Mumme Poll, Week 7

Rank Team Votes (Top pick)
1 LSU 132 (87)
2 Alabama 131 (34)
2 Oklahoma 131 (5)
4 Clemson 130 (1)
5 Oklahoma State 129 (3)
6 Wisconsin 125 (1)
7 Boise State 121 (1)
8 Stanford 113 (0)
9 Oregon 110 (0)
10 Arkansas 95 (0)
11 Kansas State 46 (0)
12 Michigan State 18 (0)
13 Georgia 5 (0)
13 Virginia Tech 5 (0)
13 West Virginia 5 (0)
16 Houston 4 (0)
16 Georgia Tech 4 (0)
18 South Carolina 3 (0)
18 Texas A&M 3 (0)
20 Michigan 2 (0)
21 Nebraska 1 (0)
21 Baylor 1 (0)
21 Notre Dame 1 (0)
21 Ohio State 1 (0)
21 Penn State 1 (0)
21 Texas 1 (0)
21 Auburn 1 (0)
21 Arizona State 1 (0)


  • I’m still not getting the love for Georgia over South Carolina, although that may sort itself out over the next three weeks.  (Those two have the most disparate results from the Coaches Poll, too.)
  • I kinda like Georgia ahead of Georgia Tech, though.
  • Somebody voted for Ohio State.  Wait, what?
  • We’re pretty clear about the top ten teams.
  • Breakdown by conference:  SEC – 6; Big 12 – 6; Big Ten – 6; ACC – 3; Pac-12 – 3; Mountain West – 1; Big East – 1; CUSA – 1; Ind. – 1.

And a public service announcement:  As you can see from the final tally, one voter left Alabama of his ballot and someone else didn’t cast a vote for Oklahoma.  We’ve looked at the ballots in question and can’t say definitively that there weren’t some positive albeit strange rationales behind the omissions.  However, it sure would have made our jobs easier if some sort of ballot explanation in each case were provided.  If you think you’re doing something clever, please let us in on your thoughts.  Going forward, you shouldn’t count on the benefit of the doubt from us as we tally the votes.



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18 responses to “Mumme Poll, Week 7

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Despite the on field result, I get people ranking Georgia ahead of South Carolina based on both the way the head-to-head played out, and the fact that SC no longer has Lattimore or Garcia. However, I don’t get at all how Georgia ended up ranked 13th. I’m sunshine and moonbeams compared to most Dawg fans, but even I know that the team I’ve seen in red and black this year isn’t the 13th-best in the nation.


    • FisheriesDawg

      Apparently five different people thought Georgia is a top ten team right now. I’m still scratching my head over that one.


      • Russ

        Agreed. I love my Dawgs, but no way are they a top 10 team right now. Win out, and I’ll think about it.

        Also, how can anybody say that Bama or OU don’t belong in the top 10? I’d be tempted to toss those ballots out.


        • WH

          Totally agree. Toss ’em.

          Wait, one was mine? Uh…Oops?

          I definitely thought I had Bama in there. Turns out I was in a bit of a hurry and just didn’t double check before submitting. (Not the kind of thing a web app developer should EVER be guilty of, but there you have it.)

          It was especially embarrassing considering that I’ve been arguing for Bama and LSU to be considered 1a and 1b to all these OU fans I work with. D’oh.


  2. FisheriesDawg

    More than the Georgia over South Carolina/Georgia Tech/etc. question, I’d be interested in hearing how voters saw any of those three teams as deserving of a ranking over any of the top 11. It seems like, at this point in the season, it is very cut and dry other than who gets in between Oregon, Arkansas, and K-State.


  3. kckd

    I don’t really think their should be a #20 or whatever in your results. It’s always like when I hear from one of my friends, “we’re number 26 this week”. Really? What poll ranked you 26th? No one did. You just got the most amount of points outside of the top 25. Ever how many teams you guys vote on should be the cut off. The others just received votes.


  4. The poll is a joke. What moron leaves Alabama and/or Oklahoma off their ballot? What reasoning justifies that?

    After the Auburn homers did the exact same thing last year in leaving Oregon off their ballot, I vowed not to participate any further until there is more scrutiny of the ballots.

    The results at the top are too easy to manipulate when some LSU yahoo wants his team to be number one. Just leave the competition off the ballot.


    • Even if the two had included Oklahoma and Alabama on their ballots, it wouldn’t have changed the results. LSU would still be first via the tiebreaker.

      As I wrote, we reviewed both ballots and concluded that there was no apparent attempt to manipulate the final results.


  5. Anon

    I’d also love an explanation of how Clemons or Boise deserve a #1 vote.


  6. Reptillicide

    Gah… I missed getting my ballot in on time. My b, my b.

    Georgia being that high astounds me. Do we have that many homers up in here?


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    If it only takes 5 votes to get Georgia that high, the poll may suffer from small data size. On the other hand, anything that flushes Tech down the toilet is pretty accurate.


  8. Sanford222View

    I like the idea above of only listing the Top 10 and then listing the the rest in the “Others receiving votes” category.

    I also don’t understand how people think some of these teams deserve to be in the Top 10? How does someone justify Georgia or South Carolina being one of the ten best teams in the country at this point?


  9. Macallanlover

    I think everyone can agree UGA, SC, and GT don’t deserve a Top 10, but then, who below #12 does? Don’t just single them out, the idea of cutting it to 10, or 12 would negate most of the homer voters. I don’t really see how UGA over SC as much of a question, I think SC is aa much weaker team than UGA, even before Lattimore went down. Not saying UGA should have any votes in a Top 10 only poll, but if you went to 20, or 25, you bet UGA should be higher than SC based on their body of work, and certainly going forward. I am not sure SC wins another conference game, TN looks tight to me.

    A better question, to me, is how can Clemson be rated ahead of Wisky, Ok State, and Boise? I can think of others that I would put ahead of them too, but those three, really stand out. Seven ballots leave Wisconsin off? What were they smoking? Time may tell, but I think Wisconsin is the best Big 10/11/12 team I have seen in over 20 years. These guys can compete, I don’t see them losing anything that is in front of them now.


  10. Scott

    The Oklahoma omission was on my ballot, and it was just an error on my part.