Rashomon in Nashville

James Franklin has obviously been watching a different game tape than the rest of us have seen.

“I think when you watch the tape, Logan, you can see he was running and he was trying to get his hat across (the front of Geathers’ legs),” Franklin said. “There was a point where, in my opinion watching the tape, he wasn’t going to be able to get his hat across and he should have pulled off and he didn’t. We explained that to him and we explained that to the rest of the team.”

Coach, please.  First Rule of Holes and all that.


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52 responses to “Rashomon in Nashville

  1. William

    And that friends is what we like to call Bull$h!t! I mean, really?? At what point does it appear as though the kid is trying to get to the front of the behemouth in front of him? I left his feet for crying out loud! Can we finally just hire some Hells Angels and get a posse together to tar and feather this wannabe Kiffykins?

  2. William

    *He left his feet

  3. If only the sparring in our game had been as ineffective as the sword fight in the movie.

  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Liar, liar, pants on fire.

  5. H-Town Dawg

    Just found another silver lining to this whole clusterfark: Franklin apparently can’t help himself. Despite getting support from Dawg-hating stealth Vols like John Pennington and Clay Travis, Coach Douchebag keeps digging the hole deeper.

    • Bevo

      At least this means next season we’ll have more to look forward to in the Vandy game. There’s actually something to be gained from this embarrassing situation and Franklin’s petulance.

      Historically the Vandy scenarios are: (i) we win handily but it’s not especially exciting or gratifying because beating Vandy is a given; (ii) we struggle but get a win and leave with an unsatisfied feeling because we’re supposed to hammer them; or (iii) we blow the game with a devastating and embarrassing loss. Nothing all that great usually comes of a Vandy game.

      However, next season, we’ll really be looking forward to taking this turd to the woodshed. Scenario (i) suddenly becomes very satisfying. Give the players and the coaches extra reasons to drop the hammer on Vandy on top of that… this game could actually become more entertaining than ever before, especially if we emasculate them as we’re capable of doing.

      • H-Town Dawg

        I agree 100%. The epic beatdown that Coach Douchebag has inspired will be a character-building lesson for him and a cautionary tale for nerds everywhere about why it’s not smart to piss off the Dawgs!

        • AmpedDawg

          And what about our program inspires you to believe that the Dawgs possess the cold, calculating killer instinct to plot and plan for the next year to annihilate Vandy?

          • H-Town Dawg

            Really? Is that what is required to annihilate the Commodes? I’m pretty sure our sub-.500 team from 2010 managed to annihilate them 43-0. But if it does require extra motivation then all they have to do is replay the videos from last Saturday almost every day from now until then.

            Get off the bus, vampire!

          • Did you see the 2009 Georgia Tech game? That Georgia team had no business beating the ACC champs in Bobby Dodd-Richt stadium. And they pretty well manhandled them. “We Run This State,” remember? 2009 Georgia Tech >>>>>>>>^100 any vandy team in the last 75 years… and the next 75.

          • Bevo

            Nothing inspires me to believe we’ll beat good teams. We haven’t done that in years. But teaching Vandy a lesson is a different kind of task, one that I still believe we’re capable of.

            Sad that it’s come to that, no?

  6. X-Dawg

    Coach?……………PuLEASSSE! And Robin Ventura only ran to Nolan Ryan to make sure his pitching arm was okay. That’s what the film shows anyway.

  7. Puffdawg

    Bluto, you going for more clicks? LOL.

  8. Faulkner

    Is that why the kid got up and gave his bench two thumbs up? Because he couldn’t block Kwame properly?

  9. vincent

    what else would you expect the guy to say? the truth? This guy’s a prick let’s stop acting so shocked that the guy keeps doubling down on the “talk shit after the game cuz we lost” strategy. How bout we move forward with this strategy: win out starting with an epic beatdown of uf then around christmas time send james a christmas card thanking hime for providing the spark that got our team going as well as 2 tix to our bowl game since his december and january are free

  10. gastr1

    Let’s see how this plays out next year when we bring the wood.

  11. jferg

    Simple journalistic follow up: “Then why, coach, did your player give a thumbs up for NOT executing a block?”

  12. Irwin Fletcher

    Well…who would you rather have as your coach? For all the hand wringing over Coach Richt at the end of the game, there is a lot to be said for integrity. I’ve heard integrity defined as what decisions you make even when you don’t think anyone is looking. Well…I’d rather roll with a guy that shoots it straight than a liar.

    Vandy is at least catching up with some of its SEC breathern in something…liars.

  13. Go Dawgs!

    By the same token, when Geathers turned around, he saw a particularly nasty looking spider on Logan’s back and decided to smack it to death before it could bite Logan and leave a big itchy place. There was no intent to punch him!

    Hey, if you get to spew your bullshit to a media horde forced to accept it, Coach Franklin, so do we.

  14. DawgPhan

    I just really hope that the dawgs are focusing on the next week and not the last one. If they want to punish someone, I can think of a few folks that deserve every second of it. Winning in Jacksonville makes all of this vandy stuff a neat little footnote when they are writing up the story of this season. Something we will all gloss over when we talk about the great 2011 championship team. if they lose in jacksonville it all started in nashville and christmas is canceled for everyone.

  15. 202dawg

    James Franklin, everybody! You could bury him in the ground and grow another one JUST like him…

  16. NC Dawg

    Actually, I believe him. Looking at the game on TV and in later replays, I thought the vandy guy made a stupid, dangerous play — a mistake that could have really hurt someone. I think we’ve all seen lots of instances like that, especially in college football situations. It happens.

  17. NC Dawg

    … Now, Williams’ cheap shots, even though I’m a Dawg, seemed more like the Nick Fairley we knew and hated.

    • 202dawg

      Don’t let Williams idiotic play deflect from Franklin’s dirty deeds NC. If it was a mistake their sideline wouldn’t have been saying ‘good job’ after…

  18. stoopnagle

    Put your hand down, head coach of Vandy. You are the head coach at Vandy. You do not know the answer to the question.

  19. Gravidy

    Wow…and I thought I couldn’t despise that son of a bitch any more than I already did. I was wrong.

  20. Spike

    Avoid the rush next year, start hating on this douche early.

  21. Dude’s f.o.s.

    Bring back Fred Pancoast!

  22. heyberto

    Next year is going to be epic.

  23. Spike

    Is this Vandy player a senior? Does anybody know?

  24. ChicagoDawg

    Anyone, apart from Franklin’s mom, who still gives him any benefit of the doubt in this matter clearly has an agenda.

  25. This is the difference between class and being an ass. Richt came out, apologized and said he’d talk to his players, without really knowing what happened, and Franklin is still flappin’ his gums about this, trying to make it seem like his boys weren’t taking cheap shots all night. Grow up, coach.

  26. Hank

    Apologizing, without really knowing what happened can be a problem too…

    I always heard, “don’t dig” was the second rule. The first being, there are plenty of holes out there, “don’t fall in one.” If you do, don’t dig. As an unrelated comment, I believe I heard a lot of politicians talking about trying to find a way to “dig themselves out of the hole” they found themselves in. Every time I heard that said, I just shook my head. Guaranteed not to work.

    Go Dawgs!

  27. SCDawg

    I want to chop block a couple of the commenters to that article. One sounds like a Lane Kiffin disciple, talking about how much the recruits are eating this up. The others are saying the Vandy player is a sacrificial lamb.

    I can’t believe how intellectually dishonest a bunch of so-called smart people really are. That dirty ginger hit Kwame from the back at the knees. The tape clearly shows it. He deserves to be suspended.

  28. Will Trane

    An utter stupid remark by a coach with no class and no character. Very surprised this bum has stayed this long in coaching. Surprising Vandy hired this loon. Or there two versions of this game. Did the SEC use the same eyewear, mindset, and prejudices this idiot did. That is absolutely off the freaking reservation. Damn!

    Time. Vandy will have a week to work in a center. Other than an Army that would be difficult. For the Dawgs they have an extra week, but even then the suspensions hurt against a top SEC team. Any extra plays or sets now get shuffled to the end of the line with hope of working them in during practice.
    Just a tough situation for the coaches and players.

    And all of this because of the actions of one person named Franklin. You can look at this guy and see he is a low life.

  29. shane#1

    I don’t think that kid was trying to hurt Kwame, he went low hoping to get in front of him and miss hitting anything vital. I mean if I was to block a 340 lb man at a dead run I would certainly want to be in front of him. SCDawg said he couldn’t believe how intellectually dishonest a group of smart people could be, well he must not know many smart people. My late wife was in administration at UCF and no one is worse than the ivory tower bunch at backbiting, fudging expense accounts, and getting staff to do their work for them. They are worse than lawyers. No offense meant Senator. Snark!

    • adam

      Impossible to get in front of someone by diving into the back/side of their knee. That is (every time) an attempt to injure someone. Especially when it’s after the play. And when he gives the thumbs up to his coach after Kwame gets flagged… It’s just that much worse.

      • shane#1

        Absolutely. I think that play was set up to get a big nose guard out of the way. Either you take out a knee or you make him do something stupid. One way or the other he is out of the game. Richtwon’t do it. and he shouldn’t, but the players will have Vandy at home next year so they can go after key players. I would go after QBs, RBs and WRs.. Be smart and you only get a couple of PFs but you ruin their season. CMR will know nothing about it if the players keep mum.

  30. Always Someone Else's Fault

    How long do you think it will take Vandy fans to realize this is stepping-stone PR? UT fans stayed in denial on Kiffin until the bitter end. I wonder if Vandy fans are any more discerning.

  31. Of all the great post titles at GTP, this one might be the best. Bravo, Senator.

  32. You could read that quote not knowing anything about the situation and know he was lying based on the commas alone.

  33. I wish we had a coach who was willing to actually use this as a motivational tool next year to drive our Dawgs into a killing frenzy.

    But no, it will be more “dawgum ‘it, be a gentleman” crap.