This should be the last word on you-know-what. (Not that it will be.)

Vanderbilt offensive tackle Wesley Johnson said there was lots of “extra-curricular stuff” going on but stopped shy of calling Georgia a dirty team.

“No, they weren’t that dirty,” Johnson said. “Speaking from my point of view, I haven’t seen anything so far that would lead to (Georgia being dirty). I know they played hard. They kind of played their defense the same way we play our offense.”

Translation:  lots of players were flapping their gums, but there wasn’t much more going on than that.  (Although I’m guessing Kwame Geathers strongly disagrees.)

It’s a tempest in a teapot that’s good for James Franklin’s image.  A few days closer to Cocktail Party time and nobody’s gonna give a rat’s ass about it.  Then we can focus on what’s really important:  blaming Mike Bobo for the weather and travel conditions.


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  2. Krautdawg

    In other news, Florida has two guys who can line up as running quarterbacks. And two speedy running backs for misdirection plays.

    Also, will Muschamp has guaranteed a victory over us. Just more evidence that they actually do buy the officials a month in advance.

    • Dog in Fla

      “Just more evidence that they actually do buy the officials a month in advance.”

      If that’s the case, Boom needs to “be a ****ing man” and demand a refund after what The SEC refs did to him at Auburn

      • Bevo

        For his part, Weis reacted by vowing to make chicken wings out of the Auburn eagle.

        • Dog in Fla

          The bird’s handlers were smart enough to keep it away from Charlie thereby preventing it, in its entirety, from being his pre-game snack

        • Cojones

          You can’t cook an eagle and guard your sandwiches at the same time. Everyone knows that.

          • Dog in Fla

            He eats his bird raw. He is a real man. Or two. And as long as he’s seated on his cooler, ain’t nobody getting inside of it to steal his sandwiches.

  3. Go Dawgs!

    The last time the Vandy game and aftermath went like this was 2007. So there’s that.

  4. jferg

    As a takeaway, I am glad that our DL got a chance to play against, and for all intents and purposes, get whooped by the cut block technique. Maybe this little refresher course will pay dividends against the Jackets in November.

  5. paul

    Dang, I’ve been blaming Bobo for a whole lot, but I didn’t know he was responsible for the weather. And traffic? Thanks for the heads up!

  6. SSB Charley

    This is the football equivalent of asking about a president’s grades or birth certificate. Good Lord, can’t it be put to bed?

    • Dan Rather

      I have a memo on Mark Richt that I will be releasing as soon as my fact checkers are done with it.🙂

  7. vincent

    Unless this results in a suspension for someone at georgia i really could care less. If you think about it it’s nothing more than vandy playing a dirty game then talking smack and whining because they lost and that’s all they can do at this point. the only thing we need to focus on is winning the next six or fb gods willing seven games. starting with possibly the most important in a week and a half. The vandy games over and as bad as we played we won. time to move on focus solely on being the last stop of florida’s death and doing something about 3-18.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. Vandy played dirty and they know it. At least the Vandy OT didn’t accuse the Dawgs of dirty play. On to bigger things.

  8. Skeptic Dawg

    We all know what will happen. Grantham will be called into Slive’s office and will be suspended for one game. Care to guess what game that will be? Then all Dawg fans and CMR will point to Grantham’s suspension as the reason for yet anoth loss in Jax.

  9. Mike

    “Then we can focus on what’s really important: blaming Mike Bobo for the weather and travel conditions.”

    Let’s not forget that UGA has to fly, while Florida gets to drive. And that it is played in Florida. And that it used to be called the Gator Bowl. And it is hotter in Jacksonville than it is in Athens.

    What have I missed?

    • AusDawg85

      That gators are pricks? That would cover it.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      You could offer to move the Georgia-Florida game to the Georgia Dome. Then Florida would have to fly, while Georgia gets to drive. And the game is played in Georgia. And the building is called the Georgia Dome. And it is cooler in Atlanta than it is in Gainesville. Are you in favor of that, Mike? I didn’t think so.

  10. vincent

    Sry mean to say “last stop on florida’s death march” not death. for death i’ll have to refer u to my colleague mr rainey

  11. D.N. Nation

    Give 2010 Georgia credit. They sucked in the clutch, were unlucky with turnovers, had ghastly losses to lousy competition, choked mammoth against Florida, couldn’t stop teams on third down, and were generally agonizing to watch.

    But they gave Vanderbilt the thumping they deserved. I don’t even know how, honestly.

  12. DB

    You gotta admit Bobo’s playcalling in the 4th quarter was awful.

    • Channing Cline

      I disagree, and I rarely disagree with the criticism of Bobo’s calls.

      The offense scored on 6 straight possessions, and it would have been 7 or 8 if the completion to King had been 2 inches more in bounds and/or Murray hadnt’ thrown the interception.

      Without his best receiver for the game, and his best and second best runners for most of the game, I think this was one of his better jobs of play calling in the last 2 years (along with last week’s game).

      Yeah, he got conservative on the very last drive, but I would have been too in that situation.

      • Connor

        I agree. I remarked to someone late in that game that what was most galling was that we seemed to be doing what so many have said Bobo is incapable of; taking what the defense gives us. They sold out to stop the run, we didn’t have Crowell for 3/5s of the game, and he put the game on Murray’s shoulders. Worked pretty well, but then the defense and special teams decided to lay an egg.
        The last drive though, was very upsetting. I know we got the penalty (which was not great), and that a first down was going to be difficult, but Samuel in the shotgun… Ugh. Put Figgins in there and just run it up the gut. Wouldn’t have gone for anything, Vandy was going all out to stop it, but it wouldn’t have gone backward.
        Samuel did well on one or two cutback runs in the game, but it’s just not his forte.

        • gastr1

          The thing is, had the defense and special teams NOT laid an egg, Bobo and Richt would have been sure to force an egg out of the offense.

      • DB

        I’m fine with conservative but how about conservative out of the “I” with a fullback and 2 tight ends going north instead of the shotgun going east or west.

  13. Texas Baller

    I don’t get GA flapping their gums – seems like a lot of that occurring – starting week 1 v. Boise. Not like we’ve arrived or anything. Five wins v. collective 12-12 records not really crap-talking worthy. Play hard, hit hard and win with some dignity!

    • stoopnagle


      Remember them back in the 90’s?

    • H-Town Dawg

      I don’t get why some people can’t understand that the gum-flapping goes both ways. I suppose we could demand that our players work harder at being mute but that’s not exactly realistic, is it? It’s not about trash-talking the girly-men of Vandy so much as it is the girly-men of Vandy trying to amp their testosterone levels by “standing up to the bullies.” I’m saying the trash-talking was most likely started by the Commodes.

  14. NC Dawg

    I feel strongly that we should put ONE PERSON in charge of special teams. This parceling out responsbilities leads to nobody being responsible. On the blocked punt, once we saw the weird formation, somebody should have been able to react fast enough to call a TO.

  15. Dog in Fla

    “This parceling out responsbilities leads to nobody being responsible.”
    Which may lead one to conclude that it is all part of Mark’s plan to defuse criticism by utilizing vague and amorphous special teams concepts to diffuse accountability. Which of course is a direct violation of the enemy Irvin Meyer’s Law of Special Teams – “To be on there, you’re the real deal…The correlation between (special teams) and winning games, you can’t get any stronger…”

    • gatriguy

      Hate to give him any credit whatsoever, but Corch is absolutely right. A HUGE part of Florida’s success was due to them playing on short field while their opponents played on long fields. See WLOCP, 2008, 2009.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Some head coaches put so much emphasis on special teams that the head coach himself coaches special teams. See Meyer, Urban and Beamer, Frank. But then, some head coaches put so little emphasis on special teams that nobody coaches them. See, Richt, Mark.

    • Keese

      What’s with the KO return game experiencing a drop off after Belin leaves? It’s not like (most) of the same players last year have forgotten how to tackle. Scheme appears similar.

      Not sure how to comment on punt team though. What is worrisome is that Spurrier commented that if UGA gave them a certain look on punt return they would go for the fake ( which ended up as a TD by Melvin Ingram I believe)

      • What is worrisome is that Spurrier commented that if UGA gave them a certain look on punt return they would go for the fake ( which ended up as a TD by Melvin Ingram I believe)

        That’s actually not uncommon. See, for example, LSU v. Florida.

        • Mike

          Indeed. And what is so infuriating about that is that Florida DOES have a special teams coach. If LSU saw this on film, why didn’t Durkin?

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          This is a long-standing problem. Last night on “Inside College Football” Rich Rodriguez recounted how he decided to run the fake punt on UGA in the 2006 (’05 season) Sugar Bowl. He said almost the same thing about the West Virginia coaches seeing a certain “look” from the UGA punt return team on film and deciding before the game that if they saw it in their game with Georgia they would run the fake. He was actually going to do it earlier in the game but decided not to because the time wasn’t right. The coaches in the pressbox saw that “look” several times during the game. When they saw it again at that critical juncture in the game Rodruguez called for the fake and it worked. Unless the West Virginia coaches saw that “look” they were not going to do it. My question is: If the other teams’ coaches can see that “look” how come ours can’t?

  16. Bevo

    Weis reacted, predictably, by vowing to make chicken wings out of the Auburn eagle.

    • Cojones

      Nah. They are bigger , but too damn chewy. Now, Condor wings are something else. Nice big juicy ones used only for gliding, but smell slightly like 3-day old roadkill. Spotted Owls are ok for tailgatin’, but don’t eat them since I saw a bumper sticker on a Canadian logging truck that read: “The next time you have a problem with cutting down trees to make paper, try wiping your ass with a Spotted Owl.” Haven’t been able to eat’em since.

  17. JG Shellnutt

    What if, after a game, CMR runs out onto the field pointing at and yelling at the other team’s safety. Then the opponent’s DC gets in CMR’s face and takes up for said player.

    In that circumstance, CMR gets torn to shreds and the other team’s DC is held as a hero for sticking up for his player. What’s the difference?

    Is it just because Vandy is the underdog? Is it because Franklin is a new coach? I don’t get it it.

  18. Chuckles

    If Nick Fairley didn’t get suspended, no way a Georgia player does. When I watch the hits here, they look light compared to the Vanderbilt game.

  19. BrookhavenDawg

    Is it just me or does anyone else have a problem with Grantham’s strategy of placing 13 players on the field and then bringing 2 off? It seems like it takes him forever to call the play. Vandy burned us a few times by running a quick count when our defense was clearly not ready. If I was Florida I would be ready for this and exploit it.

    • Keese

      Ray Drew’s comment about the team being out of position was evident during the game. At one point I believe Shawn Williams (?) had his arms out like “what are we doing”. 4th quarter if I remember

  20. Go Dawgs!

    The way I see it, if the SEC sees the dirty hit the Vandy player put on Kwame, there’s no way they should suspend him for retaliating. The Ben Jones deal was a different animal. He was responding a play later to a dirty hit on Aaron Murray, and intentionally went after the guy in a dirty manner in a way that could have ended his season. The two scenarios really aren’t comparable.

    • Cojones

      Disagree. The message was sent. You intentionally try to hurt our player, its your ass that’s going to get injured. Finger pointing after the game delivers no message, but action during the game will make the dumbest sob around use his intellect on following plays.

    • H-Town Dawg

      Agreed. It’s a fine line but Kwame was provoked and reacted immediately. Jones had good reason but, technically, he commited a separate foul as retaliation. I guess you could call it the difference between reaction and premeditated. Of course, I never blamed Jones for doing it. I blame the referees and, ultimately, the SEC for playing favorites and being hypocritical about enforcement of the rules.

  21. shane#1

    Where Kwame and Ben screwed up was after the other linemen. You want to get there attention go after the QB. Do it right and the worst outcome is a 15yd penalty and nobody gets suspended, and maybe you knock out that quick little QB. I was at a HS B-ball tourney once and one team’s big guy was dominating. He went on to play O-line at FSU. Well the opposing team had a point guard that was the best athlete on either team He went on to a long MLB career. Anyway, the other coach sent in a scrub to take a punch at the big guy. The big man did not hit back and the scrub was tossed. A few plays later the big man sucker punched their point guard right in the face. He was thrown out and that point guard could play very little with his left eye swollen completely shut. After the game I asked that big man why he hit that point guard that had done nothing to him. He said ” I wasn’t going to let them get away with that shit and if I got kicked out I was taking their best player with me.”

  22. But in reality if UGA lose to UF, I do not think Richt and Bobo can recover to be here next year even by luck UGA still manages to reach SECCG with consecutive losses of USCe and UF, or McGarity will be one that needs to go.

    • shane#1

      Wining record and both are back. Mike Adams would love a MNC but the bottom line is money, As long as the big bucks keep rolling in there will be no changes.

  23. zdub

    I didn’t read any of the comments so SIAP, but people will definitely still give a rat’s ass about it if someone like Geathers gets suspended for 1 game or more going into Jax. He “threw a punch” (not really, but that’s up to the SEC/NCAA) and could get into trouble for it.

    It makes sense if you think about it really, this kind of stuff always happens before Florida.