Upon further review: Vandy, when egos clash

Yeah, I went back and watched that turkey of a game again.  Just for you, Dawgnation.

  • Georgia didn’t defend the run worth a damn in the second half, but that was the best I’ve ever seen a Georgia defense play against the bubble screen.  I guess we know what they worked on during the week leading up to the game.
  • If it seemed like Aaron Murray threw the ball a lot, it’s because he did.  I had to check – 38 pass attempts is the most he’s ever thrown in a game, tied with last year’s loss against UCF.
  • Anybody wonder how the end of the game would have played out if Rambo had returned his interception an easy ten or fifteen more yards before taking a knee?
  • Other teams’ success with junk plays and special teams’ breakdowns has got to stop some time, doesn’t it?
  • No offense to the other backs, but everything seems different when Isaiah Crowell is in the game.
  • There were plenty of “almost” plays by the defense, led by Kwame Geathers’ near-safety and the flattening of Jordan Rodgers that came a millisecond too late to disrupt a long completion on Vandy’s third-quarter scoring drive (Jordan Love’s terrible technique didn’t help on that play either).
  • Jarvis Jones just keeps showing up and kicking ass.  And getting held constantly.
  • I’m not sure if I’ve seen any team blitz as constantly against Georgia as Vanderbilt.  The run blitzes were particularly effective, but left them susceptible to cutbacks and counters, which Richard Samuel IV (!) took advantage of.
  • Good job by Murray seeing the breakdowns in the secondary on the two TDs to Marlon Brown.  But the pass that really wowed me, a perfectly thrown ball to Tavarres King in the fourth quarter, wound up incomplete because King couldn’t quite get a foot in bounds on the play.
  • Monster game from Abry Jones.  I especially liked the pass bat down on the play he dropped into coverage on.
  • What has happened to 344-Fullback?
  • The receivers stepped it up in the second half, but the deep threat from Malcolm Mitchell was certainly missing.  It’ll be good to get him back for the Cocktail Party.
  • I’m not excusing what Geathers did to draw the personal foul penalty, but I can’t say I don’t understand why it happened.  For all intents and purposes, the play was over (Geathers had slowed to a near-walk) when he got blind-sided from behind by Vandy’s center.  It was the kind of cheap shot that gets somebody’s knee hurt.
  • Holy cow, is Bob Rathbun a bad play-by-play announcer, or what?  He referred to Samuel in the plural the entire first quarter, called Vanderbilt’s first punter “Richard Dent” (it’s Kent), missed players all night (he had a particularly bad time recognizing where the quarterbacks went in the Wildcat) and in general sounded like someone who showed up 30 minutes before the broadcast started, got handed a roster card and a couple of newspaper articles listing five keys to the game and told to get going.  Pam Ward may suck, but at least she sounds like she makes an effort to prepare.  Rathbun mailed that in worse than Georgia’s defense did in the second half.
  • And finally, the real reason I watched again:  Franklin vs. Grantham.  I couldn’t see everything (thanks, Fox!) and I think Grantham could have made his point with a few less f-bombs, but I will say that Franklin is being a wee bit disingenuous when he says he just went looking for Richt to start with.  The whole mess began with Franklin calling out and pointing at Shawn Williams, who had his backed turned and was walking away from the tirade.  Then Franklin saw Grantham and the rest is history.


UPDATE:  I forgot to mention Ray Drew’s game.  My bad.


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85 responses to “Upon further review: Vandy, when egos clash

  1. HVL Dawg

    I thought the officiating was poor. There were several times when our defensive players touched the ball carrier with both hands, but the whistle wasn’t blown.

    • Joe

      I think you have to grab the runner’s flags to get that call? A two handed touch doesn’t count anymore. At least that’s the rule in my kid’s flag football games.

      Someone ,might want to mention that to our defense by the UF game.

      Oh wait, nevermind, I think we play TACKLE football gentleman at this level!

    • James Stephenson

      Make light, but I can not count the number of times the O-Linemen hooked Jones, I told my wife yesterday, I love watching pro games officiating, at least the holds are called evenly for the most part.

      • DWH

        Exactly why I’ve gravitated towards the pro game a good bit more the past few years – the officiating is light years ahead of the college game. That game was so frustrating to watch.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          The bad officiating in SEC games, at least where UGA is concerned, is for the most part on purpose and one way. Personally I am sick of it. It has been going on for years and it has cost the team wins. It also hurts team moral. This is the single thing that pisses me off the most about Richt. He just takes it and does/says nothing. The worst was last year’s Auburn game where Fairley intentionally tried to injure Murray and Richt did…nothing. After Fairley , early in the game, raked his facemask across Murray’s chin while he was on top of Murray causing a huge cut Fairley should have been a marked man for the rest of the game, worrying about when HE was going to get injured. But no, Richt just took it and did nothing. So Fairley kept it up, spearing Murray in the back and later going after Murray’s left knee with the top of his helmet. It was only after Ben Jones (God Bless him) jumped Fairley and got flagged for a PF that Richt even said anything. Richt is a pussy. I want a real football coach. If I want a preacher I’ll go to church.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Franklin is the new Ron Zook.

  3. baltimore dawg

    is bobo setting up uf for 344-fullback by going away from it the last few weeks?
    nah, too much credit where credit ain’t due. . . .
    btw: solution to 13-team sec–drop vandy. ain’t nothing about that place up to sec football standards.

    • The other Doug

      I was wondering the same thing, and maybe that was the plan prior to the game. I can’t imagine holding anything back during the last 2 possessions though.

    • JasonC

      Well, for at least 2/3rds of the game we were in 1-back formations. I don’t know if that was to spread Vandy out and prevent the blitz or to find seems in the lanes on the blitz, but we definitely didn’t use the FB much.

  4. Erskine

    Agree with Crowell comment, but C. Thomas is still running between the tackles and averaging 5 ypc, and to his credit he is hitting the holes at top speed.

    • AlphaDawg

      I’v seen nothing from RS that shows me he is our 2nd best back. CT should have gotten the nod to start. But RS did have a few nice runs.

    • Sanford222View

      Did Carlton get hurt? After he played in the first quarter he disappeared. I was watching the game at a 50th Anniversary party so I was in and out of the action but I didn’t see him in the game after the first quarter.

      • tmfwoof

        They mentioned on the radio that Carlton Thomas had a “thigh contusion,” which is why weren’t seeing him much later in the game. I haven’t heard anything about it since then.

  5. TomReagan

    Vandy’s lucky Geathers responded the way he did.

    He could’ve repaid the favor and taken the Vandy guy’s leg out on the next play.

  6. paul

    I think what we saw against Vandy is a perfect example of what happens when we play not to lose instead of playing to win. We end up letting inferior teams hang around. Our motivation disappears. A couple of big plays and suddenly the other team is in position to win. Getting the ‘W’ doesn’t justify the sucktacular display we had to endure Saturday night. We simply refuse to put our opponent away There was no reason that game should have even been close in the fourth quarter. No reason other than our offensive philosophy that is. Just asking, but WHY would Rambo take a knee after the INT unless he had been specifically instructed to do so?

    • baltimore dawg

      i don’t get this criticism. i agree that ultra-conservative play has its disadvantages when you’re trying to build a winning program, but that’s not what we saw on saturday. we threw the ball 38 times without our best receiver in the game. the reason it was almost a catastrophe was because our offense couldn’t get 10 damn yards for a first down (that would have iced the game) by running the ball when play calling 101 says that you run the damn ball with a late lead.
      that’s not conservative play calling; that’s just correct play calling. the problem is the same as it ever was: our fat, over-rated, slightly stupid offensive line.

      • paul

        I think we threw the ball a lot because we didn’t have our best running back in the game for two quarters and Vandy was generally selling out on the run and daring us to beat them with the pass. No doubt our offensive line play could be better. We lack depth and our experience on the O-line is not what you would prefer. I realize I’ve been complaining about the vanilla play calling and inability to put people away for a few weeks now. But it’s frustrating to see us fail to keep our foot on the gas against clearly inferior opponents. This kind of game plan and play calling won’t win games against Florida or Auburn. I think we are assuming we’ll be able to kick it up a notch when the time comes. I believe that’s a dangerous assumption. I’d much rather see us get in the habit of playing all out for sixty minutes week in and week out.

        • Biggus Rickus

          I just have no idea what you’re talking about. They threw until the interception that seemingly iced it. Then they tried to run out the clock like anyone else would.

    • Merk

      See the fumble by him earlier in the year. I am sure he thought, we got the ball DO NOT RISK LOSING IT.

      • AusDawg85

        Yes. I immediately noted how WELL COACHED Rambo was to take the knee in that situation. Don’t risk the turnover running around. It’s the O’s job to finish killing the clock.

        Damn we can find nits to pick in this fan base.

        • Puffdawg

          Honestly, I think I have a reputation here for being ultra conservative, and my first thought was, “Why did Rambo just take a knee there?” I thought he had some room to run. Intercept with ten seconds to go? Absolutely take the knee. Intercept with two minutes to go and an inconsistent offense? At least pick up some easy yards.

    • Sanford222View

      You are way off here. We scored 33 points (should have been 39 but Walsh is still in a funk) in the game and had just under 450 yards of offense. This game is on the defense. 33 points should have resulted in a 17 point win against that Vandy team at least.

      I don’t really see how you label that conservative when Murray set a personal record for passing attempts.

      • MT

        Game is on the ST.

        A 96 yard KO return and a 43 yard 4th down pass by the punter are the cardinal sins, but feel free to also mention allowing Butler’s first career blocked punt.

      • James Stephenson

        Because a lot of people don’t like Bobo, sure he called for a couple of long passes, one which was a 75 yard TD, but damn that was a conservative call. haha.

      • Sanford222View

        I also forgot to mention UGA did this against a good Vandy defense minus its best receiver and rb.

        D and ST are to blame for this being a close call.

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      To what you’re saying-we had too many field goal attempts against Vandy. We have got to get better at scoring touchdowns when we get inside the opponent’s 30. Too often Saturday it seemed we lost 5 yards on first and 10 inside the 30, put ourselves at a disadvantage, and had to settle for 3 points. FGs won’t get it done against better opposition.

      • MinnesotaDawg

        +1. Don’t know whether they keep stats on scoring type/percentage once we’re inside an opponents 35 (as opposed to the red zone), but seems we consistently bog down there.

  7. ChicagoDawg

    Agree on Rambo having at least another 10-15 yards of easy up-field ground to cover on the INT. Of course, if he fumbles trying to take it to the house we are criticizing for his not having just taken a knee. However, he could have easily advanced it to the 35 and taken a knee.

    Also, spot on with the Franklin assessment. He came off the sideline with the red-ass and was obviously mouthing and pointing at Williams with no subtlety whatsoever. So, he can sell his bullshit “class” speech to the Vandy faithful — all three dozen of them — but he is obviously a disenginuous pant-load as it pertains to that event.

    • Go Dawgs!

      I was kinda curious why Rambo took a knee where he did, he certainly wasn’t in traffic. But that said, I was also 100 percent OK with the decision. Sure, it would have been nice to move the ball further downfield, but that’s almost always the right move when it’s that late and you don’t have an easy chance to score. He probably wasn’t considering that the offense was going to get a penalty and then not be able to fight for a first down.

      • Darrren Rovelll

        Yes – you can lay some blame on Rambo for not taking more time off the clock and returning it further down field. However, as we learned at the end of the game – Rambo was having issues with cramps in his lower legs, so he probably took the safest route by guaranteeing possession of the ball.

        It really was the play calling on first down that put us in the position for the punt block. With the ball and the clock on our side, we should have been in a 2 TE set with the FB in the game because it gives us the best chance to run the ball for positive yardage and it enhances the skill set of the RB that was available for us at that time of the game. Samuel is not a shotgun spread back – he is a downfield 230 lb RB who runs better with a lead blocker. So we went spread formation, run a handoff sweep to the right and lost 3 yards – then we inserted the FB.

        I will reiterate this again … at the beginning of the season if you had asked anyone (players, coaches, fans & media) what is the deepest offensive position on UGA’s team – the answer would have been TE. We were so deep at TE that we took a 6’7″ 270 lbs. SR, who could probably start for 50-75% D-1 teams, and made him a fullback. We were so deep at TE that a 5-star recruit cannot get in the line up. Why do we not play to the strenght of this team especially when the situation calls for you to pound the ball forward for positive yardage to eat the clock?

        • MT

          Even if we stumble into Atlanta, a huge failure (unless we’re saving all the TE plays for Jacksonville) for the season is failing to fully take advantage of the TE depth and athleticism. I’m still waiting for 3 TEs to break the huddle, then split wide

          • MinnesotaDawg

            We won’t see that because that wasn’t in the playbook that Richt brought from Tallahassee. So little creativity on the offensive staff when the talent mix on this team in particular clearly calls for it.

      • Russ

        There was less than 2 minutes to play. That was absolutely the right play by Rambo to kneel. It’s on the offense and ST to either get the first down, or get the punt off with 20 seconds left. Neither one happened.

    • RC

      As it regards Franklin, it was glaringly apparent to me that Vandy’s guys were getting pretty chippy with our guys early on. There seemed to be some sort of directive from the top. In light of Franklin’s behavior and comments after the game, I’d say my spider-sense was dead on on that one.

  8. GoonerDawg

    UGA continues to fall for trick plays and continues to have special teams breakdowns because it remains a poorly coached and disciplined squad that does not appear to emphasize the little things like other, more successful squads do.

    The sloppiness that that defined the team over the last couple of seasons remains and it will likely kill us on Jacksonville.

    • Spence

      There is a 16oz pint glass on the table with 8oz of beer in it. I’m guessing if you saw it you’d just bitch that only pussies drink beer and it should be entirely full of bourbon or golden grain.

      In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy this brief “winnIng streak” against SEC teams and see where it takes us.

      • AusDawg85


      • GoonerDawg

        This is simply how I see the team as it stands. It means nothing to me that you want to create some ridiculous hypothetical situation to make a personal comment about me when all you really need to say is “I disagree with you for the following reasons…”

        I personally believe that UGA’s current winnin streak is a product of the opponents as much as it is the quality of UGA’s team. I think the poor STs and the generally undisciplined play does not bode well for the future, especially against UF and AU.

        I believe that UF will convert a couple of trick plays and that we wont be able to overcome.

        All of those beliefs are based on the team thr I have watched this season. None of them have anything to do with my “worldview.”

        • Spence

          I apologize for any commentary that was personal (I have no clue who you are and judged only based on your one comment). So fine, I disagree with you for the following reasons:

          Vandy ran 1,000,000 bubble screens and other plays designed to stretch the field horizontally, thus exerting maximum pressure on our linebackers, one of whom is a freshman, one of whom is in his first year of playing time, while chop blocking everyone they could (often illegally). This also opened up running lanes for Aaron Rogers Jr., who happens to be fast as crap. It was a very good scheme and one I hope Florida does not look to. Regardless, while the defense did not play well against this one scheme, on the whole it has played very well this season and came up big tonight when it mattered most. Neither of those things were true last year. Thus I disagree with you because the defense has been very much improved, more disciplined, and overall just lots better. I am not sure that your point about schedule is entirely accurate, though it is true that we have played the bottom of the SEC. That said, last year we lose at least one of those games, and nobody we have played this year (Coastal Carolina excluded) was as bad as Colorado.

          If your overall point is that we are not as good at defense as Bama and LSU, then I’ll nod in agreement, then shake my head at the fact you don’t see improvement. I just get the feeling that you’ll never be happy until we make Saban our bitch. And that ain’t gonna happen. The most we can ask for is consistent improvement, players being bought in and playing hard, and an overall good feeling about the way we do things. I see all of those things happening this year. Hence my exasperation with your overly pessimistic post.

          Go Dawgs.

          • Dawgfan Will

            Eh, we’ve made Saban our bitch before when everyone least expected it. It could happen again.😉

            • Russ

              Yeah, I agree with everything Spence said except the part about making Saban our bitch. We’ve done it before and we can do it again. Saban brought his MNC LSU Tigers to Sanford Stadium and we whipped their ass (he admitted as much). I personally think we’re on the right track and can see us moving back up to the upper tier of the SEC soon.

              We can only play the teams on our schedule, and so far, we’ve beaten 5 in a row. I’ll dang sure take that over losing to a pitiful Colorado team, and UCF. We still have plenty to work on, but I’ve seen lots of improvement.

              • Spence

                If I may… Saban is running an elite program at all levels. Our goal (which Gooner Dawg and everyone would agree with) should be to get to that level. Consistently be dominant on defense, recruit the best playmakers, coach ’em up, and always be in the mix to win the division. Hence why i don’t think anyone can make Saban their bitch. But you can get to where he doesn’t pick a fight in the schoolyard with you no more. And that’s all I meant.

                • PatinDC

                  What about LSU? If they beat AL is Les better than Saban? I don’t get all the love for Saban.

                  • Spence

                    Here’s a better question – Who would you rather have as a coach – Saban or Miles?

                    Winning one game does not a bitch make. Winning 9 out 10 (winking at you, North Ave) does.

                    LSU is a dream state to coach football at. Alabama has to recruit against a LOT of other teams, including Auburn in their own state. Not that they do bad or that they’re complaining. All being said and equal, I consider Saban the elite coach of college football. I guess others disagree, though I’m not sure why.

          • GoonerDawg

            Fair enough. Although I have to say that I’m not sure where the Saban comment comes from.

            It certainly has nothing to do with my concerns about this team’s (and many CMR teams for that matter) propensity to commit huge STs gaffes and fall for trick plays.

            I hope you’re right. I hope the team has turned a corner, but I don’t see it. And that has nothing to do with Saban and everything to do with performance.

          • paul

            The problem, as I see it, is that we are not consistently improving and we are not playing hard for sixty minutes. I believe consistency is severely lacking. Our desire to merely control games instead of win them produces a mindset that leaves us prone to repeated lapses in concentration and effort. Hence we allow opponents to hang around, we get burned (repeatedly) by fake punts and other trickeration and we routinely miss plays that incompetent TV announcers call correctly before they happen. The announcers this past weekend were the worst. Yet how many times did they correctly predict the next play Vandy would run? A lot. How many times were those plays effective? Almost always. If the idiots in the booth know the play is coming why don’t we? We’re not paying attention.

      • Bogey Dawg

        Amen brother. My thought was the glass contains merlot because a part of this fan base only know how to “whine”.

        • shane#1

          “My first drink was a gin and tonic. My old man called me a sissy…….I was 12.” – W.C. Fields.

    • Merk

      You can bet UF will spend all expenses on beating us. WM knows that losing to us + 6-7 win season will piss the fan base off. Most UF fans expected to lose to bama and LSU, but thats bout it.

      On the plus side everything we showed UF in the vandy game ie (we cant protect against fake punts, trick plays, etc) we have time to correct. I would expect to see packages from UF with 2 QBs in trying to do a reverse pass kinda crap.

      On our side though is the fact that Weis is pro-style and though he knows that 100%, he is not really all razzle-dazzle. So him trying to come up with trick plays may be a lot crappier then most OC trick plays.

      • Russ

        The first thing I thought of when Vandy blocked our punt was Rainey doing the same thing in 2 weeks. We need to ditch that “protection” scheme we tried at the end of the Vandy game.

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      The halfback pass only succeeded because Rambo slipped while in coverage. His momentary stumble was enough to give the WR the step he needed, but Rambo wasn’t fooled on the play.

  9. WFdawg

    Somebody please teach our guys how to do the David Greene play fake. The one time I saw us try it, the RB wasn’t close enough to Murray so that we could credibly sell it.

    • Russ

      Yeah, I noticed that too. Murray did a great job on the fake, but I put that on the RB (Crowell?) not selling his part.

      • Sanford222View

        Some of that has to do with the RB having to get in position to pick up a blitz which Vandy did often. Sometimes the RB has to sacrifice the play fake to be able to make his block. Crowell should get better at balancing that with experience. i am sure he is erring on the side of making the block right now versus making a great play fake at the risk of getting Murray blown up.

        • James Stephenson

          Right and remember the whole idea of a play fake is to suck up the LBers, if they are already coming there should be open spaces where they used to be.

        • Spence

          Why do we always unleash that play against Vandy? Seems like we really go for the trick plays against them… seems unnecessary.

        • WFdawg

          Sanford, I thought that too, but in that case, we need to tell Murray not to worry about trying to sell it. That ship has sailed.

  10. Spike

    On a brighter note, boys, … Hello Marlon Brown!!!!!

    • Merk

      3 years later…we need more Mitchells, solid guy who is fast and has hands.

      Also Bennett needs prob 1 more year to reach Durham standards, but he is close. He seems to catch the hard ones, but drops the easy ones.

  11. Go Dawgs!

    I think that our failure to cover some of these trick plays is an unfortunate byproduct of the aggressiveness of this defense. On Saturday night, I thought that the defenders actually did a decent job recognizing the halfback pass, but it was just a half beat too late. Now, as far as fake punts and the like, it’s inexcusable. And I’d like to think that we’ll spend some time practicing punt safe this week.

    • Plus, on that HB pass, Rambo slipped just as the receiver came out of his break.

      • Go Dawgs!

        I missed that. It explains a lot, because you can see the linebackers all moving up to play the run until they recognize a half beat later that he’s fading away from the line of scrimmage. Then they move back into coverage mode. The defense wasn’t fooled that badly. And, if we’re going to complain about being beaten on trick plays, we’ve also got to recognize the times when we sniffed them out. We stuffed the double reverse for a loss, and they tried to run the Statue of Liberty with Rodgers, and we nearly stole the handoff, stuffing it for little gain.

  12. JasonC

    I don’t know if it was because of the cut blocks or what, but they really run blocked against us well and their RB (#2) did a good job of following the blocks and then cutting it up at the right time for big gains.

    • James Stephenson

      I will tell you that, # 2 is one shifty customer out there. I mean dang, some of those holes he hit were not very big and he just squirted through there at full speed. He was having the game of his life out there.

    • Coach Hewitt...

      The Stacy kid runs the ball a lot like Rainey/Demps at uf… His success against our D has me a lil more concerned about the D in Jax….

      • Cojones

        I read a quote from Richt that we weren’t expecting the run from Vandy and were unprepared. That won’t happen at FU. Sure Demps or Rainey may slip out for a good game, but the trick is to consistently hold them in check. I believe that our D will take care of business as has happened with three teams that have played them, one that I’m sure we can beat.

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      At times, Vandy did an excellent job on runs between the tackles of opening up a hole and then having the RB follow 1 or 2 blockers through the hole. The blockers were able to take out our ILBs and spring the RB for big gains. I expect we will see future opponents try the same.

  13. Castleberry

    Regarding bad announcing – Aaron Rodgers got credit for a lot of his little brother’s doings at the stadium.

    • Didn’t he, though.

      If I’d have known in advance, I’d have suggested a drinking game.

      • Griff

        Parker Welch ran the ball once for us and MARION Brown made a couple of nice catches as well! The Vandy PA announcer definitely had a great voice but that’s about it.

        Also, I blame the postgame on Franklin…not because I’m a dawg fan but because he claims he was looking for Richt. The problem with that statement is that he was on the 20 yd line. I’m no coach, but I’m pretty sure protocol says meet at midfield, so why was Franklin yelling at our player 30 yards away from where Richt would be?

  14. Turd Ferguson

    I don’t mind Rambo taking a knee there at all. Besides, we’re not even talking about this if our offense can just pick up a damned 1st down when it matters. We literally have the largest offensive line in football (college or pro), a massive FB, and a stable full of TEs, all of whom can block. And on three carries in the final minute of the game, we net -2 yards. (Of course, we didn’t help ourselves with the stupid substitution infraction penalty, either.) Unacceptable.

    Lucky for us, Tennessee had already used up their timeouts by the time we got the ball late in the 4th, because we couldn’t pick up 10 yards then either.

    • Russ

      Even without making a first down (and I agree, we should be able to pound it out), all we have to do is get the punt off and we’re fine.

      So Rambo’s play was the correct one. The problem was no first down and a blocked punt.

  15. Merk

    We can solve the fake punt problem pretty easily.

    Just leave the D on the field. I mean our 2 PR both play D. Just play 10 up and drop one back to receive. Then u can play 2 LB man spy and have the rest rush. If your going to go for a block just send in a special block unit. Who cares if they know its a block, if the unit is good it doesnt matter.

  16. Connor

    4 conference wins, and the nail-biter against Vandy is the first and only that’s come against a team that has even 1 conference win themselves. Combined SEC record of the 4 teams we just beat: 1-13. I’m glad we’re not losing to these teams, as we might have last year, but we never should lose to these kind of teams. We played 1 good team at got crushed. We played one average team and made an avalanche of mistakes on offense and special teams that we couldn’t overcome. We’ve made those same mistakes to some degree in almost every game since, but our opponents in that stretch have been too woeful themselves to take advantage. Hope I’m wrong and we win out, but I don’t see us beating UF and don’t like the look of the AU game. A 5-3 conference record given our schedule doesn’t seem like anything to be particularly thrilled about.

  17. yurdle

    The long TD to Marlon Brown was a beauty of a play call and shows how valuable our TEs are even when they don’t catch the ball. Vandy was playing zone and White got past the LB defending him. The corner on Brown thought he had help over the top, but the safety had to head down the seam to pick up White. Resut: Brown is wide open on the sideline for 6. The play was well-designed and well-run. I bet we’ll see it again against UF’s susceptible secondary.

    Bobo has to do a better job (or another job), but credit where credit is due. Great design and great execution on that one.

    • Dawgfan Will

      It was a nice grab by Brown, too. He reached out and plucked it right about waist-high while he was in stride. Beautiful.

  18. Just like GT, we should just keep Vandy at the front door on which everyone can clean the sole of their shoes on.

    Blocked punts aside, most trick plays do not win games unless two teams are equal, most of the better teams always win at the end anyway. It is just disgusting for the fans of victim teams to witness your better players getting spooked (just in time for Trick or Treat day).

  19. vincent

    As ugly as that win was it’s important to remember there is still plenty of fb to be played and this season can still tip in either direction. and for the pessimists out there myself included don’t fool yourself into thinking that this team can’t morph into a very good team maybe not eilte like lsu or bama but definitely a good one. when georgia gets out of its own way they have looked very effective even if it’s against weaker competition. in our 5 game win streak and even the usc game we were only a few plays and mental mistakes from blowing it wide open. granted this is a huge if but if the light bulb goes on and this team clicks, watch out!