen to the game announcers. Distracts from following the play.

    Do listent to Williamson and Zeir. That is extremely difficult to do. Zier, is mr. cover two. Williamson, calls the play after it is over. But they laugh and carry-on. Nowhere near Munson. The sideline reporter, what a joke. Mr. hushpuppy.

    • Cojones

      Yeah, hearing the fan’s raise a cheer and later hear that they(Van) gained 25 was no fun. Same with talking instead of telling you where the ball is spotted after a play. I spoke aloud to them although they could not hear me. My wife said that if I used those words that loudly around the abode anymore, I would have to retire to an old folk’s Home named Casa de Burro, whatever that is.