Oh, Marcus, where art thou?

Bill Connelly paints the statistical picture for post-Lattimore South Carolina here.  Bill sez it’s bad, but maybe not as bad as everybody thinks.

The good news is Tennessee’s banged up, so is Florida and Spurrier was slowly weaning the offense away from being overly reliant on Lattimore (not that it helped in the Auburn and MSU games).

The bad news is that there’s no proven backup.  And Arkansas.

Bottom line?

… Suddenly, defensive lineman Melvin Ingram is their second-most accomplished offensive player, and Steve Spurrier will have to pull off his best coaching effort in quite some time to engineer a return to the SEC title game.



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6 responses to “Oh, Marcus, where art thou?

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The only thing I wish is that the Dicks…er…Cocks had lost to Missy State on top of the Lattimore injury. As lucky as Spurrier has been and with the injuries to Florida and UT he’ll probably pull wins out of his ass against them, too.



    I freakin’ hate the Shame’s. They beat UGA for the 16th time in 54 tries and yet they have talking smack as if they’ve actually had more than one 10 win season in their history. Lattimore seemed like a really good kid and I hate to see him get hurt. However, for Spurrier, karma’s a b**tch and he’s sleeping in the bed he’s made over there Skerolina. When you don’t kick a kid off the team that keyed a professor’s car after being on campus for only 2 months, forget the other 5 run-in’s with the law soon to come thereafter, clearly you’ve got some pay back coming your way.


  3. Saint Johns Dawg

    When the Everbank Field scoreboard shows UGA has more points than UF when the clock hits 0:00, I’ll entertain a peek over at the Cocks’ schedule and potential for losses.

    Until then SC’s issues don’t mean a damn to us. Gotta take care of our own business.


  4. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Who’s that DE leading the team in points scored? He looks versatile.


  5. shane#1

    People were bitching that a banged up Crowell missed two quarters. See what can happen? Get by Vandy by the skin of your teeth, I don’t care, but have that kid ready in Jax.