Tightening the BCS money sphincter

The ripple effect from the SEC going to thirteen (and perhaps very soon to fourteen) schools is causing the Big 12 and Big East to scramble to stay viable.  (The Big East had the added problem of having two of its members grabbed by the ACC so that it would remain viable.)  That means continuing the trend of poaching the few mid-major programs which are acceptable either in terms of marketability or consistent top 1o rankings that we saw start with the Pac-12’s acceptance of Utah.

In the end, that means more schools in BCS AQ conferences and less mid-majors.  And what that in turn leads to for the BCS is as inevitable as night following day.

There are a few possible B.C.S. discussions that everyday fans would care about. That would include adding a B.C.S. bowl game — the Cotton Bowl is commonly mentioned — to increase the number of B.C.S. bids and changing the limit of two teams per conference for B.C.S. games.

Jim Delany is hardly nonplussed by these developments.

… Plus One was ultimately seen as a gateway to a bigger playoff, and college football still appears a long way from trending in that direction. During the expansion boom the past two years, a common refrain was that the march toward 16-team superconferences would inevitably lead to a playoff.

Delany said he did not see that.

“I think the number of systems that you have in the structure has stayed the same,” he said. “I don’t see how the politics change much by the size of those units.”

And why should he be?  As long as slapping a BCS label on a bowl results in more bucks coming in the door and letting more schools from AQ conferences slop at the money trough, life is good.  From his standpoint, what does college football need a playoff for, anyway?



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5 responses to “Tightening the BCS money sphincter

  1. I know that the BCS can basically demote an existing AQ league to a mid-major league. I do not know exactly how that process works.

    The Big East, when this is all said and done, is basically going to look a lot like Conference USA does now. What is the likelihood that they will get demoted from AQ status just because they suck?


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Sweet, the BCS is headed to the cavernous confines of Jerry World.

    The best bowl organization in America is the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, and if I’ve always thought they should be considered if the BCS wanted to add a bowl. Sure, Atlanta can be cold around New Year’s, but if you want to compare it to Dallas, I think ATL could be a comparable trip. The Georgia Dome isn’t a great place to watch a game, but it’s better than the Jerry Dome. Granted, you can go shopping and view an art gallery at Jerry World, but if you want to actually be able to see the game, the Georgia Dome is a better option.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Any news on when Arthur Blank is planning to start construction on the ArthurDome and ArthurWorld? I keep hearing rumors about him wanting to build out in the suburbs.