Thursday morning buffet

Dig in, before the buffet gets suspended by the SEC:

  • This season marks the first time since 1935 that there won’t be a night game in Baton Rouge.  It’s all about TV.
  • When I read opinion pieces like this, I wonder if I’m supposed to yearn for the simpler times when Georgia endured losing seasons.
  • Will Muschamp says John Brantley is “very sharp mentally”.
  • Oops“USA Today had installed Jacksonville State, an FCS team that plays in the Ohio Valley Conference, as a nine-point favorite at UK this weekend.”  Turns out it was just a Danny Sheridan mistake.  He was probably distracted by his NCAA sources about Auburn paying Cecil Newton.
  • Notre Dame isn’t drawing the eyeballs like it used to.
  • Maybe this is what Derek Dooley was trying to do against LSU last year.
  • LSU can probably survive the suspension of two of its best players against Auburn, but against Alabama?


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83 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. Nate

    About two paragraphs into that Bill Shanks piece and I thought I was reading something at Chuck Oliver’s blog. That’s not a compliment, by the way.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Take Jacksonville St. and the points.

  3. H-Town Dawg

    Did Shanks really just barf up a “what would Paul Johnson do” reference? Yeah, CMR should be more like the great ones…Saban, Johnson… Wait. What?

    • TennesseeDawg

      You’re getting punched in the nose and I’m pulling your ‘ship.

    • Ginny

      Yeah I had to laugh at that. Lost all credibility with that one. Not that he ever had any.

    • Would Saban dance around a question about whether someone was injured or disciplined? Nah, he definitely has time for this s*@t.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Not to disagree, but keep in mind a recent post that noted that the University of Alabama is one of the schools that has the poorest track record of responding to open records requests regarding athletics, whereas UGA is among the best. Would Saban really answer a question like that if he didn’t want to? Hell no. He’d berate the assembled media in a tirade about how they “stir up trouble” and then storm off while instructing his media department to not respond to informationg requests. If Saban’s your shining beacon on the hill, fine, but let’s be a little bit real here. I have no idea why Richt is being coy with this issue, but I think we all also know that it’s quite out of character for him.

        • Gravidy

          I’m not sure why you say it is out of character for Richt not to tell us exactly why Crowell was suspended for the first quarter. He rarely if ever gives specific reasons for these types of suspensions. Saying he was suspended becasue he loved him is just another way of saying he was suspended for a violation of team rules. It was probably a curfew violation or something similar. Personally, I’m glad he doesn’t give out those details. It’s none of our business.

          • stoopnagle


            I don’t get criticism of Richt’s response. I’m guessing he said it with a grin indicating that he wasn’t going to answer the question. I think we’ve all figured out by now that Crowell missed a meeting or a run and since there’s a sizable proportion of the fanbase pre-convinced that Crowell is a diva and soft, they’ll run with their imagination. (For the record, I don’t think he’s either).

            • Gravidy

              I saw him answer the question. It was during one of those inane interviews that occur as the coach is trying to get into the lockerroom at halftime. Richt delivered it with a wry smile that told the reporterette it was none of her damn business without actually having to say the words.

          • Go Dawgs!

            He may not give reasons, but typically suspensions, etc. are announced.

            • Hackerdog

              That’s true. And injuries are also usually admitted. That’s why it’s probably a minor violation of team rules.

          • Cojones

            I saw in print that it was because Crowell missed a meeting.

  4. i, for one, think shanks is dead on target.

    • Carolinadawg

      I agree.

      • Carolinadawg

        I should clarify that I agree with what he says about the coaches. I don’t agree that we were “lucky” to win our 4 conference games.

        • Hackerdog

          I thought we had relegated the “too Christian to win football games” argument to the DawgVent.

          • Dog in Fla

            Shanks thought Mark opened the door because the “Because I love him” quote may have been from Isaiah rather than about Isaiah; however, Mark actually got it from the Marvelettes

  5. Mike

    I think LSU had a non-conference night game this year?

  6. GreenDawg

    I stopped reading the Shank’s piece when he said we were “lucky” to win these past 4 SEC games, and we probably should have lost 2 of them. At almost no point were any of those games in much doubt in the fourth quarter except Vanderbilt. I guess maybe Tennessee as well, but I wouldn’t say we were “lucky” to win that game. It’s obvious he hasn’t watched any of those games.

    • Hackerdog

      Shanks is Adam Krohn with a radio show.

    • Cojones

      It is obvious that Shanks does not know the players nor the team. He is lifting low preachments to another level to substantiate any previous anti-Dawg remarks he has made. Seth, could we get a rebuttal? Sounds like this is up your alley and around the office corner from you.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Per Shanks, we weren’t “lucky” to win those 4 games. The Dawgs beat those 4 teams thoroughly and we’d beat them again if they were our next 4 games. If anything we were ‘unlucky’ to lose the scu game. We should be 6-1 right now. But I can understand Dawg fans wanting and expecting a much more polished performance week-in and week-out.

  7. Brian

    Wasn’t it the ASU game in 2008 where they ran the “Polish Goalline” against us but didn’t get flagged?

  8. Bob

    We were fortunate at the very end of the Vandy game. Otherwise, how were we fortunate in any of the wins. In fact, we were the unfortunate ones in the USCe game. Sure they are crappy teams, but not our fault. And three were on the road. How many road SEC games did we win last year…uh, 1.

    Really weak piece.

    • Hackerdog

      How were we lucky in the Vandy game? Was getting a punt blocked a good break? I would argue that Vandy was lucky to have any chance at the end.

      • Turd Ferguson

        If the ball bounces a bit differently, Drew Butler doesn’t have an opportunity to make a tackle there, and Vandy runs in what would likely be the winning touchdown.

        Was Vandy lucky that we kept them in the game until the end? Sure. But I don’t think the punt block was a matter of luck. The guy just ran faster than Drew could kick it.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Plus the Vandy punt block team lined up in a way that they overloaded the blocking allowing at least one Vandy player to go unblocked. There was a failure on the part of the UGA coaching staff to call a timeout and change the blocking assignments. The punt block was on the coaches, not Butler.

          • Cojones

            Can’t believe that I would agree with you,Turd, but I do. This was on the coaching staff, but not in any egregious sense. If they had run it into the end zone, it would have been . Could you tell us how the coaches would set 10 players vs 11 players to prevent one from getting in to our punter?

          • I Wanna Red Cup

            It was Bobo’s fault

        • AthensHomerDawg

          If Drew dodges the rusher…. gets the kick off, Vandy muffs the punt and we pick it up and score. The game is over.

        • Puffdawg

          I don’t see how you could possibly classify a win as lucky in any game where you give up a fake punt, a kickoff return for a touchdown, a halfback pass for a touchdown, two missed field goals by a former All American kicker, and a blocked punt, all on the road, and despite not having your best WR, your best pass rusher and very limited action from your two best RBs. Unless of course, you have an agenda.

          • Cojones

            Good one, Puffdawg.

          • JG

            If Rodgers hadn’t slipped the grasp of Geathers in the ‘Dores endzone, we would’ve had a safety in the quarter. If Rodgers hadn’t been able to grab and squeeze the snap that sailed over his head in the 4th quarter, the Dawgs could’ve picked it up and run it into the endzone. If Rambo hadn’t taken a knee right after he intercepted the pass in the 4th quarter and had instead returned it deep into Vandy territory….

        • adam

          looked to me that one of the vandy players, who was going down, tried to toss the ball to another player and that dude was right next to drew.

          they’re lucky that drew didn’t get the ball. if they ruled that vandy’s player had possession (he did) then fumbled (the toss counts) and we got it back, then we’d have a first down with the ball.

          but, they wouldn’t have gotten that call right even if things had played out that way. but 2 changes of possession equals a first down… and it was pretty close to happening.

  9. Go Dawgs!

    On the Brantley article, I was much more interested in the item lower on the page about a UF player entering a plea to an underage drinking charge from a September incident that apparently was never reported by anybody. Florida issued a statement saying that the coaching staff was aware of the incident and handled it internally. Gainesville really is a magical place where even when the police do make a ticky-tack arrest of a football player, which is rare, the media doesn’t bother to report it and blow it out of proportion. If only the AJC could be as slack as the Gainesville Sun!

    • I noticed that. I think the same thing happened to Matt Elam last year.

    • Mike

      What about the Athens paper? You are comparing apples and oranges. A better comparison might be the Orlando Sentinal ro the AJC.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Meh. How about “if only the AJC could be as slack as all Florida newspapers”? After all, once one of them pick something up, they all do. The AJC just happens to be the first in line to break a UGA player arrest. And, since all the papers in Florida seem to have missed this on-campus arrest, I’ll go ahead and not feel bad about disparaging the fine Gainesville paper. Heck, the Red and Black publishes all on-campus arrests at UGA, so how about “if only the Red and Black could be as slack as the Independent Florida Alligator”?

      • Gravidy

        If you think Marc Weiszer at the Athens Banner Herald isn’t reading the nightly arrest reports from the local police department, you’re kidding yourself.

      • Cojones

        Mike, since you have chosen to get in this and as an objective reader, could you inform us of these procrastinations we hear from Gainesville and update us on those that don’t hit the press? Do your Gator fans discuss these perturbations of their nation?

  10. Gravidy

    Senator, I cannot imagine why you would soil your fine blog with a link to a Bill Shanks column. I’m not exactly thrilled with the way things have gone in the last few games (or the last few years, for that matter), but Shanks is card-carrying mental midget. If you ever listened to his radio show, I think you would agree,

    • Macallanlover

      Totally agree. I didn’t follow the link, but why anyone gives a guy like Shanks, or the AJC for that matter, any time is beyond me. There is so much great information available, reading columns from retards like Shanks is that much time you aren’t digesting information from people capable of thinking and making points that make you consider new points of view. Wonder what type of person changes their mind/point of view because of Shanks’ drivel?

    • Zdawg

      The Bleacher Report would like to welcome Bill Shanks to its outstanding list of reporters and top 10 lists. Oh and check out the pictures of the ladies. Thank you.

  11. Scott W.

    Crowell being out for the reason that CMR loves him, does anyone else think he might have been hurt? IC didn’t play much after the first quarter either. Maybe he didn’t want to paint a target on him?

    • Russ

      He sat out exactly the 1st quarter, then played the first opportunity the second quarter. To me, that signals some internal discipline for some minor infraction that Richt didn’t want to talk about. His response is the same a parent makes when punishing a child because he loves him and doesn’t want to see him repeat the mistake, or make a more serious one in the future.

      Later in the game, I do think they were protecting Crowell’s wrist, which was obviously still bothering him.

      • Cojones

        Repeat: I read in print that it was punishment for missing a meeting. Do we have to push supposition to say that he may have been trying to shortcut a path that our former running back took last year and well into the summer? Can’t help but envision that Richt is guiding this kid like his parents would if they were here and preventing him from getting into a thinking pattern that could hurt the team and create another morale issue. Leave it to the coaches , folks. This is part of why we pay them.

  12. Gary

    Wait…..Bill Shanks is still alive and writing? Who knew?

  13. Eric

    As far as the “too many men on the field” play, could we have done that against Vandy? Put too many men on the field for the punt and get penalized. Automatic 10-second run-off in the last minute of the game, correct? Then Then we don’t have to worry about a punt being blocked. Just a thought.

    • Cojones

      Can’t end the game on a penalty and don’t think you can run off playing time from the opposing team unless you are playing. The clock wouldn’t start until the ball is snapped.

      • adam

        can’t end the game on a defensive penalty.

        there probably are some offensive penalties you can end the game with. holding, for example, probably wouldn’t keep the game from ending.

    • adam

      they could just decline the penalty.

  14. stoopnagle

    Shanks is so damn tiring.

  15. D.N. Nation

    Automatic 10-second run-off in the last minute of the game, correct?

    Not for that.

    • The General

      The Polish punt formation may have been a wise ploy at the end of the Vandy game, but not for because of the new runoff rule. For the runoff rule to apply, the clock has to be running and the foul has to cause it to stop, such as on a false start. So too many players on the field is not a “runoff” infraction, and regardless, I believe the clock was stopped anyway. Even if the runoff rule had applied, the runoff is not automatic; a team can accept the penalty yardage while also declining the 10-second runoff. But punting with 12+ could have been a good ploy because precious seconds would have ticked off while the play actually happened. If the penalty is not called, we have extra protection/cover guys, so maybe the punt isn’t blocked, and we get away with a sneaky one. If the flag is thrown, we line up to punt again and those actual in-play seconds are lost. If we had 12 out there when they blocked it, Vandy would have declined the penalty, and the result of the play is Vandy ball (no different from reality). It’s dirty pool, and ethically I’d be against it, but as far as gaming the system, not a bad play.

      I suppose folks could say we were “lucky” to get out of Vandy with a win based on the second to last desperation play. The announcers and just about every other place I have read about it said it bounced off the Vandy receiver’s hands, but it looked to me like Rambo barely got his hand on it, very slightly but effectively altering its course. Therefore, that play fell our way because of skill and talent, not luck. I’d say luck was very much not on our side that night in Nashville.

      Vandy was a look-ahead game, even with the bye week. We had key players injured/suspended for some/all of the game (Ogletree, Mitchell, Washington, Crowell, etc.). Franklin played into our heads and very nearly stole the victory. Very happy to get out of there with a W.

      • BMan

        Short of, you know, figuring out how to punt without getting it blocked, I wonder how iffy it would have been to have taken the snap and for Butler to run back to our own end-zone for a safety? I think there was about 00:15 on the clock at the snap. Running back to the endzone would have probably taken it down to about :09 or :10. That makes it 33-30 and you line up to do a free kick. Butler punts it from the 20 yard line and it goes 50-yards (to the Vandy 30), hanging up pretty good with the entire team running after it instead of just a couple of gunners. I don’t think the clock would have started until Vandy touched it, so they’d fair catch and have maybe two plays from their 30 to get in position to tie. More likely just one as they had no timeouts left and have to get the field goal team on for a try. Heart attack either way, but maybe a little less chaotic.

        • The General

          No way you gift them into within a FG with any time on the clock. Just getting past the first wave on the post-safety kick likely puts them in range. Maybe Butler totally shanks it. Recall the Miss St kid’s 11-yard punt? Taking a safety there is a pussy move, and the football gods would punish accordingly.

        • D.N. Nation

          We are, alas, still Georgia. Here’s what the play-by-play on that would’ve looked like:

          – Snap to Butler
          – Butler turns around, runs to endzone
          – Vandy defenders catch Butler, tackle him
          – Butler fumbles
          – Vandy recovers in the endzone for a touchdown
          – Aaron Murray somehow tears ACL

          • The General

            BTW, I said I would be ethically opposed to the Polish punt formation, but if determined to be intentional for the purpose of burning clock, it might also cross a line into “[a]n obviously unfair act not specifically covered by the rules” for which “[t]he referee may take any action he considers equitable, which includes . . . awarding a score, or suspending or forfeiting the game.” Rule 9, Sec. 2, Art. 3(d), page FR-89. I could see Penn Wagers invoking this broad discretion under an extremely vague rule against us at some point.

            • adam

              too many men on the field is covered by the rules though.

              can’t prove that it wasn’t an accident. and even if it’s intentional… you just intentionally have too many men on the field. don’t think we’d have to worry about some obscure rule costing us the game.

              • Cojones

                The refs would blow the whistle at the start of the play and before time comes off the clock. If timekeeper ignores the whistle, the refs would tell’em to reset the time. You lose 5 yds. When do you think that no one would notice if you have 12 on the field? After the play or game? Didn’t that happen to Tenn last year? And what was the resultant?

        • In WPa

          Fair point…but then you have to trust the Kick Coverage corps who had blundered earlier in the game. And Butler had never allowed a blocked punt. But still a reasonable strategy, as just a slightly altered trajectory of that bouncing football produces a VU rusher cruising past our punter and into the endzone, with the Dawgs title hopes.

        • Puffdawg

          I would have had Butler throw the ball up in the air as high as he could. That works in basketball, right?

        • Hackerdog

          UGA was at midfield. Giving up a safety is done when you’re near your own endzone. There’s no way Butler could have caught the ball, turned around, and outrun the Vandy defenders 40 yards to the endzone.

          • adam

            thought butler was close to the 20 when the punt was snapped to him, but my memory is all fuzzy from anger.

            • Hackerdog

              The ball was @ the UGA 47 before the snap. Butler was probably standing on the UGA 37. After the block, Vandy took possession at the UGA 20.

  16. Will Trane

    So Coach Richt tells the “sideline girl” reporter that Caleb King sits the first quarter at Vandy because he loves him. Then he plays a few snaps and takes himself out of the game. Well King has a history of suspensions and injuries. Oh, wait, that is right, King left…Crowell.

    Some things just never change at UGA. And one of them is getting our butts beat again in JAX because the head Dawg never seems to have a game plan to beat the Gators.

    Just wondering how he and staff plan to reduce the D snaps in the first half when two of his best player sit for another suspension courtesy of the SEC office. Now how many of those have we had lately.

  17. Less Sick, Always Faithful

    In regards to the fan base argument, I’d say he was spot on.

    Cojones’ and PuffDawg’s respone to Gooner’s gripe in the FU kicker thread fit that scenario perfectly. There are many other examples as well.

    • Puffdawg

      I may not always be, but in the context of that discussion. I was right. There are no “statistics or probabilities” on record suggesting Will Muschamp can or will win a “championship.” However, there is data that shows Mark Richt is capable of leading his team to a championship. In fact there is data that says Florida will not be successful under Muschamp. The two hires before Muschamp who had no prior coaching experience failed to win a championship. So, while I will at least attempt to substantiate my claims, you and GoonerDawg can keep on making broad, sweeping, unsupported statements like, “That kicker has a better chance of winning a championship down there than he would at UGA with our current leadership.” If it helps you sleep better at night.

  18. Less Sick, Always Faithful

    Puff, I was specifically referring to the general snarkiness of your rant, and Cojones’ ‘idiotic troll’ comment. There are countless other examples all over the internet. I’m an ol’ Online Athens forum viewer, I’ve seen it many times. I was even guilty of it myself circa ’06. Now though, the scales have come off and I don’t get quite as fired up about fanspeak, good or bad.

    Unless we lose to FU. That’s like a shot to the nuts. No matter how many times it happens, it still hurts like hell.