Rub a little dirt on it and get back in there.

Given their October, it’s no surprise that the Gators are pretty banged up right now.

But Brantley’s playing in the Cocktail Party unless his foot falls off.


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  1. Zdawg

    And when his foot does fall off, I’m sure we’ll get called for and unsportsmanlike and extend the Gators winning drive.

    Ugh, we just need to beat these guys.

  2. vincent

    Until we adopt the attitude of “we’re beating these guys no excuses end of story” we will continue to lose 85% in jax

  3. Skeptic Dawg

    The Dawgs = Charlie Brown. The Gators = Lucy. They always pulls that stinkin’ ball away.

  4. Grafton

    I don’t forsee us losing to Florida with or w/out Brantley. I wasn’t impressed with him before he was hurt.

  5. JaxDawg

    Local word here is that Brantley is done for the year. High ankle sprain which takes longer to heal than a break. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in Jax but he won’t be their primary guy.

    • Biggus Rickus

      The Gators have been completely unreliable on injury news too, so I will believe nothing I hear from Muschamp or Weis in the lead-up to the game. The high ankle sprain shouldn’t end his season though, unless he tries to come back too soon.

      • Will (The Other One)

        Figure they’re adopting the “tell the other team nothing” policy Coach Frontbutt witnessed firsthand with the Pats.

        • Biggus Rickus

          It’s a solid strategy, and you have much more leeway to lie about injuries as a college coach.

    • If “Brantley will play with limited mobility” is the answer, I will take Jarvis Jones Punctures a Lung for $500, Alex.


    Brantley sucks, period. I hope he does play so they won’t have any excuse when we whip their *sses. That tub of goo calling the plays sucks too…I think his record speaks for itself ever since he left the Patriots and doesn;t have Brady to bail him out.

  7. UGAfoo (formerly JBJ)

    I hope they get all healed up. No excuses this year.

    Ever since the debacle in the Dome and the USCe loss, we knew UGA had to win every game heading into Jax. This is the biggest game of the season for CMR. A loss to UF is bad, but a loss to _this_ UF team is a career killer.

  8. Mike

    I think this year, compared to last year, Florida might be worse sans Brantley and Georgia might be better. And Florida barely won last year. This should be Georgia’s year.

    All this said, I read with interest the 5 game improvement of the UGA team since the 0-2 start. Then I remember that Florida, playing a similar schedule, posted a 4-0 record. So optimism rises, until I remember what a saw with my own eyes last Saturday night. That was one pathetic display of football. Hey, but at least the Auburn fans were for the most part polite.

    • Russ

      Mike, you’re right. It’s hard to tell the difference between your 4 wins and our 5 wins. At least ours have come recently so I think confidence will be higher than Florida’s after 2 beatings and a third loss. We’ll see.

      • UGAfoo (formerly JBJ)

        From years past, I can tell you this much. Florida will come out with some sort of offensive scheme that we have not seen from them this year. Especially if Brantley is still out. Maybe they implement the Meyer-Tebow option offense with Driskell. Didn’t seem like UGA could stop a running QB from Vandy.

        So I am not so sure Florida sans Brantley is all that bad.

        • Mike

          I am not trying to pull a Dooley here, but from a defensive standpoint, Auburn is pretty bad. It is telling that even against THAT defense, Florida could only manage 6 points and less than 200 yards of offense.

          • UGAfoo (formerly JBJ)

            Agreed. I was shocked Florida could not move the ball or score. Auburn came in almost dead last in rushing defense in the country. I thought for sure Rainey and Demps would be able to burn them for some yards. I realize Demps tried to go but couldn’t, but Rainey should have been able to get some yards.

            I think as Russ stated, this is a mental problem now after three straight losses from the top three teams in the West. If someone would have told me at the beginning of the season that Brantley going out would derail UF, then I would have called them a damn liar.

            • Keese

              I don’t see Brantley being a factor either way. Florida will use a speed perimeter running game and misdirection plays to get yardage. Granthams gonna prepare against Weis NFL style but be prepared for Weis to throw in a ton of wrinkles

          • AusDawg85

            But Boom guaranteed a victory, so what’s to worry?

        • WFdawg

          I’d love to see us do this for a change. We need to be the aggressor that puts them on their heels. No vanilla. Coach like your job is on the line.

          • Mike

            I think that just might be the case for Richt. If he loses to THIS Florida team, after losing last year to THAT Florida team, well that just might be more than the moneyed Bulldogs can stand.

  9. This life long “Gator Hater” remembers when the Dawgs always expected to win.(they usually did). Now the Gators always expect to win.(They usually do). It is not just coaching; it is expectations. Now it is always an UPSET when the Dawgs win. My Upset Special, The Dawgs Win. GATA.

    • Things went downhill rapidly after the 1992 loss. After that game our talent level steadily declined as the Gators ascended. After 1993 we found ourselves suddenly on a 3-game losing streak, then couldn’t really even compete for 3 more years after that. Donnan had a real shot to turn things around in 98, but the Quincy years undid Georgia for 3 more losses. By the time CMR rolled in we were psyched out for the game every year. 2002 loss didn’t help, for sure. 02 was the most significant loss of the past 20 years IYAM.

  10. OKDawg

    If we can get our OL to run-block like Vandy did to us, I like our chances in Jax. That was my lasting impression of their team Saturday night…at least on the positive side for their team.

  11. Bad M

    Muschump guarantees a win in Jax. I can’t even express…my…

  12. zdub

    Brantley, if he plays, will most likely have his best performance as a college QB in a few weeks. These kinds of things just happen to us in this game.

    Meanwhile we will inexplicably start fumbling the ball and Murray will throw multiple INTs. The D will look terrible from the start and won’t recover.

    This is the kind of pessimism that enters my mind in the lead-up to the Florida game. I know that something(s) will go terribly wrong…I can’t explain it, I can’t predict exactly what it will be, but I know that it is coming.

    Until we play a solid game from start to finish (hasn’t happened yet this year) against these guys, we will not shed this “curse” or whatever you want to call it.

    Play all the guys who have gotten us to 5-2 and don’t just throw guys into the fire for the biggest game of our season (I’m looking at you, Alec Ogletree). Play sound, fundemental football, don’t get overexcited, and we could be fine.

    • Sep

      This negative talk is BS. We can beat these guys and will. The refs screwed us this w/e and I think Grantham gave his troops some love with the F/Franklin thing. Those guys behind him were ready to kick some ass.

  13. Will Trane

    I understand that Muschamp wants his defense to do the same thing to Murray that Auburn did last year. He wants them to hit Murray often, even if it is late. You can count on the Slive controlled SEC officials to oblige.

  14. CoachSpurlock

    There’s one thing missing from this discussion that has changed this year. For the first time in two decades, I sense fear and uncertainty in the Florida fanbase. Check out their blogs. There is very little bravado being tossed around. It is borderline somber. If ever there was a chance to get off the snide, it would be now.

  15. Macallanlover

    Bunch of weeny Dawg fans. Stop the belly-aching, support the team. support the staff, kick Boom’s arse. The negative vibes in this game comes from the loser fans who surrender like the Republican Guard did to the journalists in Iraq in the Gulf War. Make them earn it, concede nothing. Our players shouldn’t hear all the whining fans laying down before the opening kick. I could care less about whether Brantley plays or not. Give me Tree, Mitchell, Crowell, Washington, etc. back and bring ’em the frick on.