So, who you like in the East?

Might be a good time to take stock of things with a reader poll.

Here’s what the SEC East looks like this morning:

South Carolina 4-1 147 76 6-1 227 134 W2
Georgia 4-1 146 108 5-2 226 143 W5
Florida 2-3 108 129 4-3 188 132 L3
Vanderbilt 1-3 61 95 3-3 130 130 L3
Tennessee 0-3 42 91 3-3 170 140 L2
Kentucky 0-3 20 137 2-4 78 177 L4

Here’s what each team’s remaining conference schedule looks like:

  • Florida:  vs. Georgia; Vanderbilt; at South Carolina
  • Georgia:  vs. Florida; Auburn; Kentucky
  • Kentucky:  Mississippi State; Ole Miss; at Vanderbilt; at Georgia; Tennessee
  • South Carolina:  at Tennessee; at Arkansas; Florida
  • Tennessee:  at Alabama; South Carolina; at Arkansas; Vanderbilt; at Kentucky
  • Vanderbilt:  Arkansas; at Florida; Kentucky; at Tennessee

And here’s your poll question.

Knock yourselves out.



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34 responses to “So, who you like in the East?

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Who will emerge as the sacrificial lamb for the winner of the West?


    • Anon

      What does that matter? Making it to the SECCG after the steaming curly brown pile of a season we had last year would be a great thing.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I’m not as certain as you are that if UGA makes it to the SECCG that the Dawgs will be a sacrificial lamb. The other night on “The Experts” one of the panelists stated that he thought UGA was the team out of the East that could give Bama the most difficult time in that game. If you analyze it, UGA has an excellent run D and a reasonable pass D. Bama’s offense is run oriented and Bama has a new QB. If UGA could at least significantly slow down the run and make the QB the main focus of Bama’s offense we could hold down the score. Plus, UGA has the best QB in the conference and while some of them are young, excellent receivers. The Dawgs just might shock the world. First thing, we got to get to the game and it looks like the SEC is up to its usual UGA f#ck job to try to keep that from happening.


      • Keese

        I agree.

        No im not smoking crack: If Murray was to have his best passing game and no meltdowns on ST/turnovers, the Dawgs would match well with Bama or LSU imo. Time will tell I we get the opportunity to find out.


  2. Socrates

    When I took the poll it indicated South Carolina was leading. Is that because we believe that South Carolina will win out? Or is it a lack of confidence in our team?


  3. JasonC

    I think both South Carolina and us lose 1 more game, but they would have the tie breaker.


  4. RandallPinkFloyd

    Agreed. I don’t have confidence that this team will beat UF and the ‘Barners. They go 1 for 2 in that spot. Hope I’m wrong, think we can do it, just don’t think we will.


  5. If the Dawgs get by Florida, and they should, they definitely win out. South Carolina minus Lattimore lose one, if not two more SEC games. Who are the idiots that picked Florida? That would require them to beat Georgia and South Carolina and us both to lose a third game. Not gonna happen. Go Dawgs!


  6. David

    I don’t have confidence we’ll win Florida or Auburn either. Wouldn’t be surprised if they both beat us.


  7. Go Dawgs!

    If South Carolina still had Lattimore and Garcia, I’d give them the nod. But, they don’t, so I think that they’ve got the opportunity to lose to Arkansas certainly, and also to one of the others.


  8. Nate

    I see Georgia going 2-1 over the stretch, but with SC missing Lattimore I see them losing 2 more. That puts us in I think. Of course, that’s assuming the Vandy game is an aberration, and not a reality check.


  9. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Everything’s subject to a key injury or two, but Georgia has the necessary physical tools to beat the 3 remaining teams on their SEC schedule.

    Here’s why the Grantham thing bothers me little. Ga. would really benefit from bringing a bit of a nasty edge into both games, given the recent record of the CP and the way Auburn closed out the game last year. You have to wonder how the Grantham explosion tempers that.


  10. SouthGa Dawg

    UGA lose one more (either Fla or Auburn) BUT USC loses two more. UGA goes to the SEC championship as a 14 1/2 pt. underdog….


  11. JayBird

    Dawgs win it…..Much better road to travel than the Gamecocks….. Carolina loses at Arkansas and at Tennessee. UGA wins out in the SEC.


  12. X-Dawg

    Ask me this same question a week from Sunday.


  13. zdub

    I took SC.

    We won’t beat Florida until we prove that we can. Note, I didn’t say we couldn’t beat them, I said we won’t because we never do.

    Auburn should be interesting and I think we will win a close one in Athens.

    SC will lose to ARK but probably not another one. They will get in via tie breaker.

    All this changes if we can break the Jax curse, but I have to see that to believe it.


  14. Sanford222View

    I picked UGA but ti wasn’t a real confident pick. If Bray wasn’t out for UT I would feel much more comfortable picking the Dogs. If he were healthy I could see South Carolina losing three more SEC games without Lattimore. I have a feeling this will come down to Georgia having to pull for Florida to win in Columbia to win the East. I hope I am wrong and UGA sweeps the rest of its games. If so I think Dogs play in Atlanta as the Gamecocks are going to lose at least one more SEC game.


  15. reipar

    What I want to know is what two people voted for Kentucky? Maybe they were in the process of voting and fainted hitting their head on the keyboard? Or maybe they did not read that closely and thought this poll was for basketball?


  16. BulldogBen

    It’s a sad comment on where we are now that as uneven as Florida and Auburn have been this year, I don’t think we’ll be favored in either game.

    Auburn, to me, looks like the tougher game and Florida, well, we’ve all seen this movie before. Our season will once again be defined in Jax.


  17. The other Doug

    I went with UGA because of the easier path and USC is missing Lattimore and Garcia.


  18. Hunkering Hank

    Dawgs beat Florida and win the East. Write it down. As ridiculous and pathetic as the coaching is, somehow we do it on balls. Balls alone.


  19. robert

    Wait, Garcia was good this year? News to me.
    Between USC and UGA, it’s whoever blinks last. Watch out for Auburn, Dawgs.