Mid-season SEC SDPI

Matt Melton’s back with his breakdown of conference performance.  Don’t take the SEC numbers too seriously because of the skewed sample size, particularly in the case of Arkansas which has only played two conference games so far.  But it’s still a fun look:

There’s no getting around how pleasant it is to dodge ‘Bama and LSU this year.  The surprise is that South Carolina and Georgia stack up better against the West than you’d expect.

Offensively speaking, this ain’t the year of the spread.  The Tide and the Dawgs are the top two offenses in conference play.  It’s also interesting that there are very few SEC defenses that qualify as downright awful.

By the way, look how similar Tennessee’s and Vanderbilt’s numbers are.  If Bray isn’t back by the time those two meet, that could turn out to be a closer struggle than was anticipated.


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27 responses to “Mid-season SEC SDPI

  1. Brandon

    Bobo sux!!! Wait what?

  2. HVL Dawg

    Exactly. But Bobo apparently can’t coach em up to defend a fake punt.

  3. Dawg Vent

    Wasn’t this suppose to be our year? And what, we’re only 2nd in the SEC in Offense and 4th in defense. And we’re tied for first place in our division?
    Look, all of that sounds great, but Richt’s stipulations for continued employment after this season were pretty simple to meet:

    Go 14-0.
    Win a MNC.

    We may still be able to go 14-0, but I doubt it.

    Anything less is utter failure! Fire Mark Richt!!!!1!

      • Dawg Vent

        Damn boy, turn on your sarcasm detector. I’m making fun of the Dawg Vent websi…you know what, nevermind. I’m not going to explain my jokes.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          DV, I think everybody understands that you are being sarcastic with those statements. It’s just that you say that sort of thing in every post and after awhile it gets a little old. Plus, now that the team is doing better maybe people don’t want to see that said even in jest. Just sayin.’

          • Charles

            I, for one, think it’s funny because it’s true. That’s the sentiment of some of the more unsavory elements of our fan base. Excellent satire.

    • Cojones

      I’ve replied on 3 occasions that Dawg Vent’s sarcasm is understood, but repetitively makes me tired when I read it. This one is so far out there that I waited for the punchline instead of dreading it. Funny how you can get so sensitized to certain words then grow thicker skin when they persist. For all I know, the “Troll” remark was just more sarcasm about people like me taking offense to it. Maybe there is good coming from the persisting sarcasm in that when the trolls and naysayers come back on at the first blush of an L, we can laugh and deride them for their idiocy as if they are being sarcastic. That will be fun because they will certainly be back on here. You can bank on it.

      • Puffdawg

        This raises a good point: the Fire Mark Richt crowd has been so loud and so pointed, what do those people do when Mark Richt wins the East this season and is a preseason favorite to repeat next season? Obviously they can’t support the man after being so adamant he is no longer fit to run the program. Do they just pretend they never insisted on replacing the winningest coach in school history.

  4. I will not look it up: But, How many SEC Teams have put up at least 20 points in every game this season? Beat the Gators & all is well in Athens.

  5. yurdle

    We can beat Florida and Auburn and Tech and win 10 games. If we do that against even marginal competition, I’m happy. The main parts of the O and D are back next year, and the cupboard ain’t bare behind ’em.

    Play to win this year. We’re not a dominant team, and that’s okay. We have the makings of a dominant team in the future.

    • Cojones

      Good shot, Yurdle. You just composed the remainder-of-the-year cheer.
      That “stat” demonstrates to a small degree what folly it would be to cast our great O Coach away. The Vandy game illustrated a point made last week. Every time our D lets’em score, Bobo can dial up a score on the next set of downs. I still cringe that the O will pull a repeat of SC game, but am confident in Bobo’s ability to lead us right back into the fray. His tit-for-tat turns out to be a great tit.

    • MinnesotaDawg

      Hmmm, I hate to put a dark cloud over this happy-fest, but what is your best guess on our starting OL (and its depth) for next year? Mind you, Glenn is going pro after 2011.

      Can’t help but think that this will be another cross your fingers and hope for the best (and NO injuries) year for the OL against a better schedule. But hey, I’m still hoping for better things to come this year.

      • yurdle

        Oh yeah. That. Ouch.

      • Cojones

        Add a couple of JCs to Theus. Insert and repeat with this year’s backups..

      • yurdle

        Report today says that Sturdy wants to come back next year. First: Trinton Sturdivant is a Damn Good Dawg, damn good indeed. Second, it would be doubleplus awesome to have him back in anything close to form. We are, as you note, pretty darn thin without him next year.

        I wonder if his body can take playing OT in the SEC, but coming back is his only chance at the NFL and I’d give that man a scholarship on our team until every second of his eligibility is gone.

      • Puffdawg

        I posted a comment on this the other day. Left to right would be Theus, Burnette, Andrews, Lee, Dantzler. Backups include Long brothers, Debell, Gates, Houston, Ward. Two other freshmen commitments right now as well. Ward and Debell will push for the most PT. Overall young and inexperienced, but talented. With good skill players and a sick D, could be ok.

      • Puffdawg

        BTW Glenn is a senior, so yes, he will be going pro next season. Despite your best attempt to make a cynical prediction, the rest of us were already expecting him not to be around next season.🙂

  6. While Glenn and Anderson had more experience than our tackles will next year neither had played tackle to get that experience other than Anderson several years earlier and both are probably best suited for guard. Gates, Burnette and Lee will all return with a good bit of starting experience (Gates probably moved to tackle). My guess is Andrews starts at center and Danzler at the tackle opposite Gates. Theus could come in and take one of those five guys spots. What the team will lack in experience next year on the line hopefully will be made up for with the fact that lots of these young guys should be ready to play and so the team hopefully will be deeper than the six they are playing this year.
    Outside of the OL we only lose Figgins, Tyson and Boykin as starters plus White as a backup. All the other starters and backups are back except for the kickers. That is only 9 seniors who really contributed much to the team. This year Georgia is no doubt benefitting from a weaker in conference schedule but next year it shouldn’t matter.