Yesterday’s sickest move

What happens at the 0:15 mark is definitely a wow moment.

To borrow a Mark Jones quote after a Darren McFadden TD run, that ain’t right.


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11 responses to “Yesterday’s sickest move

  1. gastr1

    It dawned me on last night (yeah, it took a while) that that kind of juke is essentially Richard Samuel’s limitation as a back, even more than the balance issues. Samuel has NO feints, stutters, shifts; he just runs as straight as possible and has no capacity to slow down an oncoming defender.

    He has gotten better, though, and is proving himself serviceable in the role.


    • Russ

      He showed in one game he could catch the ball. I wonder why we stopped throwing to him and Figgins? Get them the ball in space and they can gain yards.


      • dean

        I’m hoping we’ve been saving the throws to Samual and Figgins for next week. Maybe since we haven’t shown it a while UF won’t be as prepared for it as they would if we had been running the plays every week.


    • Ray

      Samuel takes the majority of the impacts on his legs. I don’t recall seeing him lower his shoulder too often.


  2. Bryant Denny

    The poor guy with the broken ankles also got used on another TD run as well via a stiff arm (not one of Richardson’s though).


    • Saint Johns Dawg

      Bammers definitely have had running back talent in spaids the past few years.
      Fast? Check.
      Powerful/Strong? Check.
      Great vision? Checkity Check.

      That move shows Richardson is pretty smart, too. Can’t improvise like that unless your mental talents match your physical talents IMO.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    I don’t know if Richardson was trying to feint or just half cut and changed his mind, but it was skillful either way. I think the poor schlub looked even worse because he actually thought Richardson was coming at him and was trying to get out of the way of a freight train.


  4. Thinking Bulldog

    That was a good move, but the play of the day was the Mississippi State band playing the “Intermission” music from Monty Python and the Holy Grail throughout the long Official Review of the fumble call. I hadn’t seen that before. Hilarious.


  5. TennesseeDawg

    If you watch the entirely play start to finish you notice he jukes the same guy twice. lol


  6. Will Trane

    Any one can run against Ole Miss. Worst tackling team in the SEC, hands down. They could not shut out any of the GHSA top 10 AAAAA teams.

    Once upon a time UGA was tail back “U”. Somewhere in “time”, around ’03 thru ’07 it vanished. Here is the latest in that history. McClendon’s TB “U” pedigree line. King, Ealey, and now Crowell. And the running game, late in the game, nursing the score, field position, and game clock is snap after snap of negative yards and plays. What they call “conservative play” in the Bobo school of offensive coaching. That is short for we only have ten pages in our playbook.
    What I really like is our inside the twenty look and production. One time they even had a play called P-55. They tore that play out of the book and left it at Neyland. Setting and getting to the edge with some speed in Thomas and Crowell is extremely hard when your O line is the legit heavy weight team in D1. Do you think those guys get more push from the dinner table than on the LOS? 4th quarter UT and Vandy is a strong indication for an answer.


  7. Bring Back Jeff Pyburn

    “One time they even had a play called P-55″…….is that the same as P-44, but from 11 yards further out? :{)